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SS Support - Mon. 8/4 thru Sun. 8/10

15 years ago

Good Monday Morning Everyone! Let's get a good start & have a great week. Patti :-)

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  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Good Monday all,

    Patti,thanks for getting us started.

    I thought I posted my polenta recipe at the recipe site but noticed it wasn't there this morning!! I thought I posted it!!
    It is there now so please all you polenta lovers give this one a try because it's a winner!

    I had a busy and productive weekend with DH. We got alot of projects done. We are also making out winter plan (sigh) already. Last year we had so much snow that we have to figure out some new designs for fencing and gates that will help in getting snow moved if we have so much snow again this winter!!! I really hate to think about it but it has to be done!

    Also got a few rides in this weekend but the deer flies are still persisting in driving us all crazy. They should be leaving soon.

    BIG announcement at our farm. Drum roll please...... We finally have our first brood of Bluebirds!!!! I am so excited. We have moved nesting boxes around and around for several years trying to get them to come and they have come but not stayed. For a several weeks I was certain they were nesting in one of the boxes but then I didn't see any action for a while. This weekend I saw both parents bringing goodies to the box which means they are feeding babies!! SO exciting to me.

    I have an interesting QOD but will post in a few minutes.

  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Someone posted this at the Farm Life forum and I thought it was quite provocative and is relevant to anyone of us here regardless of whether you have farm animals.

    QOD: But what would happen if some natural disaster occurred, or something else, and you were incapacitated in some way and unable to communicate with anyone else? If you have other people in your house hold lets say they are gone too? How long do you think your chickens would make it? Do you have things set up on timers so that the plants would get watered? Do your neighbors know what to do if something happens to you? Would your goats and horses escape to a pasture before succumbing to hunger?

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    Hello, It is a little chilly here too Suzanne. What a change. I'm not minding it too much, but my poor DH has been having to do some outside work. At least when he comes home he can defrost in the hot tub! QOD: I have Monday off! I also have tomorrow off. Professional Development day for teachers so I don't have to go in! Patti, I am sorry to hear about your friend. You sound like you are good support for him. I hope the the PT works for you. Dave, right back at ya! Donna, I hope you are feeling better. (((HUGS))). I'm thinking of you. How is your kitty doing? Tikanis it sounds like you are on the right track. Keep up the great work. Raeanne, what are you giving for the unbroken gift? I could supply everyone at the party with something with the amount of "things" I have around here! Did anyone hear about SS house? So sad. I'm sure she will rebuild and make many more happy memories. I pulled out all of my WW stuff, AGAIN. I am going to read through it over the weekend and decide if I want to try and commit myself to it again. If I do, it will be full steam ahead. Meetings and everything. Have a great evening! Love, Besh
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    Good morning from drizzly, cooler SE Texas! I just finished my oatmeal and having the last few sips of coffee before getting ready to go work out. This makes 8 days of doing it, with only Sunday off. I've already lost a few 10ths of my BMI! They have this little gizmo there that measures it, and I tried it yesterday, a week after the first time, and was pleased to see that 7 days of exercise made some difference. Suzanne, I never did try the polenta last weekend because I have 3 rolls of it in the fridge and didn't want to waste it yet. But, I'm definitely going to try it in a few weeks. I'm just not eating that much of it anymore, which is probably good. I'm no good at naming rides today, but I think that my favorite one I read from y'all has to be BJ's: The Kharma Carousel: what comes around, goes around. :) Patti, I've never heard of, much less been to a Rosa's. Are y'all going there while you're in Texas? I miss freely dining at a Mexican restaurant now - I always order fajita salads without sour cream and cheese. No chips. :( I'm not shopping anymore for at least a month because I'm just not losing enough to make a huge difference in what I still have to wear to places other than the fitness center. I am wearing t-shirts I couldn't wear before. When I go to Dallas at the end of May, I will break down and buy a few nicer things, but that's it. It's nice seeing so many posting these days. I was so tired and a little sore yesterday, so I just rested and didn't do anything else. Some days I just don't have anything to say. I'm always glad that y'all do though! LOL
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    Well, Raeanne, I don't think our chances look too hot! But then again, we'd have to actually BET THE MONEY to win.... Maddie, have a wonderful vacation! Suzanne, You guys are getting rained out today? Mary Ann, Your margarita and nacho diet sounds good to me! It is overcast and cool here today. I got up at the crack of dawn a spent a couple of hours weeding and tying up tomatoes in the garden. I have 16' of staked tomatoes and 16' supported by the "Florida Weave" as a comparison test on the two methods. I harvested a ton of carrot, onion, lettuce, radish, bok choy, cabbage, and chard. Housework planned for the rest of the day, Spending the day with the kids for Mother's day tomorrow. Happy Mother's day to all Mamas of human AND animal babies : ) Tikanas
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    Milkdud! WTG on that weight loss - you go girl!! I'm glad the knee is coming along well. Raeanne - yes, I am still going to Curves. This is my 2nd week and I made a commitment to myself to go Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I stop on my way home from work. I feel better about me and am actually looking forward to getting measured again, I think in early September. And yes..I am definitely up for the book club. Marci - hard to believe it's time for school again. I saw the spinach squares recipe and will have to give them a try. John - enjoy the trip - the weather sounds promising. Be safe and have fun. Dee - another cruise?! Raeanne is right they will be naming a ship after you. ENJOY. Besh - menopause - I am right there with ya darlin. Zig - where are you - shoe shopping again??? Gotta run - check in later - Donna
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  • User
    15 years ago

