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16 years ago

Good Monday morning ladies and gent!

Sorry I havent posted in a week. They are working on replacing our underground electric lines and I had to be ready for work ½ hour earlier all last week. I have no window in my bathroom, so I tried to get ready and get my car out of the garage before they shut off the electricity @ 8/am. Looks like this week will be more of the same. I have been shutting down the computer the night before and sometimes I donÂt turn it back on until late in the day. I miss that extra time in the morning to play! But I have been here in spirit, just not in body! LOL If I donÂt post this week, youÂll know where I am. In the DARK! LOL

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot lately about why I was successful losing weight this time, when I had tried so many times before and only lost a few pounds. It really was a mental thing. I read a story in Good Housekeeping about a mother who was worried about her DDÂs weight and constantly monitored her eating habits and nagged at her about her weight. The doctor told the mother to give her DD a pillowcase full of M&Ms and let her eat as many as she wanted. If the pillowcase became even 1/4 empty, the mother was to fill it back up. She was not to say anything to the girl about how many M&Ms she was eating. At first, the little girl was ecstatic and carried the pillowcase everywhere she went, as if she was afraid someone would take it away. She overindulged that first week, but little by little she stopped carrying the pillowcase everywhere, and little by little she stopped eating so many M&Ms. After awhile, she didnÂt want any more M&Ms at all. The doctor said this was a true story, but she wasnÂt advocating trying the same thing; instead, she wanted to show how oneÂs attitude towards forbidden foods affected our physical intake. A light bulb went off in my head when I read this article, because I realized that was what happened to me. I never told myself I COULDNÂT have something, but I did tell myself I didnÂt WANT things I knew I shouldnÂt be eating. I looked on it as a health issue instead of a weight issue. So many ailments are related to our weight: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, breast cancer, etc. It really was my change in attitude that made it work for me; and it happened gradually, when I wasnÂt trying so hard! Hope this helps just a little. I am officially on maintenance!!!!!!

QOD Â My trick on the weekends, is that I donÂt really want to overindulge, because I know I wonÂt feel right if I do. I allow myself some treats, hence the Panera bagel and whole-wheat pancakes and the wine, but I actually look forward to getting back on track on Sundays, because being stricter during the week keeps me in check and I know IÂll feel better for it.

Have a great week!



10/26 Free Day

B Â Kashi Heart to Heart, skim milk, strawberries, SF cappuccino

L - 2 Turkey Swiss roll-ups, veggies and dip, black coffee (LCM)

S Â Cantaloupe, 12 wholegrain mini pretzels

D Â Penne with Marinara, Parmesan cheese, Italian bread, water

S - 3 oz. wine, 4 Triscuits, 1 oz. Asiago

10/27 Free Day

Brunch  SF cappuccino, PaneraÂs Cinnamon Crunch Bagel, black coffee

S Â 100 cal. Sun Chips

D ÂRoasted chicken, Lean Cuisine MacÂN Cheese, sliced tomatoes, water

S Â 4 oz. wine, Asiago cheese


Brunch  Whole wheat blueberry pancakes, SF Davinci syrup, black coffee

S Â Gala Apple

D Â Lettuce and Roasted chicken salad with Sun Dried Tomato dressing and veggies, water (LCM)

S Â Small handful roasted almonds

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  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I was so happy to see you start the thread with that terrific news today! I love hearing motivational stories about weight loss, so thanks for sharing yours. I really like to hear what JUMP STARTS people into finally having the drive to lose ALL the weight they want to.

    One time I loss 165 pounds of unwanted weight in ONE DAY---I divorced my 1st husband!

    Seriously, often I get discouraged about having so much weight to lose and now that I'm older and taking thyroid meds, the weight just does not want to come off easily! Weekends are when my will power is at its weakest and the whole endevour of weight loss seems futile and no fun...wah! LOL! But I did okay this weekend, thanks to tips from my SS sistahs--and bro! Thanks!

    ((((((((KEVIN)))))))) DeeMarie~ How is he?

    Tikanashow are you?

    Patti! Time to check in!

    I did better this weekend than last weekend. We had a big Saturday morning b\-day party for DD\#3I skipped the ice cream cake!small victory! Then I made iced cookies for the swim team bake sale on Sunday morning and managed to consume 2 of themarg. I ended up working the afternoon shift at the concession stand so I would stay busy and not munch food all day long. Friday Menu: B: ½ apple w/ peanut butter, coffee w/ ½ & ½ S: other ½ of the apple and some peanut butter L: salad: basil leaves, tomatoes, olive oil, and 2 ounces moz cheese, coffee S: Same as above, tea D: ½ c. clam/corn chowder and a caprese salad, water Saturday Menu: B: 2 eggs and a cup of chili, 2 cups of tea S: ½ Honeycrisp apple, a few pretzels and a dollop of peanut butter, bottle of blackberry\-flavored vitamin water L: card\-deck\-sized piece of roast chicken breast, 2 cups of tea D: Salad: pork, butter lettuce mix, tomatoes, spring onions, 1/4 c grated cheddar cheese, and basil leaves, olive oil (everyone else had one of my favorites\-tacos\-it was near agonizing!) Later: 2 glasses of white wine w/DH (what a waste of calories; it was not a good choice) Sunday Menu: (at a swim meet) B: Salad: roast chicken, lettuce basil leaves, tomatoes, olive oil S: 2 iced cookies, coffee w/ ½ & ½ L: 20 pretzels w/ 1 T peanut butter D: Salad: roast chicken, 2 oz. moz, lettuce basil leaves, tomatoes, olive oil Well see how I did when I weigh in on Tuesday a.m. The in\-laws got back into their CA house on Friday at 8pm. The valley next to their house is very burned and crispy. The fire got very near their house but it was spared. The kids want me to get mini chocolate bars for Halloween pass\-outs. We have about a MILLION trick\-or\-treaters here! I have to go to Costco to buy my candy but Im waiting till the last minute! Then I think I will send the leftovers to high school w/DD\#2 the next day! QUESTION! What is everyone buying for Halloween candy? And what is your strategy to stay out of the bag?
  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Good MONDAY morning!

    CONGRATS, MARCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the tips. I used your mantra when I had my snack about 10 minutes ago when I chose the ff cottage cheese and cantalope instead of heavier option. I'm totally OK with it and feel great!

    Today I have the day off. Been doing laundry for about 4 hours now....changing bedspreads and curtains, going through older bedding to give to DH's cousin. She has a huge 7-bedroom old farmhouse in upstate NY as a second home. They are having fun restoring it on weekends and she takes whatever bedding, furniture, etc. that people can spare. It's great when you don't want to feel guilty about getting new stuff!

