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Craftsman Garage Door Opener - close prob.

13 years ago

Hi, I am having similar closing issues as several folks but here is my situation. chain drive

The door opens fine, when I attempt to close either by wall button or remote, door starts down, goes maybe 6inches, then reverses back up. No lights flashing. Both sensors are solid green, I even checked with a magnify glass to verify if slightly blinking or not, but solid. If I walk through the signal bottom left light goes out (reciever). I noticed on back of opener next to red reset button, that an amber light flashes 5 times then stops, then again 5 times then stops. continuously

My chain has slack that when door is open, it hangs lower then the support arm an inch or 1 1/2in. when door is closed the chain is inch or 1 1/2in below support this my problem? tighten the chain? If so, how, how much, and with door open or closed? Comments please...and thanks

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