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15 years ago

I miss all you people who used to post something interesting in here once in a while - Celtic's post made me think of that. So I thought I would post something to see if anyone "surfaces".

The post on the other side from the person who is not going forward with the kitchen remodel due to DH's job uncertainty at Ford really has me thinking. That and all the economic gloom and doom. YIKES what are we in for!! My DH is at a new job for just a few months - he had two offers neither of which was an ideal job but he felt compelled to accept one since he was not employed and the economic outlook wasn't that great. Now it's even worse. The company he went to work for was aquired by a Japanese company not too long before he started and they are now making significant investments in improvements - hiring - etc. but we are both wondering if that may change abruptly. My job is pretty stable I think - healthcare related and I have been at the company for eight years (as of today).

I tend to be one of those people who considers everything that might go wrong so I mitigate risk - be prepared - etc. I don't really worry - I just think and plan - and plan for things that never happen. I'm thinking this economic downturn is going to be worse than anything I've experienced in my lifetime and I'm feeling the need to "hunker down" and save as much money as possible. But maybe I'm being a bit of a Chicken Little. I'm sure if it were now and I was about to remodel my kitchen I would be completely different - either I wouldn't do it at all or I would do it much more frugally than I did three years ago. And I would think there would be A LOT fewer people splurging on all the high end appliances, etc.

I think things are going to change significantly - worse before it gets better - and that the change will last for years. Like the last bubble has finally burst - dot com burst - real estate boom burst - throw in lots of people overextended thinking the good times will never end - dollar sinking and cost of fuel skyrocketing and we are in deep doo doo. I think it could be very difficult for some people - there are two generations of people who have not experienced major hardships like WWI, WWII or the great depression. As my mom used to say - we've been living high on the hog (or is that high off the hog) for quite a while compared with what my parents' and grandparents' generations experienced.

Okay - am I overly skeptical and others are more optimistic?

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