    Thanks again to all of you who held special thoughts for Kevin. I heard that he passed yesterday morning; services are later this week. I was sharing childhood stories with DH last night about trying to fix Kevin up with one of my friends, listening to The Doors on his front step, the 2 of us trying to change our first flat tire. We lived across the street on a deadend, so there are about 15 of us who still keep in touch. Each night we held games out in the street until we were called inside, and as we grew older (12+) we held dances on someone patio with electric cords hanging out the back of the house attached to a record player on a redwood picnic table. Such great times. My sister eventually hooked him up with one of her friends and they had 3 smart lovely children. He was full of fun and although we did not see each other often, it was like old times when we did run into each other.

    OK, now let's get on with it!
    Sat 10/27
    B egg whites w/ ff cheese; ww toast
    S blueberry yogurt
    L string cheese, cantalope
    D manhattan clam chowder, flounder w/ spinach & feta; broccoli, small serving mashed potatoes, rice pudding (we went out with MIL; did the best I could with that menu!)

    Sun 10/28
    B ww pancakes, 1 tbl real maple syrup, smart beat spread, red seedless grapes
    L lf spinach wrap with turkey, lettuce, sundried tomatoes; potato chips (1 serving); apple; carrots; 1 Twizzler (not bad for a tailgate party)
    S pretzel nuggets
    D grilled cheese sandwich (bad choice, but we got home at 8pm from the game and I had nothing healthier available)

    Making better choices and trying to work on moving forward. Not going to beat myself up over a bad meal or day because it starts me on a spiral downward. I think that 2 or 3 'bad' meals a week will not harm all the good stuff. We'll see....

    Make today count!

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  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    DeeMarie~ So sorry to hear that Kevin is gone. It sounds like he was a lovely person. (((((((HUGGLES to you))))))))

  • maddie_in_ky
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi all--

    Dee--I am sorry to hear of Kevin's passing. Beege is right, it sounds like he was wonderful. Your memories of him sounds a lot like my memories of my HS friend that passed earlier this month. Maybe they're together now, becoming friends--(((hugs)))

    Marci--congratulations on getting to your goal!! Man--how wonderful beyond words that must feel!!! You've inspired me to set new goals for myself which is I want to be at 135 by April, 2008. That's only 30 pounds, but I realize that the holidays are around the corner, and I will probably be a heathen and gorge. Anyhoo--I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! ((((hugs!)))

    Raeanne & Dee--well, the hotel that she booked overbooked, and we were without rooms, but we've managed to find one in the Embassy Suites somewhere in Manhattan. This lady that I'm traveling with is great, but I swear I will never leave travel plans entirely in someone elses hands. I can't believe that's it's about 5 weeks--heehee!!! :)

    Hope all is well!



  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Dee, I am so sorry for Kevin's family about his passing but I know he is free of that pain now. ((((Kevin's family and Dee))).

    Marci, congratulations!!! You sound like you knew exactly what you wanted this time around and it worked. Good job!!

    BJ, I am glad your in laws place was spared. I can't imagine the terror of seeing fire so close to all of your earthly possessions. A couple of cookies never hurt anyone :-)

    Maddie, you will love NYC and you, Dee and Raeanne will have a blast!! You couldn't have picked a more perfect time of year to visit for the first time.

    OK, the brain is old and warped and I have to trek to the kitchen to look at my tracker for the weekend. I can tell you about today:

    B: Coffee and cereal

    S: WW Key Lime yogurt

    L: Lite bologna & low fat cheese on lite bread w/mustard

    S: 100 calorie pack striped fudge cookies

    D: Blackened gorgonzola burger w/no bun or chips or fries..ordered lettuce, tomato & onion (2 wines)

    S: Tastykake (Philly thing) fudge bar 100 calorie

    Not bad, only had to use 2 of my flex points today.

    Take care and check good!!!


  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I forgot to answer QOD:

    I bought individual fat free pretzel bags - each bag has pretzels shaped like bats and jack o lanterns. This way if there are any left I can indulge without guilt.

    I used to give out the traditional candy but that was when I had tons of kids and never had left overs - I always ran out of candy!

  • marci_pa
    Original Author
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    QOD - I bought Cheetos, which I don't like at all. There is no chance I will eat any, and I can take the extra into school as a back-up snack for the kids.

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    QOD: Over 100 Twizzlers, PB Cups, Dots, Tootsie Rolls, and I think some Twix. DH ate all the Jr.MInts and something else! I won't be home until after 6pm Wednesday so I hope we have some kids show up. It's very dark here by the lake; no street lights, so most young ones go out in the afternoon.

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Marci~Congrats on reaching your goal weight--I could use a lesson my Friend. :)

    Dee~Sorry to hear about Kevin. I'm glad that you have so many nice memories.

    BJ~I'm here. Just don't have a lot to say lately.

    Maddie~I'm glad to see you posting. It will be very nice to hear all about your trip to NY.

    We don't have any "trick or treaters" out here in our "own little part of the world" & with all of the "old timers". LOL So, we aren't tempted to buy any candy. I haven't felt like eating much in the past couple of months so I've been real good & cut out sugar & even though we have had our lion's share of sandwiches, I usually only have a half of one at a time. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Patti~ Im glad youre checking in! We worry about you! At least youre here and reading, but we like to see you posting as well!

    B: a Tullys drip coffee w/ ½ & ½
    S: 2 ounces sliced buffalo mozzarella cheese w/ a drizzle of olive oil
    L: plate of boiled shrimp w/ 2 T cocktail sauce
    S: iced cookie
    S: 20 pretzels (110 cals) and a tea
    S: ate the icing off a cupcake but tossed the cupcake in the trash

    I ran a bunch of errands today: Costco, post office, drug store and fabric store. I even found time to work out: 20 minute walk and ½ hr in the pool, water walking. I got a bunch of stuff Ive been putting off donefelt pretty good.

    And I was w/ DeeMarie in spirit doing laundry---I had quite a bit of it! Man, it really piles up fast with all these kids clothes, bedding, and shower towels!

    Tonight, Im concentrating on paperwork: filing and tossing. I cant believe how many catalogs have come in the mail recentlyand I thought opted out! I guess Ill have to re-do my mail preference cards again!

    Im really ready to go back to flying. The longer I stay on the ground, the more "To Do" lists I come up with!

    Well, I bought 3 giant bags of Hershey candy bar products for Halloween treats. I put the bags by the door and told everyone to stay away and dont open them until Halloween night. I am going to make a big pot of tea and eat celery all night long that night!

