Colon Cleansing Product Recomendations?


I have been doing alot of yoga lately, and recently in one of my classes I over heard a couple of people talking about colon cleansing. I was eavesdropping on their conversation, because I am interested in colon cleansing and if it actually works.

I know alot of people have their opinions about colon cleansing, and they all make good points. I have always been curious about colon cleansing and I am thinking about trying a colon cleansing product, just to see what the hype is about. Just so I can have some input from a personal experience, and not someone that repeats what they hear, because it sounds good.

Can anyone suggest a colon cleansing product that they have tried or heard good things about?

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The colon cleanses itself. You don't clean ears or noses and we wouldn't have to clean our mouth if we ate the proper foods. The surface of the colon replaces itself every 7 days, so whats to clean? Don't mess with mother nature.

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What salena said, and eat enough fiber. Read the article in the link below for starters.

Here is a link that might be useful: An editorial on colon therapy by a real doctor

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The only time your colon needs cleansing is before you have a colonoscopy or other medical procedure! Don't bother.

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What Salena and others said. It's a gimmicky procedure that isn't needed.

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Bad lunchmeat

The BEST colon cleanse product available, and you can make it yourself at home!

(Don't ask me how I know....)

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whoa whoa.. look at all the processed foods out there. I know there's a lot of views on this. i did the colonix cleanse and i feel great. I'm sure there are some that work better than others. Just like some vitamins/supp. are junk. Different qualities.
Here's the link

I was skeptical at first but i started having digestive problems. docs diagnosed me with ibs and i just got sick of dealing. after reading all the testimonials i get it a shot and am glad i did. good luck with your search!

Here is a link that might be useful: Colonix

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