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Banquette furniture seating for breakfast nook

11 years ago

I am needing some help with some banquette furniture. My breakfast area is not layed out where I can do built in banquette seating but I fell in love with the banquette sets on Horchow and Neiman Marcus.I found similiar banquette seating that I can order and pick out my own fabrics for less! Problem is I am trying to figure out if it will fit in the room with a 54 round table.I am confused by the measurements for the banquette. It is a cresent shape and the measurements read 57 length, 38 overall depth and inside depth of 19. I am concerned about the depth and have tried to tape it out on the floor etc. but can't seem to come up with a conclusion on how far the banquette will stick out.I am thinking since it's the cresent shape it will not stick out the whole 38 inches?? I am probably over thinking this but I would hate to order it and then it would be to large for my room.If you have something similiar and could measure it and tell me the size of your room it would be super helpful! Or if you have a simple way to figure out the size that would be wonderful!

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