    DonnaNJ~Id love to know where you found those mini bags of pretzels---those are IT! I would have bought some of those!

    Marci! Cheetos! OMG, I am coming to YOUR house to trick or treat---I LOVE CHEETOS. :-)

  • marci_pa
    Original Author
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I have 2 Halloween parties today and 2 more tomorrow, so I will be faced with lots of chocolate. Good thing my willpower is strong and good thing my power to say NO! is strong. I actually think I will be able to hold a bag of M&Ms in my hand and not salivate! LOL Seriously though, Halloween is the beginning of the eating season. Think how good you will feel if you pass it all up and get off to a good start.

    DeeMarie - I am sorry about your friend Kevin. Sounds like he was a good childhood friend. Those memories are precious.

    Patti - POST - POST - POST and we will keep you motivated!

    Gotta run and get ready before the electricity goes out. Yesterday it didn't come on until 7/pm!!!!! They ran into some problems with a cable and who knows what else. I didn't want to open my fridge so yesterday's dinner menu is rather odd. LOL

    B - Cinnamon shredded wheat, OJ, skim milk, SF cappuccino
    L - 2 turkey-swiss roll-ups, veggies and lite Ranch dip, black coffee (LCM)
    S - small handful almonds and 100 cal. Cinnamon Sun Chips
    D - Red pear and peanut butter (no electricity)
    S - chocolate covered Altoid

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    [[[[[[[[Patti]]]]]]]]]] here's a hug for nothing in particular. Please check in, even to just say hello!

    Mon 10/29
    B: 2 ww pancakes
    S: ff cottage cheese w/ cantalope
    L: lf spinach wrap with tuna and SmartBeat nf mayo, lettuce, pickle
    S: string cheese, carrots
    D: 1 turkey sausage link; 2 servings roasted potatoes (sooo good); steamed asparagus
    S: Trader Joes' tortilla chips; Fruit 2O

    Loved my day off yesterday. Got lots of filing completed (ashamed to say that 2006 is finished but still have 2007 to do!) DH came home and helped me shampoo the office area rug with the machine I borrowed from my sister. It's now hanging on our deck rail to dry out completely. (Our house has lovely hardwood floors throughout courtesy of DH, so don't want a hint of dampness from an area rug to damage them). Tonight I want to shampoo the area rug in our family room and work on some of the 2007 files, but we'll see if I get that completed before "HOUSE"---one of my fave shows.

    Well, my walking partner is back from her 2 week vacation in St. Marteen, so we were back at it this morning. Felt good to get out in cold air and move before the day officially begins (6am to 6:30am). DH was a bit bummed because he had to make his own breakfast---ahem; toast and butter his English Muffin. Pulllleeeeezzz!! I spoil him way too much!

    Check in, please!

    See ya later

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Was it something I said?

    Come out into the daylight, you scary goblins!


  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Greetings all,

    Only have a minute to say hello.......back to work today from a marvelous weekend in Woodstock, VT. More later.

    Is anyone here happy about the Red Sox big win? I am !

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi DeeMarie, You're funny! BOO! I'm here.

    Maddie! Well, I'm glad you have a place to stay in NY. Be wary of Embassy Suites "tray charge" & automatic 20% gratuity tack-on when you order room service. They even have a package service charge for delivering a package to your room. Wonderful! Just check your bill kind of carefully when you check out! And have a great time w/the SS chicks! I had to google the guy and the restaurant you guys were talking about--I had no idea who he was...I must be living under a very mossy rock! In my defense, I have to say that I do know where to get the biggest and best ice cream cone on the east coast, thanks to Raeanne's DH!

    I just got back from buying a crib, mattress, mattress protector, and crib sheets. Hefted it in the truck myself--does that count as weight lifting?--lol. Now, comes the fun part: assembling the thing w/ picture directions. Joy.

    Where the hellavita is Besh? I wanna know how the partner exercise thing is going! I managed to walk for 1/2 hour and water walk for 1/2 hour this morning. Felt good.

    Oh, and I weighed in today--down 3 pounds since I started posting menus-I'll take it! Little by little, I'll get there...


  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi - Happy Tuesday!

    BJ - I got the pretzels at Shop Rite, a supermarket chain here in the northeast. I did this last year too. WTG on the weight loss!!! Keep it up! You are a braver woman than I posting your weight :-)

    Dee - you can't scare me away!!!

    Suzanne - glad you enjoyed the trip and the Red Sox win....

    Today's menu:

    B; Coffee & Cereal
    S: 100 calorie pack cookies
    L: 1/2 cup cream of broccoli soup & 1 Philly soft pretzel w/mustard
    S: WW cake
    D: Healthy choice bowl thingy which was surprisingly tasty!
    S: Some WW treat or another

    Tomorrow is weigh in day - will let you know how it goes.
    I really, really need to incorporate some exercise in my life - it's important and I am not doing as well as I should. I am still trying to walk each day at lunch.

  • maddie_in_ky
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi all!

    Beege--yeah, I have a fantasy about eating at Gordon Ramsay's place, but I would be willing to bet that it ain't gonna happen! So...that just means another trip (or 2 or 3...:):)) What I've done is to write out a wish list of things I want to see/do, and then realitically weed it out from there. So far, the list has remained the same size b/c I want to do it ALL!

    Suzanne--I would love to meet you, although, I realize that this trip has such a narrow window of time. Still, though, if things could work out, that would be so wonderful!! :)

    QOD--since we never get any T n T, I don't buy any candy :( However--I am a Cheetios nut (Freetios, Doritos, etc...doesn't make any difference), I like that idea. I may hafta buy a small bag for me tomorrow for brekky-- (bad Maddie! bad! bad!)

    I went with a GF to see "Defending the Caveman" Friday night--has anyone seen it? It's a hysterical version of Men are from mars, Women are from Venus. Lots of funny stuff-no real gender bashing, but man--I had said some of that stuff to Rog the week prior! LMAO! I highly recommend it--

    I'm also reading "Death by Black Hole" about astrophysics--the author has the uncanny knack of making it readable--what is everyone else reading?



  • yankandtex
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi All!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the posts.

    B: 2 slices of pizza
    L: 1/2 meatball sub
    D: 1 chicken breast & some ww rice

    All in all, I've lost almost 30 lbs. in the last 7 or 8 weeks but I had about 120 to lose so I still have a long way to go.

