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Smith Brothers of Berne - am I being unreasonable?

14 years ago

I went to a retailer that carries this line among others. I have some questions they didn't know the answer to. I figured I'd just call the company myself.


1) they have very limited information on their website - particularly

no email link

no phone number

No way to even figure out where the dealers are.

Do they even want to sell furniture?

2) I get a number from a different furniture website (where many people were trying to figure out how to find a local dealer)

and call.

Nope. We only deal with dealers. The woman on the phone wasn't abrupt exactly but just said no. Long pause. Nothing else to say. No polite cajoling got me more than a pretty much one syllable response.

Does this seem a bit over the top? It really makes me wonder about customer service should I have a problem.

And last - do you ever just ask your question and get an answer and your done? Don't you usually get more information from follow-on questions, answers discussion? I'm not going to get this from the dealer here - they just don't know.

They don't list rubs on their fabrics, just Yes or No whether its suitable for motion or not. The dealer ensures me that if its good for motion it must be durable. 70% of their fabrics say suitable for motion - I'm not reassured especially when a couple of people on this other forum said their fabric didn't hold up.

I wish there were better furniture stores in this town. I have to travel a good hour to find anything better than Flexsteel.

Feeling grumpy.

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