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Pepper Allergy, etc.

14 years ago

We have a good friend who is terriby allergic to the vegetable pepper - amongst other things - hair spray, window clearer, carpet cleaner,perfume, sun tan lotion, candles, dried flowers,clorine. Peppers seem to bother her the most - she can't eat them and can't be to close to the the area where they are being served. We were at a large community event recently, sitting near an open door which she requested and the dishes for the party were heated and the top of the one dish with peppers (sausage and peppers) was about to be opened in a hallway a distance from where we were seated. She knew peppers were on the menu. Before she fled the room she said the raising of the top of the dish all at once caused her to smell the peppers causing this terrible problem making her tremble, anxious,nauseus, feeling she was going to throw up and givng her a terrible headache.She had to be driven home.

It's starting to cause problems with close friends as it seems something always happens when we are together - perfume, hair spray, sun tan lotion and she runs off missing out on a nice afternoon. These are things most women use or have to use. We are getting the feeling that she feels we and our development realize her problems but are not changing our lives to accommodate her.

She's said she tried everything, been to an allergist, but nothing helps and to me it seems it is ruining her life and friendships. We really, really don't want to upset or offend her but I was thinking perhaps a psychiatrist could help with the anxiety. Then again there could be a simple remedy that she's not trying.

Never having an allergy I knew people couldn't eat certain food but did not know the smell would have such a terrible effect.

Any suggestions, thoughts, etc. as we feel it is getting worse?? Thanks very much.

She sort of gets a little on the defensive if we make any suggestions but she's a wonderful person, a good friend and we would really like to help. Thanks very much.

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