    I have to join in & say that I am a "Cheetos" kind of girl too. Not the "puffs" but the other ones. LOL

    Maddie~Gordon Ramsey always came off as such a "meanie" until he started helping other restaurants get back on their feet & you could really see his caring side come out. :)

    Donna~I've found the pretzels at Walmart before too. I used to buy them when my children were smaller b/c it was better for all & I worried about others putting something in the kids candy. This way I felt that it was easy to tell that I hadn't tampered with anything.

    NH Suzanne~Welcome back. When you get time, we'll be waiting for one of your good stories about this weekend.

    Dee~Thanks for the hug! I needed it.

    Marci~No electricity--Dave said that I drove him crazy when we had to do without water for part of a day. Ha! Ha! I was outta my head & asking him about "baby formula"--what's a goil to do?

    Beeje~I've always admired your strength for being able to throw things in the trash. In the past, I haven't been strong enough to throw anything away if I started it. Lately, Dave has finished what I leave on my plate. :) The catalogs do pile up, don't they? Did you ask me about the lawyer? Dave sent information to 13 or 14 of them asking for help & so far has received info from 4 or 5 of them. Three of them have accepted to help him in his case. I think that he has picked out one the one that he feels is the best match for him. The attorney said that it would take about another year. I'm sitting back & taking more of a "supportive" role now. Yippee!

    Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    TUESDAY Menu:
    B: Coffee w/ ½ & ½ --ya know, Ive got to stop this coffee-for-brekky thing. Ill start eating something healthier next Mondayand the ramp-up will be pure heck!
    Stay tuned for my "Zero to B!tch in 60 Seconds Show" next week when I try to cut down on my coffee intakelol.
    L: Salad lettuce, 2 pieces asparagus, and 6 shrimp w/ lemon and ½ T. ranch and 20 pretzels at 110 cals., tea, tea ,tea
    D: Some boiled shrimp, 1 T. cocktail sauce, 2 ½ oz buffalo moz & ½ a large crispy apple, tea
    S: 2 T. icing for 150 cals!

    My DD#3 has been having a tough go of it in swim practice and at the last meet, the coach really got on her case, so I went to talk to him today after practice. Disasterbut he called me tonight and we spoke for about an hour and I have a bright outlook for the future. But that pretty much explains the icing-for-a-snack incident, doesnt it? It was either thator a cigarette, and since I dont smoke.

    Maddie~ In answer to your question:

    I just finished reading "Louder Then Words" and "Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome?" and I just ordered "Look me in the EyeMy Life with Aspergers" on CD. I recently wrote a paper on Aspergers and am consuming as much in-depth knowledge on it as I can. It is a really fascinating syndrome to try to understand. Im working with communication techniques right now w/ one little guy in particulartough, very tough...

    I am currently reading "A view from the Kitchen Window," "The I Hate to Housekeep Book," "I Didnt Come Here to Argue," and On Getting Old for the First Time," all by Peggy Bracken. She is hilarious with a capital "H." I am soon going to dive into "Sugar Blues" and see what I can learn.

    And...for trash...I just picked up the latest Harpers Bazaarthe Kennedys are on the cover and I have a huge appetite for anything about Jackie!although I cant imagine anything they could write that I havent already read about her! But it has pictures too!

    DonnaSNJ: My fingers tremble uncontrollably when I get poised to type my weight, but really, its the only way I will have any successthe accountability of having to keep track of and post what I eat and weigh (especially the weight part) seems to work for me. I have high hopes the number will continue to get smaller!

    Patti~ I like the FRIED Cheetos too, not the puffed, although Im not too picky if only the puffed are presented! I am so glad Dave found an attorney he can work with. I hope to heaven you guys hang in there and something good comes of all of this. ((((HUGGLES))))

    Raeanne!!!!! The countdown to your trip! Only 2 more days, eh? EXCITING! Have a great vacation and "CHEERS!" I hope the landscape is not too badly scorched and you get to see some sights. We expect a FULL REPORT upon your return.

    Well, Wednesday is belly dancing day for me, so I will be shaking my bootie and playing my Zils at the studio! -

    Then heading out to the elementary school party at 11am. After that, I have to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween. You should see the decorations in this neighborhood: tombstones, giant mouths with fangs as entrances to the homes, pumpkin lights and cobwebs everywhere---VERY festive!

  • marci_pa
    Original Author
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago


  • magickitty
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Good Morning... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    Dee- sorry about Kevin ((HUGS))

    DH and I picked out a new bike for me. So in addition to our walking......I have biking in my future too!!!!

    I too like Cheetos...and a big fan of BBQ chips too especially BBQ Fritos. My choice of snack. I have not had any in quite a long time.

    We usually have no trick or go to churches or their schools for the community center for a party. We get some candy just in case. We bought mini snickers and nestle crunch. We have two little ones next store that DH likes to give candy too. I already ate two nestle crunch last night. UGH!!!!

    QOD: I just read the 5th Horseman by James Patterson.

    Patti - good to see you posting again. With the ladies meetng up in NY, we should try to meet here in FL sometime soon.

    Raeanne - have a wonderful trip.

    Marci - way to go on the weight loss!!!! GREAT!!!!!

    Suzanne - congrats on the redsox surprise for me. It looked like the rockies did not have a chance from game one!!!

    I am off now to get some coffee and start my day.

    Take care............


  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago


    Talk to me about the crunchy Cheetos? On June 2, 1985 I stopped smoking cold-turkey. On June 3, 1985 I discovered the crunchy Cheetos. 45 pounds later, I had healthier lungs, but lots more weight to carry around. Doc says smoke free is better than the 45 pounds but I'm not so sure sometimes. I rarely bring the little critters in my home anymore because they are gone with the wind.

    Maddie, please let Raeanne and I know when you will be arriving and how much time that Friday you have for us. I need to make some arrangements. Thanks!

    We have several women over at the Data Management department who came in dressed in orange prison garb...they handcuffed themselves to the computer/desk as a statement! Hilarious stunt, but working in that department is apparently no joke!

    Tues 10/30
    B: 2 ww pancakes; red grapes
    S: strawberry/banana ff yogurt
    L: ww bread w/ turkey/lettuce; carrots
    S: pear; string cheese
    D; salad, lf jambalya (sp?) made w/ turkey sausage; apple
    S: Trader Joe's tortilla chips; 2 twizzlers

    Make today count!

  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    From the Weight Watchers website:

    We've surveyed some successful members and found out how they tackle the scariest Halloween candy scenarios. Here are their seven best tips:

    Resist the sales.
    "My biggest Halloween challenge is not falling for the good coupon in the paper," says Linda. A 5-pound bag of Snickers on sale is still a 5-pound bag of Snickers.

