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anyone ever paint their brown wood furniture white / cream?

17 years ago

I'm changing my daughters decor to make her bedroom shabby / cottage chic. The first piece I bought was the headboard and footboard, which happens to be Ethan Allen (anyone who's like my friend, please, don't scold me for wanting to paint EA furniture, I've been given the look of the devil with the mere mentioning of doing this) The second, well, lo and behold, it's antoher darn piece of EA.

Mind you, I don't particularly care for EA furniture, I bought some a few years ago and hated it, but these are older pieces and it just so happened they were EA.

Now, my friend says I can mix white with the brown to get it to go together, BUT, if I decide to paint these a cream color, just trying to find someone else who may have gone this route and can give me some insight on what they recommend, what they wish they'd done differently, how they turned out, etc.

Also, the drawer pulls - UGH! They're so ugly! Any ideas if these can be painted, or a place that has good replacements beyond Ebay?

Thanks all!

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