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When to give up on old wooden floor ?

15 years ago

Hello flooring gurus !

I'm planning to remodel about half of my house, and have had great help in the kitchen and bathroom forums ... now it's time for floors !

The original house apparently was built in 1900, with an addition put on the back in the 1940s, which houses the current kitchen. At some point after that, the back porch was probably enclosed. The flooring looks the same throughout, but there are two really noticeable transitions that I need to figure out what to do with. I am totally OK with floors having "character", but one of the transitions is pretty ugly, and I'm planning to relocate some walls. Added to this, the floor on the 1940's section of the house has a noticeable (although not horrible) slope on it. The house has been evaluated by an engineer, he said the house settled some time ago in one corner, but no evidence of recent movement so no foundation work required.

I plan to remove the stairs to the basement (in the top right corner), so will need to put flooring in there, even though most will be covered by new kitchen cabinets.

Here is my remodel plan. I've made heavy red dotted lines where the transitions will be when I move the walls, and I've included existing transition I am most concerned about.

Here's a closeup of the pesky transition ...

Right now, I am considering just starting over and laying new floor from the new half-bath through the kitchen and second bedroom. This would give me the added advantage of being able to level the floor. What do you think ?

If so, do you have any idea what this floor is, and how it has been stained/finished ? Someone told me it was douglas fir, and someone else told me it was tung oiled, but I have no clue. The finish also suits me really well, it seems to cope with minor scratches really well - they are noticeable for a few days but then blend in. If I lay new floor, could I get reasonably close in appearance to the current floors, to match the remainder of the house ? I'm assuming I'd have to have them site-finished, yes ?

Many thanks for any opinions you have.

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