    Your best bet? Buy late.
    "The closer to Halloween you buy the candy, the better," says Maggie. "In fact," she says, "never, ever open the bag before the first trick-or-treater comes." That way, you'll have less total temptation time to cope with.

    Buy candy you don't like.
    Dina says she heads straight for Mounds and Almond Joy when she has to pick up the Halloween candy. "Coconut is the one thing I don't like," she says.

    Buy candy alternatives.
    There are tons of non-food treats that you could consider in lieu of candy. Try these ideas:

    * Coupon books for restaurants such as McDonald's and Friendly's

    * Spider rings, erasers, pencils...check your nearest party supply store for cheap party favors

    * Rolls of coinsbreak them open and give each treater a quarter

    Make up a game plan.
    If you decide to go for the mini Reese's that the kids will love you for, says Maggie: "Start giving out more as the night wears on, so there's less left over." Out of sight, out of mind. And if there are still leftovers, get rid of them. Give the candy away to a food charity, throw it away, collect it all and give it to the neighbors, or bring it to work (and drop it off in a different department).

    Let your kids live a little.
    If you have trick-or-treaters of your own, you need to develop a whole separate set of strategies. Actually, Halloween is a great time to teach your kids how to have a healthy attitude about treats.

    Lead by example, and you and your kids can have a Halloween with treats and without guilt. "Candy should not be made the enemy," says Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer for Weight Watchers International. "Healthy eating is enjoying a variety of foods, including treats, some of which may be high in fat and calories or nutritionally sparse. When it comes to children and treats, what's important is to teach them moderation and a sense of portion control."

    Plus, you have to find a way to give your kids a happy holiday and still keep yourself in control. Try these tips:

    Go out on a full stomach.
    If you have to walk your kids around to trick-or-treat, make lunch your big meal of the day, so you're not walking around hungry with bags full of candy. And carry a thermos of something hot to sip on.

    Come up with a candy plan.
    When the candy's at home, work with your kids to decide what to do with it. Have them pick their 10 favorite pieces: If they're young, encourage them to leave the rest out for "The Great Pumpkin." And if they're too big to believe, encourage them to save the rest for lunches and parties.

    Also, ask them to hide their candy, and not tell you where it is. "When it's put in front of me, it's very difficult for me to resist," says Maria. "My son and I work out a deal where he takes a certain amount and then puts the rest of it out of sight."

  • besh
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Happy Halloween from Salem! It has been pretty scary here all month between the traffic and the tourists! Saturday, I worked downtown staffing a booth (a fundraiser for the Senior After Prom Party) and it was crazy. It is strange because I did not see one person I knew. All crazy tourists from out of town! DH and I were planning on going downtown tonight but he blew out his knee at work and has strict orders to stay off of it for a couple of days. I am disappointed but I will stay home and give out candy instead. ;-(

    Not much new. I'm still doing WW. Down about 11# with about another 500 to go! BJ, I am still walking with my friend. We try to go at least 2x a week and it really does help. I have been going on my own in between which is a huge deal for me. I think getting the jump start with my walking buddy has helped. The weight loss is sooooo slow, but at least the scale is going in the right direction.

    Dee, so sorry about your friend. In the past 2 months we have had 3 deaths, all aquaintances of ours from the yacht club, and all very young, 2 from cancer and one had a heart attack. So very sad.

    Suzanne, I am THRILLED about the Red Sox. I am sorry to see the season end. It has been such great TV. I hope that we don't lose Mike Lowell. He has been my favorite from the start of the season. If we end up with A-Rod instead I will be very sad. And how about them Patriots???

    I am happy to see so many people posting. I'm sorry to stay away for so long. I just lose track of time.

    Did someone say books? Right now I am reading "The Memory Keepers Daughter". Really good. I am also reading some middle school stuff such as "The Higher Power of Lucky" and "Leaping Beauty" (short stories written by Gregory Maguire, the author of "Wicked").

    When are all you ladies headed to New York? There is a slight possibility that I may be there on 12/8, but it is too soon to know for sure.

    Got to fly (maybe on my broom, or vacuum)

    Have fun tonight and stay out of that candy! I am giving out sweet tarts and smarties, which I absolutely hate! No chocolate is allowed to pass through my doors.


  • yankandtex
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    LOL I must be the only one that is so bad about sugar. I don't have any kind of candy that I absolutely cannot stand other than gummy "candy" & I guess if that is all there was, I might break down & eventually decide to eat it too. That is why I do better staying away from sugar completely. :)

    I read alot the beginning of the summer but haven't read any the past couple of months, I don't think. :( We have book club on Friday & I am trying to decide whether or not to attend. (I should since I started the club but...)

    B: 1/2 ww sausage sandwich (took the top 1/2 of bread off)
    L: potato skins (3) amounted to 1 1/2 small potato
    D: chicken breast & ww rice

    Our battery went out on the scale & I'm managing to stay off of it.

    I'm really enjoying reading the posts. ;]

    Lynn~We will have to get together & have a FL get-together after the beginning of the year. (If we can afford the gasoline.) Is Noel supposed to hit you at all? We have had some wind from it & although most complain about wind around here, we are used to it & really enjoy having a nice breeze!

    Everybody take care of themselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago


    Marci - great gif as usual!

    Besh - glad to see you! Sorry about your DH. I have been thinking about you, particularly this week with all the craziness where you live. Still on core?

    I didn't weigh in tonight, got tied up with other stuff. I am seriously thinking of doing WW online. Suzanne, is that what you said you did?

    BJ - I hear ya about those trembling fingers. I still admire you for being upfront. I'm upfront with myself, just not ready to share yet but I have been upfront in person with a few friends. It's a start :-) You guys are my friends and sisters....if I decide to share you will be the ones to know so hold on.....

    Suzanne - WW has some great tips don't they? I really like their site now.

    Dee - your menus always sound soooooo good.

    Raeanne - enjoy the vacation!!!!!!! There are no diets on vaction----seriously.

    ((Patti))I keep you and Dave in my prayers.
    Check in when you can!!

    To all - I love Cheetos (baked) and BBQ chips are a HUGE weakness for me. Doritos are hard to turn down too.

    Read - right now I am reading Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. I really enjoy her books.

    Got to run, got to make lunch and get ready for another fun filled day at work tomorrow.

    Will check in tomorrow and post the menu for the day. New WW week, new start.


  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Wednesday: Halloween!
    B: coffee w/ ½ & ½, Honeycrisp apple
    S: 20 pretzels, 2 t. peanut butter, coffee
    L: roasted chicken, mozzarella, tomato, and basil leaf salad w/olive oil, hot tea
    D: Honeycrisp apple, 2 ounce moz cheese

    NO CANDY! But thanks for the very funny gif, Marci!

