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zero clearance fireplace oopppsss

16 years ago

About 10 yrs ago we bought our home. It has a fireplace and an incert. At that time I didn't want the insert so my dear sweet non-handyman husband and two of his equaly non-handyman friends decied to be helpfull and pull out the insert. The pulling out part went ok. The trouble started afterwards. The noticed the back of the fireplace had a metal backing they thought might be part of the incert and that it needed to come out. Well..after banging pulling and knocking a hole in the back my husband looked in the hole and relized they were destroying the actual fireplace. So what did he do??? He just slipped the incert right back in the hole and we have never used our fireplace.

I had a fireplace company come out and give me an estimate on the cost of fixing it. The guy came out..didn't pull out the incert just looked at it and said about $5,000.

Could this be right? Since he didn't even look at it. I'm sure we will have to replace the fireplace backing...but not sure how much that might run? Any ideas advice..besides getting another husband.

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