    Good morning Patti!
    It's our civic holiday in Canada today. I'm heading out downtown to water my plants - I could leave it until tomorrow but plants don't know it's a holiday and they could all be fainted by tomorrow with our weather so I told my office I will go today as a 'regular' day - because I love my babies so much! Besides, they'll be less traffic and it will be quieter at the hotel areas - the shopping areas are a good 5 blocks away. No business traffic.

    Having a wonderful weekend, got a few things done but will pick up the pace at home tomorrow. My brother popped over yesterday and has stayed the night - we have such a great time together it's fun. I even got to drive him to the store - we were picking up stuff for dinner. He said my driving is very good. I am hoping to soon take my next driving test so I can progress to the next level where I don't need to have a licensed driver and can drive alone, with some restrictions. It's a graduated license system to give all new drivers the time to learn/develop the skill before being allowed on highways/express ways that have the top speeds. I can drive on the smaller, slower highways. Just to be able to go to the grocery store on my own would be great.

    Well, I'm not an ol' dog yet and I'm still learning, everyday something new!

    Ate too much yesterday but still maintaining the last 3 pound loss. Slow and steady has been my motto over the last 3 years. I don't care how long it takes - this is a life journey for me.

    Have a great day everyone! Looking forward to catching up with you.


  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good morning! It's sunny and 83 here today. Hurricane Eduoard seems to be heading toward the Texas coast, darn it, so after working out, I'll go stock up on a few necessities of life, just in case. Pray he poops out before getting anywhere near Texas!

    Suzanne, hard to believe that it's winter-planning time already since you're so slammed with it for such a long time. I think you and dh are very smart to come up with a better plan for this coming year - and you just know you're going to get a lot of snow again!

    Peggy, don't you just love doing things on those days when not everyone's around? It's like having the world to yourself. And, it sounds like having your brother around has been so good for you. I know that being around my sister always makes me feel good. Good for you for keeping the weight down, too!

    Patti, thanks for the cardmaking newsletter. I'll check it out better later today. Aubrie took her nap Saturday in my craft/guest room, and she did get into a few of my things, but the only things she destroyed were a few sheets of notebook paper that came from who-knows-where.

    Today will be busy with doing laundry and fixing a hurricane box. I should have done this already, I know, but it's one of those things I hate to even contemplate.

