My Brown Gravy Tastes Like . . . Carrots!

12 years ago

I really want to make a deliciously, rich brown gravy for my roasts. I just can't seem to make it work! I posted on the Recipe Exchange forum & got some great suggestions. I browned my chuck roast then added onion & garlic to saute' before I added 1 1/2 cups of beef broth, marjoram, thyme, salt & pepper. I let it simmer 2 hours then added carrots, potatoes, and celery. I removed the meat and vegetables and added the flour and water mixture. Ugh! It tasted like carrots! Plus, it just didn't have the rich brown gravy taste I was looking for. What am I doing wrong? So next time, I won't add veggies to the roast, but how can I make the taste richer? I'd love any suggestions. BTW, I had mentioned on the Recipe Exchange that we don't care the the dry onion soup mix and mushroom soup combo, but I may have to give it another try if I don't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

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