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Theming using an external CSS stylesheet.

This thread is styled externally using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Basically, what you see here is hopefully close to what I see throughout GW.

For anyone who happens to be running Firefox and prefers the look of this thread to the basic GW style, you can, if you wish...

(1) Add the Firefox extension Stylish.

(2) Install this userstyle.

What "Stylish" does is allow the user to apply their own(or a pre-written) set of styling rules to a web page, giving you more control over what you see, and especially how you see it.

After you install Stylish, you can easily find where it says "Find styles for this site...". If you do that while on GW, you'll find the ones I wrote.

I wrote this for my own simple tastes, to kill time, and to learn new things. I can't guarantee it will suit you, if it does not, it's every bit as quick and easy to remove as it is to add.

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