    Hope everyone's having a great day!

  • marci_pa
    15 years ago

    I am taking a break from kitchen prep work. The counter tops are being installed tomorrow, so we took out the old ones and now I am waiting for some spackling to dry so I can paint. The new tops are going to be 1/4" shorter than the old ones and we probably won't get the ceramic tile done until next year. In the meantime, I am going to try and paint the wall behind the coujter top and hope it looks okay for now.

    I am having a hard time lately. Some things have happened concerning my job and I am not sure I can continue to work there. I did promise my director that I would try. I don't have an HR department to turn to and the Board that oversees the preschool is a major part of the problem. The director and I are both upset, but I know she won't quit. I, on the other hand, will not let this give me an ulcer. We shall see what happens, but I am prepared for anything, including resigning. For the first time in 16 years, I don't want to go back to work and the whole situation just makes me so sad.

    I also got a bad report back from the GYN. My Pap showed "abnormal" cells and they need to go back and take a look and possibly do a biopsy. I couldn't get that scheduled until 8/22. So I have that nagging worry also on my mind.

    I REALLY need this trip to LA to forget my troubles and just have fun. Wish I was going tomorrow, but I have to wait until the 13th.

    Well, DH will wonder where I went, so I had better go get my painting supplies and get started. If you could spare a few positive thoughts for me, I sure could use them!


  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    [[[[ M A R C I ]]]] Honey, you know that you will be in my thoughts & prayers. Darn, why isn't life easy all of the time? Ugh!

    Milkdud~I just love sharing with you. I wish we lived closer. Perhaps one day it will be a reality. How close will you be to where Eduoard is supposed to make landfall? It is supposed to dump at least 8" of rain, I heard.

    Peggy~Don't you just love holidays? And how are you enjoying the driving? I do so little of it these days. Dave does the majoritiy of it now. How nice that you were able to visit with your brother.

    NH Suzanne~Your recipe sounds great. I will have to see if I can convince Dave to try it. Yummers! I like trying new things if they aren't real fancy.

    QOD~Unfortunatly, I think I probably know the answer to this. I am already tending towards being a "hermit". Not b/c I want to particularly. It has just worked out that way. The neighbors don't know anything about me & wouldn't miss me if they didn't see me. My plants are just the outside ones & they usually depend on the rain. And, I don't know if it was just me if I would suck it up & take care of the animals or if I would just wither away. I depend on Dave WAY too much. So much for honesty.

    Patti :-) Have a great day!

  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Oh Marci ((((( HUGGLES)))))) Try to think positive about your check up! I know I would be really worried myself. You know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Also, I am sorry about your job situation. I hope that the situation can get resolved to your satisfaction before school resumes. I am glad you are prepared to resign if you feel you must....that is a hard decision to make.

    QOD: On a regular basis I ride early mornings before work. I have an arrangement with several people to know where to look for me if I don't show up for work, etc. My DH is on the road and in the winter if he can't reach me by 7:00pm he calls someone to come check on me. So I have a daily network in case I get hurt in the barn or out riding which is good.

    For a natural catastrophes where I would have to evacuate - I am prepared to hitch my trailer and load all my animals and go wherever. My hens would be in cages and the donkeys, horses and goats (2 each) would all just load into my trailer. I always keep my truck full. We have actually practiced loading hitching the truck and trailer, loading all the barn animals and we can do it in 45 minutes or less. We haven't gathered the chickens for this exercise but I feel confident we could gather them quickly in their cages. Plus I would scoop the cats.

    We have a generator for power outages here so we would have
    and heat with wood back up. We have pantry that we could live on for a while but for prolonged periods we would have to build up more stores of food and fuel.

    It's a scary but necessary thing to really think about.

