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Upholstery Safe Adhesive

12 years ago

Does anyone know of a good, yet strong and upholstery-safe adhesive for gluing fabric to fabric, and fabric to cardboard?

I ask b/c I'm reupholstering some dining chairs and need to attach the back panels (fabric over cardboard) to the backrests. I've talked to my local upholster re: how to do this and he suggested tacking the backs on using 4 tiny brads. When I carefully pulled off the back panels, I noticed that the previous upholsterer used glue around the entire edge, but no brads. However I did see 4 tiny holes on the wood backrest, suggesting at some point someone did tack on the panels.

I used spray upholstery adhesive for the foam to wood gluing, but that doesn't seem heavy-duty enough to hold on the back panels. Is there a special adhesive for doing this kind of work?

Thanks in advance for any shared advise...

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