seeking milkweed song/verse/poem please

Molly Adams

in a milkweed cradle all snug and warm, baby seeds are sleeping, snug and warm....anyone know the next couple of lines? i sang this to my children while blowing on milkweed silks, but can't remember the last verse for my granddaughter. thanks!

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Give each child a milkweed pod to take outdoors on a windy day.
Help them carefully open the pods, and encourage the children to hold them high above their heads or run with them so the milkweed fairies can fly free!
Circle time is a good time to enjoy the following fingerplay:

In a milkweed cradle all close and warm,
(Place cupped hands together)

Little seeds are hiding safe from harm.
(Keep hands closed)

Open wide the cradle now, hold it high.
(Open cupped hands, raise them above your head)

Come along wind, help them fly.
(Sway open hands in the air)

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I've been looking for same poem, but heard there was more to it, something about fairies at the end is this true ,or is that all there was to milkweed pods?

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Tia Wilkin

The book "Jean Mitchell's School", by Angelina Wray, has the rest of it! :)

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