    Three years ago over 100 people and horses were camping for a two week long event here in NH. In the middle of the night we were rousted by the police pounding on our trailers telling us we had to evacuate in one hour because the dam was about to break from all the rain. It was shear bedlam and some people just totally fell apart in confusion and some horses were very jiggy. But everyone got out leaving alot of stuff behind. Fortunately, the dam never broke and we were all able to return within two days. Some didn't come back!! It was a valuable lesson in evacuation however.

  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good afternoon!

    (((Marci))), I hurt for you on both counts. I'm sending calming thoughts and healing prayers your way for your pap smear. You've also reminded me that I need to find a dr. and make my yearly physical appointment. For that, I thank you!
    As far as your job, only you will know if and when it's the right time to give your notice. I know that you have always enjoyed your job, so I hope whatever's going on is fixable.

    I just finished "hurricane-preparedness" shopping. It took forever and cost a fortune, but I feel pretty confident now. Laundry's going, ice is making, and as soon as I finsh lunch, I'll give the house a good cleaning. I've been caught out before when I lived in Beaumont without clean laundry, dishes, and house, and it's not something I want to repeat! LOL

    Good QOD for today. I still don't know my neighbors well at all, but they do know we have a dog. But, we haven't given anyone a spare key, so I now worry about something happening to us and she's locked inside. I'll have to have a discussion tonight about a contingency plan.

    I did straighten up the garage so that hubby's car will fit inside if he feels the need to do that tonight. We don't have lots of big outdoor stuff, so it will just come into the front hall and kitchen, except for the BBQ grill which we'll lash to back porch.

    Time to shift laundry around and get busy. I hope the storm dies out before making landfall, but if not, I'll be back as soon as I can.

    God bless us, everyone!

  • besh
    15 years ago


    Marci, working in a GYN office now, I feel as though I have to answer you about your Pap. People have weird Paps come back all the time. Normally the next procedure is called a Colposcopy and all it is a closer look at your cervix. Instead of taking a sample from one area as they do for a Pap they take it from 4 areas. We do them almost daily, so it is not uncommon and most often they come back normal and the Dr. may have you come back for 6 mo follow up paps after that. I understand you being nervous and it is nothing to take lightly, but I just want to assure you that it is not uncommon. (((HUGS))) I am sorry about your is never an easy decision to make.

    Hello to all...can't stay...will check in later.


  • marci_pa
    15 years ago

    Besh - The nurse who called me said that the docotr would take a look a the cervix to see what was going on and if he didn't like what he saw, he would do a biopsy. She did call the procedure a Colposcopy, but my brain had frozen at that point and I couldn't remember the name of the procedure. She also mentioned not waiting a year for my next Pap.

    Thanks for helping to put my mind at ease!! I think I just feel vulnerable right now because of the job situation. I have been very emotional lately. Just ask my DH! LOL

    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, I will keep you posted on all counts.


  • wodka
    15 years ago

    Hi, everybody, just checking in. Got home last night from visiting my sister and family. It was a difficult visit, seeing my sister going downhill so rapidly. She is very thin and too weak to walk. We're praying that her treatment kicks in and makes her pain more manageable. It's too much to go into here, so will leave it at that.

    milkdud, I hope Eduoard stays a tropical storm and doesn't cause too much trouble for you. I need to update my hurricane kit, too. You would think that after Katrina I would have by now. I remember one year stocking up on groceries when we had a tropical storm/hurricane threat, and I bought a bunch of cans of vienna sausages - I couldn't give them away!! They are pretty gross.

    marci - you're in my prayers, too, as you wait to see what your doctor says.

    I've got tons of laundry and dinner to cook. Haven't been very good on my diet - it's just been such a whirlwind but I hope to get focused soon. Right now it's just day to day....

    Love to all.

  • donna_southnj
    15 years ago

    Hi All,

    ((Marci)) on both counts - you definitely have my good thoughts and prayers. I'm with Patti, too bad life isn't always easy. You have every right to be emotional right now, who wouldn't be? Too much going on at once is never good.

