Dear friends husband lost battle with cancer


A dear friend of mine just lost her man from cancer. They had lived together for over 20 yrs. and she is 82.

What I am wondering is, has anyone had a conartist rip them off!

A man who pretended to be a friend ended up getting everything and came and kicked her out of the house while the body was still there!

We have now found out threw hospice who ran some sort of a check that he has inherited two times before the same way! The man had told me many times how once he was gone she would be well taken care of and wouldn't have to worry, then the day he died this so called friend showed up and said it is all mine and gave her 45 min. to get out of the house and he changed the locks and is now moving everything out and the law say they can do nothing. He went and filed a will no one knew about within an hour of the death!

He is a con artist and we need to stop him but don't know how and we are all just sick over what he has done to this older women!

Thanks for any and all input.

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I would suggest that the relatives immediatly contact a lawyer/law enforcment people now. You might contact an elder abuse expert, if there are no relatives or if he appears to have done this before, again ask about elder abuse. If the state she lives in honors common law marriages, she could ask her attorney general to look into this, but it sounds like it was set up. As a friend, sorry, there is not much you can do about it except spend money to investigate how many times he has done this, and then talk to a invesigative reporter.

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