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Exercise, Work, and Time questions

16 years ago

I recently read that people who successfully lose weight and keep it off as they age have several things in common. The one I have questions about is the 60-90 minutes of activity daily. I am not overweight but I want to be sure I maintain my weight. I'm 53. In spring, summer and fall, I have enough out side work to keep me from gaining. It's winter time that concerns me. We have a lot of wind here in winter and it can be bone-chilling outside. I live 25 miles from the nearest gym.

Ok now to the real question:-) What types of indoor work counts in this 60-90 minutes of activity? I don't feel that I have time to exercise for 90 minutes. If I'm sweeping, mopping, painting, etc is that active enough? The article mentioned that the successful maintainers burned an average of 400 calories a day. Where can I find out how many calories different types of housework, etc burn per minute?



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