    ((Jan)) thoughts and prayers for you, your sister and family. It's such a vicious disease and it's so hard to watch someone you love suffer with it and you can't do a darn thing for them except love them.

    ((Milkdud)) hoping that Eduardo stays the heck away and/or poops out before he becomes a threat. You sound like you are really settling in there, I'm glad.

    Suzanne, those bluebirds are great! I will check out the polenta recipe. Don't you hate thinking about winter, especially on a beautiful day like this one but it's a necessity unfortunately. You and your DH are smart planning ahead - hopefully the snow won't be as bad as this past year.

    Besh, glad to see you check in and having those encouraging words for Marci. How is the job going? How is WW going? I started I'm doing points but really want to try core.

    Patti, how are you? I will have to email you. I ended up cooking the zucchini for less than a minute and shocking it in cold water before putting in a pan with olive oil, garlic and other seasonings and grilling it outside with the steak. Nothing fancy but it was delicious!!

    Peggy, glad you enjoyed your day off. I agree, I love going in to the city when it's a holiday and there are so few people around. You can get so much more done can't you? Congrats on that 3 lb loss. You are so active that can only be a good thing!

    QOD: Of course I would grab Lacey and bolt in a natural disaster. If I were incapacitated I have great neighbors who would notice my car hadn't moved, the blinds weren't opened (or closed), hadn't seen Lacey out in the yard..they would definitely check on me. I speak with my mom daily so of course if she didn't hear from me and couldn't reach me she would have every emergency vehicle within 50 miles at my door. As far as work, if they hadn't heard from me they would definitely call me and, if they couldn't reach me would try and call some of my family members to see what the story is. I don't have timers any more but should.

    I grew up on a barrier island and we had lots of storms, northeasters and portions of hurricanes. Only once in my life did we ever have mandatory evacuation...anyone who chose not to leave had to give the police the name of their next of kin. For me, that kinda pushes you on your way to higher and drier ground. What you decide to take with you is interesting as you leave your home and wonder if it will still be there...thankfully mine was.

    Hugs to all - will check in tomorrow.


  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Good Tuesday!

    Jan and Marci (((((GREAT BIG GIANT HUGS))))) thinking of you both and sending out positive thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

    Jan, I apologize for my QOD yesterday. I remembered after I sent it out that you were a Katrina victim. If my question seemed thoughtless I am truly sorry. It is a thought provoking questions and one we should all think about as you well know. I just hope I did not dig up unpleasant memories for you. It would be interesting if you shared your experience some time when you feel better.

    Patti, I got my mail from Cara! Making progress!

    Donna, I don't like thinking about winter right now but if I don't think about it I will go crazy if I have the same situation as last winter. Of course, that was a 100 year winter and it probably won't happen again anytime soon....famous last words!

    Hope everyone can find the time to check in and share hugs today.

  • wodka
    15 years ago

    nhsuzanne, please, there's no reason to apologize re: your QOD. And no, you it did not cause any unpleasantness - it's an interesting question.

    It did make me think of one incident during Katrina. We had evacuated to my husband's office and when the winds were picking up, I called my mother and asked her did she want to hear what a hurricane sounded like, and put my cell phone outside the door for her to listen to the winds howling. That was the last she heard from me until a day after the storm, because most of our cell phones were not working, power was out, etc. It was a scary time for her, because she said she just knew we were dead, especially when they showed the massive devastation of our small town of Long Beach.

    Historically, August and September are our worst months for hurricanes, so let's all pray that everyone remains safe for the rest of the summer.

    Speaking of storms - Milkdud, are you okay this morning?

  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good morning! Yes, I'm here, Jan. Thank goodness!!!

    My son who lives in Beaumont called me about an hour ago to reassure me that even though they were in the eye of the tropical storm right then, they were really safe and fine. Their lights had flickered some, wind and rain were knocking tree limbs down some, but he was on his way to work and was safe. My DDIL and the DGDs stayed home, but he had to go into work. He'll get hazard pay for doing it, but they really needed him. They'll be getting more bad weather for a while, but this TS isn't as strong as it could have been.

