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putting old debts on credit report

16 years ago


I've started getting letters/calls about a charge for a doctor visit from 2004. I haven't felt like sifting thru 3 years worth of files to see if I can find the original paperwork on it. My company has been thru several insurances since this time, and has been sold, so there will be no records of what insurance was in force or who might have been participating. There's mention of an insurance payment, so I've been assuming that this amount they're billing me is the 'contractual writeoff.'

The person that called today said the charge is being made because the doctor's group wasn't participating in this insurance at this time. I have no way to verify if this might be true. All I know is that I always have double-checked when seeing a new doctor or specialist to confirm that they're participating.

I have no intention of paying this money. So, my question is, if they put this on my credit report, does it start off as a 3-year-old charge? So that it will drop off in 4 years, when the 7-year period ends? Or do they get to add it as a 'new' delinquency because they've just now started trying to collect?

PS Canadians--I just got back from a trip to Quebec, where someone told me they're starting to talk about privatizing the healthcare system. All I can say is, DON'T LET THEM!!!! I don't care what inconveniences there may be now, they're NOTHING compared to what Americans (who aren't wealthy) go thru. Start rioting if you have to. Your costs WILL go up and your care WILL get worse. Just look at the statistics of hospital-acquired infections in the U.S. And infant mortality. And all the other stats where we're at the bottom of the developed world, and hovering just above Bangladesh. (No offense to Bangladesh.)

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