    Ran around like crazy most the morning, but did manage to make it to belly dancing class. Man, the instructor whipped our buttskis today. My abs are gonna be sore on Thursday! I refrained from eating at the DD#3s school party by helping at the origami table.

    I had about 300 trick-or-treaters come to my house. I had a HUGE unopened bag of fun-size candy bars left over, so at 9pm, I put the kids in the truck and drove down the street with the bag of candy until I saw a pack of teenagers roaming the street, heading back home after trick-or-treating. I rolled down my window and said, "Hi, Happy Halloween! Do you guys want a bag of candy? If I keep it, Ill eat it and I really dont want to do that." Well, they were pretty surprised but were thrilled to take the bag off my hands! My kids thought it was hilarious and I am saved from getting into the treat bag!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful night. Ill check back later on Thursday!

    Raeanne~ If youre here, Bon Voyage, baby. Let the good times roll in CA!

    Patti~ I like the Florida idea. I've got a brother in Jacksonville I could slip a visit in with. I don't know what part of FL you and Lynn are in, but hey, have rental car, will drive.

    Besh! YAY! You're here. CONGRATS on the walking. GREAT job! And 11 pounds! WOW! I would love to be able to say that!!! BTW, I read Memory Keepers Daughter too, this past summer. ---and---You don't like Smarties candy---what?????? It's another of my favorites...but keep it on the east coast!

    DonnaSNJ: Speaking of yummy foods, I am on board w/ you and the chips. BBQ chips are a complete and TOTAL no-no in my house. They are seriously my all-time favorite and biggest trigger food, so I don't even go down the chip aisle in the store. There is just no way I can even eat *one* BBQ chip or I'm like that mayor in the movie Chocolate, & you'd find me passed out in with my head in the bag of chips in the morning!

    DeeMarie: I mailed something to you. Lemmee know if you receive it.

    So, Girls---and John--we seem to have made it through the very, very tip of the holiday come the REAL tests: Thanskgiving and Winter Holidays!

  • marci_pa
    Original Author
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Had 85 trick or treaters and 15 bags of Crunchy Cheetos left. I thought of all you Cheeto lovers, but since they wouldn't survive the US mail and I don't want to be a contributor to anyone's diet downfall, I will take them into school. We have one small class on T-TH afternoon and I can put one in each bookbag this afternoon.

    I too made it through without eating any CANDY or COOKIES!! We had homemade sugar cookies twice! But I used my mantra and resisted. It was hard at the time, but I feel better for having said no.

    BJ - You are right, the real tests will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Congrats on hunting down those teenagers! LOL

    Raeanne - Hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Hope everyone else survived Halloween too.

    B Cinnamon Shredded Wheat, skim milk, strawberries, SF cappuccino
    L SBD 100 cal. Wheat crackers, veggies and lite Ranch dip, black coffee
    S small handful almonds & 100 cal. Sun Chips
    D Lean Cuisine Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Panini
    S Cinnamon shredded wheat and decaf green tea

  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Rabbit, Rabbit!! Happy November

    Glad you all made it through Halloween unscathed! We have no TorT where I live which is just fine with me. For the record, I LOVE Cheetos!

    Besh, it's good to hear from you. I heard some nasty news from your part of the world. People get so out of control during this "holiday". Hope all is well. couldn't it be so cool if we could meet the girls in NY?

    I will check in later.

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Good THURSDAY morning & rabbit, rabbit!!!!!!!

    Besh, you will not believe it, but we are meeting Maddie on 12/7!! Can you make it a day earlier? If not, she will still be in town so you could perhaps hook up with her. E:mail Maddie and/or me because Raeanne is in CA.

    Well, well, well. I arrived home yesterday to find a package on my porch. Thought it was some "current" wrapping I ordered; however, it was from my West Coast buddy, BJ!!!!!!!!!!! Will tell you all about my surprises later today. She is too amazing!

    Gotta run to work on a project that maybe you guys can help me with.....I posted this on the Cooking forum but did not get many responses.

    DECEMBER DIVERSITY (office project)---we are celebrating December here in a very diverse way (sign of the times). I volunteered (via our Diversity Team--not my day job!)to research all the cultural celebrations which take place in December and work with the cafe on treats and food associated with that celebration.

    So far we have the obvious....
    Pagan/Winter Solstice
    Buddhist/Bodhi Day

    Not so obvious.....
    Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
    St. Lucia Day (Swedish)
    Festivus (ha - made up Sienfeld show holiday)
    St Stephen's Day or Second Day of Christmas Holiday observed in many European countries
    Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish)
    Kwanzaa (African American)
    Omisoka (Japanese)
    Eid'ul-Adha (Muslim)

    Does anyone have a good website (or food ideas) for any of these? Not sure what kind of treats we can work out for about 400 employees at this site.


    Will post the contents of that fun package later. Marci, I'll send you a photo later this week/weekend for the album.


  • jen823
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Good Morning,

    I too made it through Halloween without the junk! I have went back to South Beach Diet because it's the only things that work for me. I truly believe my system is truly sensitive to carbos and sugar. I am tired of fighting it. There are lots of healthy food options out there and it's time to win the mind over matter. (or whatever the saying is)

    The girls were clowns for Halloween. If I remember to bring my camera to work, I will send the pics to Marci to post.

    Maddie, I came right through your hometown this weekend. I was wishing I had your phone number.

    Suzanne, I sent you an email through the garden web.

    Better run. I have been out and lots to catch up on.


  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hello again,

    Jen, I have sent you my address three times through the Garden web. I don't have another address for you.

    Does anyone have Jen's address that they can email me privately?

    I thought Raeanne did not leave for CA until tomorrow????

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Suzanne, you've got mail! However, it's not quite right yet. I thought you wanted Jen's HOME addy. It does have her e:mail addy within it. Let me know if you need help. Send me your home address and I'll forward to Jen for ya. She gets my messages.

    Raeanne, if you did not leave yet I still have time to wish you BON VOYAGE!!!

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Wed 10/31
    B: ww toast w/ lf cheese
    S: ff vanilla yogurt
    L: turkey and rosemary ham w/ lettuce on ww; pickles (too much salt but yummy!) apple
    S: string cheese, grapes
    D: large healthy salad w/ Good Seasons dressing; too much lf spinach/cheese ravioli dressed w/ olive oil and grated asiago cheese
    S: OK---I caved!!! mini bars of KitKat, PB Cup, Twizzler, Take 5; Almond Joy (Trust me, I paid dearly for it last night and this morning) Sugar hangover BIG TIME!!

