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Armstrong Vinyl Lockhaven flooring in basement?

13 years ago

Hello! We are taking up the carpeting in our basement (yuck) with the intention of scraping the carpet glue off the cement, sealing it (with the kind that permeates the cement to stop water and vapors) and installing some sort of synthetic wood planking above it.

We DO have a little moisture problem, I am severely allergic to mold so when everything is cleaned off and the floor is installed the #1 priority is making sure no mold or mildew will grow on the flooring...

We are leaning toward a vinyl plank floor above a laminate since there is no organic portion of it that can grow mold...the Armstrong vinyl is the kind that stick to itself with sticky tabs instead of sticking to the floor at all. We have found a vinyl plank that has tiny tongue and grooves and don't know which would be best!

Basically I'm just looking for any advice/experience with these flooring products, sealing concrete, vapor barriers, cleaning mold/adhesive etc. This is a big project for us and it's really important we get it right!