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What are your favorite salad bar items?

I sure do love a good salad bar! I'll be happy as a clam at any restaurant as long as there's a salad bar.

Robert and I enjoyed a late lunch yesterday at Jason's Deli and had my usual half sandwich and a trip to the bar. Robert whispered, " Get me some green olives."

My salad bar choices will be mixed greens, extra spinach, cukes, broccoli florets, mushrooms, sprouts, sunflower seeds, a little dab of cottage cheese, and maybe a sample of interesting looking other items. Yesterday, I had a spoonful of their couscous salad, which was delicious! Russian dressing is my fave restaurant dressing.

When Robert visits the salad bar, which is rarely, his bowl doesn't remotely resemble a salad. :-)

What are your favorite salad bar items?

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