  • maddie_in_ky
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi all!

    Well, I made it through Halloween without one treat. Nada. (Only because no one brought in anything today :() As in years past, we didn't have one TnT, so I couldn't really find an excuse to buy any candy.

    Dee--I'm meeting the mom this weekend, and I'll have flight and hotel details then. (She did all of this, and we haven't had the chance to get together, so this weekend is it)--I can hardly wait to see you! :):)

    Besh!! I'll be in NYC on 12/8, but Dee & Raeanne and I hooking up on 12/7--do you think there's anyway that could work for you? (If not--I'd love to meet you on the 8th!!)

    Man--this is turning into the French Lick of the North! LOL! I love it!! :)

    Jen--I'm sorry I missed you--I'll send you my # in case you're back this way again--does your sister still live here?

    OK--seeing that it's 11/1--is anyone interested in the Christmas exchange this year? (ACK! It's that time of the year again??!) Please let me know--



  • jprakia
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hello Ladies,

    Sounds like everyone had a good time trick or treating ;)

    Our city does it the Sunday afternoon before from 1-4, because of the city traffic, kinda a bummer to me but its been that way since I was a kid. I didnt get a single kid again, which is good because I didnt have any candy and was watching the Pats play! Go Red Sox btw!!!

    I did give in to a couple gummi worms though, but did 20 mins on the eliptical machine so its all good!

    Not much new other than I was assualted by a bacherlorette party sat night. the bride tried giving me a lap dance, but wasnt doing so well, so I sat her down and showed her how its done, then later she dragged me up on the dance floor and started kissing me. I blame the free shots they were giving out, but am glad her friends broke it up, whew... I hate to break up a marriage before it even starts!

    I get to play private eye tonight at work, I have a lady who Im pretty sure is taking long breaks in one of our VP's office so Im going to take a walk outside and see if I can catch her thru the window... and you thought I was kidding when I said it was adult babysitting :)

    Off I go, have a great cheat free weekend!


  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I am still here, but leave first thing in the AM. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Besh/Suzanne - come to NYC PLEASE - it will be so much fun.

    Suzanne strikes again - Thank you, thank you. I got a package with a note on it that said "Just One" "When you can only have one glass of wine" inside was a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine LOL. I think i will pack it tonight and take it to Napa with me LOL. Suzanne you are the best.

    I was only able to scan quickly - so I apologize for not addressing everyone individually. I will miss all of you! Be well and stay strong.

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Just quickly popping in to say hi!

    B: Coffee w/ ½ & ½ , moz cheese and tomato salad
    S: 10 Rold Gold cheddar-flavored pretzels (110 cals)
    L: Salad: heirloom tomatoes, cheese, basil, olive oil
    Sweets: 2 T icing (150 cal)
    D: ½ c. pork, ½ c. pasta, mixed, iced tea

    I worked in the yard all day clearing brush; had a college guy helping me. No, actually, I was helping him; he works much harder than I do! Then, later, refinished a smaller table for my kitchen. Busy day!

    Im having company over tomorrow to plan the trip in February. We and another family and all the kids are going, so big planning session tomorrow night. But before that, were eating dinner, so I am making an array of protein & veggie-based appetizer-sized dishes and were going to munch our way through dinner. I am hosting so I can have more control over my intake! I bought some spritzer water (thanks to "Marcis hints") and will add it to my wine and me-oh-my, hope, hope, HOPE that I can stay on track and feel good about my will power at the end of the evening.

    I am cleaning and decluttering tonight. I called the donation truck to come tomorrow AND its trash day, so I am motivated!

    Back later

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago


    Suzanne, that is a great gift and sooooo appropriate...have fun Raeanne! haha

    OK, here is my surprise unbirthday package from BJ.

    Crazy modern (very large--at least 24 oz) coffee mug. bright yellow, lime, orange, maroon...huge female eye painted on the side. May possibly be enough coffee at the office ;-)

    Star Buzzer's Rocket Chocolate; peppermint crunch and choc mint (full of caffeine). I may take them in the car on long drives home from sis' house.

    Heavenly Package of Tully's LTd Reserve Single Original Tanzania Peaerry Kigomaa Bright Sweet Tangerine Spirited Coffee. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Post-it Note Pad: "Given enough coffee I could rule the world" (possibly a theme here? haha) I must state here that a year or so ago, BJ surprised me with another pad that I still use (and my housekeeper finds hysterical). It's a 50's-era woman leaning over an oven pulling out a roaster saying "Does this turkey make my butt look fat?" I love to use a piece to write grocery lists and leave it out in the carriage where shoppers can see it!!

    Photo of BJ--w/ The famous Thigh-High Stiletto boots; pool cue in hand with caption "Never Give Up" Trust me, you do NOT want to get kicked in the butt with these boots! LOL!

    DVD "BJ & Stev on KINGS Evening Magazine" from 02/22/2000 (have not see it yet, but will soon!) DVD case has pics of our BJ in pilot mode. Really cool!

    For my relaxing bath---French Shea Butter Soap "Verbena". Love the fragrance.

    A sweet and funny card with a note that brought tears to my eyes.

    You are amazing BJ. Thank you for such a special experience. Hope to get a picture to Marci today.

    MADDIE! I'm in for the Christmas exchange.

    OK, I'm working from home today in order to get to Kevin's funeral Mass this morning. Yesterday afternoon, I made it to the wake for a bit to see his wife and siblings and mom. More of relief for all concerned.

    Make today count!

  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Good Friday morning!

    Raeanne, bon voyage. I am so glad you got that package in time LOL! Have fun.

    John, see the effect you have on women! Sounds like you were the perfect gentleman. Good luck sleuthing, I mean babysitting! Hopefully they pay more for babysitting than .50 an hour that I was paid years ago. LOL

    Maddie, I am still trying to figure out how I can pull NYC off in December. I am in on the exchange too.

    Besh, have you given any thought to NYC?

    Good job on Dee's package BJ! Have fun at your planning party tonight. Planning is the key.

    Dee, enjoy all those lovely gifts! What a fun package to receive.

    Speaking of planning I have my carriage club's planning meeting tomorrow night. This is where we plan all the events for 2008. It's a pot luck (ugh) but I plan on being prepared for good eating with what I bring.

