Friends so close they are family


A friends mother passed away in 2006 who was like a mother to all who she came in contact with. She lived a good life, with everything she ever wanted to do. She was taken way to early but alcohol is not bias. She loved to have a few drinks in the evening. I loved to listen to her stories about when she was younger. She would let you know when she liked a song as soon as it came on she was singing. She also loved to cook...and boy do I miss her cooking if only I would have paid more attention to what went into the food than if I was going to get some of it when it was done. She loved you and you knew it. I will never forget her...

Another friend who was just like family...He was the good kid growing up. Grew up in an alcoholic family so we thought he wouldnt but once he did he never put it down. He started to hide it but we all knew. Then one day he decided he wanted to go to rehab...he called me the day he got out he was so excited! his voice was just so happy! Guess what I'm just got released from rehab and I've been sober for two weeks! He applied to go to this ranch that was suppose to be for alcoholics trying to get clean but it was also for drug users. His only real conviction was alcohol. He died the next month because of alcohol. His son found him and couldnt wake him up. I watched as they brought his body out of the house in a body bag...after my cousins passed away because of alcohol I would talk to him...I would look at him...didnt have to say anything and we would stand there and cry together. I guess I should have been more helpful. I miss him and I think if that ranch would have taken him or if he lied and said he had more that he needed help with he would be here today...I still have some of his ashes and still talk to him every once in a while. He passed in November of 2009...I cant do anymore funerals

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When my brothers & I were young, my parents were friends with a couple named Joe & Naomi Ward.

They were like family, too;
Naomi taught me about ceramics when I was pretty young, & we even stayed at their house when we had the mumps!
first king-sized bed I ever saw, & first electric blanket I ever encountered!

The telephone company transferred Joe to Galveston (I think), so we didn't see much of them, but when Hurricane Camille hit the coast, Naomi came to stay with us, bringing her mynah bird & her poodle.

Most of the phone company staff had been evacuated, & Joe had to stay to keep the telephones in operation.

We lost touch with them, but I often think of them with fondness & with gratitude.

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