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mouth-hand-foot syndrome

8 years ago

I don't know what else to call this, my GF just got over a bout with this, and we are finding it is very common, not only among toddlers where it is most time. Adults, teen and sounds to me like anyone can get it. Doc says very contagious, and to be sure and use the wipes at the stores to wipe down the handles of the chopping cart. This seems to be lot of where it comes from.
I have never heard of this disease, first I thought she was trying to tell me she hoof and mouth disease like cattle, but this is sumpin else.
Her mouth hurt, hands ached, and she got blisters on bottom of feet, even taking a shower was painful, and she loves to take a shower. She does cleaning for elderly, and her boss would not go back to work til she was symptom free, usually about a week. This year is the first I have heard of this dilemma, and I am of a senior age. Sounds to me as tho the young folks that have children are quite up to snuff on this and are aware to watch for the symptoms.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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