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Need advice on these DVDs for beginner:

15 years ago

Beginner's Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga for Wimps

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS from Body Wisdom Media

Yoga for Inflexible People

Ok, I have never done Yoga, I am basically out of shape, I DO NOT exercise other than daily what have to be done things, like cleaning, cooking, watering plants and such... I wouldn't call me a couch potatoe but I am far from active.

I have recently lost 20 lbs, just from summer, cutting back on what I eat and doing work out side in the warmer weather.

So, that means, I am not flexible, sometime it hurts to move in a way that I have NOT in a LONG time. So I do have to be careful HOW I move, I am not too balanced either.

So, which one if any or all of these DVDs would be good for me? Based on what I have said?

If you need more basic info, please ask. I really want to try yoga and something low impact, but I need to lose weight and gain my flexibilty back. And yea, I am OVERWEIGHT so moving in some ways just ain't a gonna happen yet.



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