    We're getting lots of rain and moderate winds so far, and that's alright. Everything around the whole Houston area seems to be closed today according to the scrolling across the screen, and that's safe. The newspaper was delivered and even double-bagged, so I ran out between showers to get it. Gotta love our newspaper person!

    I did all kinds of things last night to get ready for this storm, but it seems that I still forgot lots of things, like taking care of important papers and valuables, so I need to add that to my list when we get another scare like this. Wodka, I don't know how in the world you prepared for Katrina!

    Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. I know they helped. I slept peacefully last night.

    Suzanne, now that sounds like a good polenta recipe! If we keep power, I may try it today.

    I'll be peeking in during the day. Hubby isn't used to being home like this, and with his cold, he's pretty crabby, so I'll be looking for nice diversions! LOL

    Have a great one!

  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    NH Suzanne~I'm so excited for you. Dave needs to take some pictures & then I'll be emailing you. LOL I will definitely only get mail from Cara from now on.

    Marci~What day is it that you plan to leave? I know that I didn't address your job specifically but I know that whatever you decide to do will be for the right reasons & isn't taken lightly. There is comfort knowing that you are using wisdom where that is concerned. (You know what I'm trying to say? It doesn't sound right when I try to type it.)

    Milkdud~I'm so glad that it didn't become a hurricane. When we left this a.m. it hadn't hit yet so I wasn't aware that it had even hit. At least I think GMA was showing Galveston. We don't have our hurricane kit yet. I'm hoping that we can leave town if one hits this year. They say that it is inevitable. I keep hoping "they" are wrong.

    Besh~I'm so glad you were able to come & talk to Marci. Having someone who KNOWS about these things helps. I know my sis has had a false + before & has to have it done more often or did for a while but didn't know much more than that.

    Wodka~I'm so glad you are back!! You are missed when you are gone. Honest engine!! And, yeah, I meant engine! LOL We all have to work towards a better WOE when we are stressed, I think. I know that some don't eat anything & others eat too much. Then others eat the wrong thing. It is the rare person who is able to eat the right amount & the right thing when they feel stress. I hope you aren't beating yourself up over it. I'm glad that you were able to go be with your sis even tho it might have been difficult. In the long run, you probably needed to see her as much as she needed to see you.

    Donna~I'll be waiting to hear from you. I think my answer to the QOD would be different if we lived closer to family & had animals, etc. We are in such a strange situation. There are only 2 other apts. in this 8 apt. building that are here during the summer & one had a stroke & doesn't get out at all & the other one just moved in recently & is an old batchelor & that is about all that we know about him. We don't see him anymore than he sees us. I know that I didn't go anywhere hardly without my Laci either. And, I certainly miss her now.

    I'm going to try writing to Jimmy Carter again & see if he will answer me this time. I think I must get an answer for Dave. This past week has been the anniversary date for his accident & he has really had a bad time. Well, hi to all I missed. Dee Marie said she should be back tomorrow, I think.

    Raeanne~are you still whooping it at work??

    Has anyone heard from BJ??

    [[[ H U G S to all who need them ]]] Patti ;-)

  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Good Wednesday all,

    It's quiet here and I am missing our daily interactions. Everyone must be so busy.

    Patti, I wonder if you have considered writing any other politician? I know McCain is a strong supporter of all vets why not write him too?

    Milkdud, did your power stay on? Is all well there? I hope you got to try the polenta recipe and if you did, I hope you loved it!!

    Peggy, you shouldn't have to water today if you are having our weather!

    It's pouring here and NH has flood watches all over the state AGAIN. There seems to be no end to this rainy season. Can we say enough?

