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Inserting a picture into a website (with css?)

10 years ago

Yesterday I googled how to insert a picture into a page and one of the results was this forum. Ive had an account here for a while and didnt realize there was a computer section

I am not sure my question is even CSS, so forgive me if it isnt. I am a wysiwyg DreamWeaver 8 user for the most part. If I need a search engine or something like that, I can figure out how to insert it in the code. What Ive done in the past is if I have a template and need to rearrange something I have problems with in design view, is I set view on split view (design and code) click on the problem in the design view, then I can usually figure out in the code section above how to alter what I need done.

But earlier this week I downloaded this template

from this page (its the first template listed)

I split the view into design and code as described above, clicked the picture, but could find nothing in the text that indicated (to me anyway) where the image came from or where it was inserted or anything. Or I would've just modified it to point to the image I wanted in there.

Can anyone help me with this? It may have been asked and answered here in a way that applies to my situation but I havent seen it.

Is CSS harder to use in WYSIWYG environments?
I havent upgraded from DW8 because I read that later versions arent as easy to use for wysiwyg authors. Is that true?

thanks in advance

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