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Hypertension and Salt

14 years ago

I have high blood pressure and have been taking medication for about 10 years. Some of the meds have side effects so I am trying to get it down with weight loss and exercise.

The doctor always said that salt might be a factor but I thought I didn't eat a lot of salt. I cook from scratch and don't add a lot of salt to my cooking, but I was eating salty snacks i.e., peanut butter crackers and popcorn.

I finally cut back the salt drastically, lost about 5 lbs and exercise on a regular basis. Low and behold, my BP was 112/62 today at my dr appt. Yay! So I don't know if it was reducing salt consumption, losing the weight or exercising, but something kicked in and the BP is now in the normal range. I would love to be able to reduce the meds, too. Maybe that's in the future.

I get my cholesterol checked at my next appt in 3 months. I hope that's within normal range, too. The weight loss and exercise should reduce that.

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