    I have to get a photo of this but will share so you can imagine what I am seeing:

    About 2 miles from my house is a lovely farm with big fields on both sides of the road and a lovely antique colonial home. The fields host flocks of sheep all summer and fall. On my way home Halloween evening someone had delivered to both fields huge piles of pumpkins for the sheep to eat. So I am driving along taking this all in. The sheep, some with black faces, eating from these huge piles of pumpkin, the setting sun filtering through the trees giving off this warm cast of oranges and golds through the leaves and a old man (presumably grandfather) standing next to this tow headed boy who is petting one of the sheep through the fence. It was all too beautiful. I will try to get a photo of the sheep and pumpkins but I doubt I the camera will ever be able to capture what is in my mind's eye. I hope you can imagine it.

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    NH Suzanne~You have a "keen" way of putting down in words a picture for us to imagine. It really sounds beautiful.

    Maddie~Please count us in on the Christmas exchange.

    It sounds like everybody is busy. We were invited over last night for a turkey dinner with all the "fixings." It was good. I had kind of thought that we would have an untraditional Thanksgiving this year anyway since we would be alone & Dave is agreeable to that but he also wants his chicken & dressing. :) So, we will see.

    B: (We went & paid bills & didn't take time out for that)
    L: 1/2 small hamburger & a few french fries
    D: white meat turkey, small spoon of green beans, small slice of cranberry sauce, small spoon mashed potatoes, small spoon stuffing, gravy, & 1" x 1" roll
    S: 20 cashews

    Great gifts for Dee & Raeanne!

    Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. I'm coming around on eating to live instead of living to eat...Patti :)

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    DeeMarie: You can get lots of recipes off of for your diversity dinners. I love how many holidays you came up with! W-O-W! I can give you a few recipes for St. Lucia Day! Thats where my relatives are: Sweden! Glad you liked the box! Remember a few years ago when you gave me a wonderful LARGE sepia-toned coffee cup with a palm tree on it---I guard it and love it. The reason I gave you the "eye" cup is that I wanted to keep an eye on you!!if you flip it over, youll see I painted and fired it myselfjust for you! LOL! Oh, and the DVD is just a TV show we were onits only about a 3 minute segment. (((( HUGGLES for you at the Mass))))

    Jen! YAY! Glad youre checkin in! South Beach is great. One of my GFs went on that and lost a bunch o weight and was very happy with the foods she could eat!

    Maddie! So exciting that youre trip is so near!
    I wanna be in the holiday exchange!!!

    John: Dont get shot peeping through the VPs window!!! Sounds like you were the hit of the party the other night! Glad to see youre still exercising. I think thats a big part of staying and eating healthy!

    NHSuzanne~ The "picture" sounds lovely. Your environment sounds wonderful. Good luck with your potluckI know youll behave!

    Marci: How were your little tykes after Halloween? Were they all juiced up on sugar hangovers the next day?

    Besh: I hope your DH gets heals quickly. And the town settles down...

    Probably back laterIm running around picking up the ingredients for tonights dinner: grocery store, fish market, and I have to deliver a crib to my GFs house for her DGD's weekend stay. I cant wait for the weekend, so I can sleep in & relax on Sunday!

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    John, you are my date at the next wedding I get invited to, my little dancin' devil!

    BJ, so sorry that I forgot to mention that you made the coffee cup!!

    Thur, 11/1
    B english muffin w/ smartbalance
    s peach yogurt
    L turkey and rosemary ham w/ lettuce on ww; pear
    S apple and leftover portion of spinach/cheese ravioli
    d dinner salad, turkey/mashed sweet potatoes/stuffing/mixed veggies; taste of pumpkin pie (dinner meeting for a non-profit...left half on my plate because of my filling snack earlier in the evening)

    Suzanne, I picture your words all the time. You are at gem at that!

    Mass was lovely and his wife got up before we left to say a few tearful words. I'm so glad I made the effort to attend.

  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    DeeMarie: It's good that you made it to the Mass. It really means a lot to the family of the deceased when people take the time to attend the services.

    I am rushing around cleaning, straightening, and fixing stuff for my dinner party tonight. I just dropped 2 pounds of strawberries on my nice clean kitchen floor. Back to the drawing board...with the floor AND the strawberries! Arg. Thought I'd cool off, check in, and say...

    -Except for Raeanne---she's excused for her vacation!

  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago


    Dee, glad you were able to get to the Mass.

    No time to post but did want to say to count me in on the holiday exchange.

    Will check in later!

  • jprakia
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hello Ladies,

    I hit the gym 3 times this week, thats pretty good for me! :)

    Though my motivation isnt really losing weight.. not that I couldnt use it. Its really that I missed out on a lot of activities last summer because I was out of shape. Walking 18 holes of golf before work would tire me out too much and i want to play more golf. Also I would like to be fit enough to be able to go do a hike or mountain bike ride, and get back into kayaking. So thats my story and im sticking to it :)

    I didnt catch anyone on an extra break last night, but did hear a rumor again about my 3rd shift guy sleeping.. so am leaving at 11 and coming back around 3-4 am to check him out. What a pain, but it has to get done.

    The hurricane is coming north so it just might be a nice rainy saturday... I want to sleep in and catch up on some TV without guilt! :)

    take care!


  • yankandtex
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Is everyone out playing or watching football or what? LOL

    We ran to town around noon & picked up some boxes, our mail, items to finish off my DSis's b'day gift, & make some chili for tomorrow's football games. :) It is good to be able to get out again. It has cooled off about 10 or 20 degrees here so it feels much cooler. We might have a "fall" after all, even though it is in the 80s.

    Has anyone heard from Tikanis? I tried to call & E-mail but both were disconnected. Just posting a concern. I would like to know that someone knows she is doing well. Thanks. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend & take the time to be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

  • magickitty
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Happy Daylight Saving Day!!!!!!!! I hope everyone remembered to move their clock back and hour. I just love this one...a extra hour of the day.... spring forward is hard for me to adjust to.

    DH and I just got back from a two 1/2 mile bike ride. I know that may not be a lot for some of you, but for was long. But I totally enjoyed it. The weather is finally cooling enough to do outdoor activities again and we are jumping in with both feet. Wish me luck that I keep it up and don't P**p out in a week.

    Tikanis --- yes, I too would like to know how she is doing...I don't know if she is in the fire areas or not.

    Maddie - X-mas Exchange, Yes, please put me down for it.

    John - that is a sharp car!!!!!!!

    Well.....I think I may need to hit the hot tub soon. Muscles are gonna be sore from the ride....

    Take Care.......


  • Wild_Chicken
    16 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi everyone! Will post later tonight. Just wanted to give Patti this article to read. You might try sending your info to Patti Murray's office if you get a chance.

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