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I am considering joining one of these ladies exercise clubs. How do they compare? Which one do you think is best?


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I've never heard of Ladies Workout Express, but I joined Curves 2 years ago. I knew right off that I would be bored in short order, but I needed to do something for exercise. Well I ended up with a knee injury -- the orthopedist thinks I probably had a weakness, and Curves pushed me over the edge. Their concept and equipment is a "one size fits all" mentality. He said he has seen a lot of injuries from Curves users.

I also found it amusing that when it came time to take our pulse (when the tape would instruct us), the front desk person would come around and say "Everyone okay?" I always wondered if they would know what to do if someone was in the "red" zone.

I'd look for a real gym, with real instructors, classes, etc. Just my two cents.

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I have not heard of Workout express, but assume it is similar to Curves. I joined Curves the beginning of Feb, I love it, I have lost alot of weight and even more inches, I feel better and sleep better, that being said, there is not alot of real support, the ladies who work there are very nice, but not very educated in physical fitness, but the same thing with going to a gym, I could not find an educated worker at the local gym, who was willing to work with an "older" overweight lady. I like the fact that with Curves you are not spending alot of time waiting for machines to become available. Perhaps try it for a month then decide. Keep us posted with what you have decided, & Good Luck...

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I considered Curves, but didn't feel like I could afford it. My daughter joined, but she felt like she needed more support and quit when her membership expired. I have joined two exercise classes at the local senior center. Is that an option for you? I am quite a bit younger at 58 than the other participants, but they can run circles around me. The instructor is certified and the participants are so caring of each other. One is constantly urged to only do only what is right for oneself. My elders are most of them lifting 5 pound weights to my two pounds, but I will catch up in time.

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i would like to cancel my membership with curves.There has been alot of problems wth curves with previous owner and the owner now. They temporality closed the doors as of august5 2011 not saying when there going to open up again. this is the second time this happen. i'm at he cuves in hagerstown md on 73 eastern blvd hagerstown md 21740. they automatic take money out of my checking account the 8 of the month. i don't want to be charge for this.

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