    This weekend we are going to Nantucket on my DFIL big boat. It's Never,Never land and I love it. I have not really done anything fun all summer so I am really looking forward to it although I wish I could bring the horses. LOL

  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    NH Suzanne~That sounds like so much fun. I've never done anything like that. I'd love to though. We've written almost every politician that we can think of in the past 8 years. Dave called McCain & Obama's offices but they couldn't answer his ? about what they intend to do with the back-up of 800,000 cases of Vets if they were elected.

    I thought that I would try to tell you all something about Dave's case since I haven't really said a whole lot in depth about it. Dave was sent to Turkey in the same time frame that the Iran Hostages were being held. The 1st attempt to get them had already been botched. We believe with all our hearts that he was part of getting an airstrip ready for what was to be the 2nd attempt. However, Dave's group was hit by snipers before they were able to complete their mission. Six of the 30 men died immediately & we don't know how many more of them may have died after they left the site.

    Well, that is just a little background. Sometimes it seems like b/c Dave wasn't in a "war" that people don't understand that things did happen to our Vets that we don't know about & it wasn't all pleasant.

    I hope that everyone has an opportunity to check in today. Patti :-)

  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good evening! It's back to warm (86 d. right now) and rainy again, and I'm happy about that.

    Suzanne, tonight for dinner, we're having WW chili and ................your polenta recipe!!! I can't wait to eat it. I'm sure it will become a big favorite with us. It's so funny that hubby loves polenta so much now when a year ago, he didn't know what it was.

    We never lost power or even limbs from trees yesterday. I'm so glad that we had those trees cut down a month ago, or we could have had a problem or two. The only inconvenience was to our budget because I spent a lot of $$$ stocking up for a power outage.

    Back to working out again this morning, and it felt so good. I'm still hoping to meet my old best friend for lunch tomorrow. She starts back teaching next week, so this is her last free week. I'm going to pick out some photos to take with me to update her on her Godchildren and my DGDs.

    Suzanne, your trip on FIL's boat sounds like a lot of fun. You and your dh need a break. Hope it's fun and relaxing.

    Patti, good luck fighting the good fight on Dave's behalf!

    Wishing everyone a good evening!

  • deemarie5500
    15 years ago

    Good THURSDAY morning!

    I'm still here in spirit if not in blogsville. Just mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from the back-and-forth and clearing. This too shall end.

    My eating has suffered, as I am sure everyone here can relate to. I crave carbs, and have not had 1 hour to do a decent food shopping trip. As a result, it's pretzels, popcorn, chips and salsa, pasta, etc. instead of fruit and veggies. Tonight or tomorrow, I'm taking the time to stock up on the good stuff. This weekend I'll pack fruit and veggie snacks to take.

    Where is Maddie and BJ? Maddie, I know you are out there. We need you to check in. BJ is probably out playing Super Mom with at least 2 of the kids! Hang in there, ladies!

    Well, I need to catch up here at the office. Too much time away and I get behind on projects.

    [[[[[[[[[[[[BIG SQUEEZY HUGS]]]]]]]]]]] to everyone who needs them or wants them!


  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    DeeMarie~I'm so glad that you are back. I've been concerned about BJ too. I worry about Maddie but know that she'll be back when she can?? I was hoping that you had been in contact with BJ. I've tried but not heard anything from her. Do you have time? I'll try again.

    Hi to all. It has been really quiet around here this week. This has been an unusually quiet year, I'm thinking. I'm hoping that interest isn't failing. I know that life gets busy. Well, I guess that I should try a QOD, huh?

    QOD: If you had to resort to another form of transportation other than a car, what form would you choose?

    LOL NH Suzanne~I'm thinking you will say horseback!

    Have a great day! One more day 'til Friday!! Patti :-)

  • deemarie5500
    15 years ago

    QOD: I would love to drive in the Back-to-the-Future hovercar. We have huge traffic issues here and I dream about flying above the cars and tractor trailers. LOL!

  • nhsuzanne
    15 years ago

    Good Thursday all,

    Dee, welcome back. Glad you are still intact!!

    QOD: Oh Patti, you guessed!! It is horseback or horse and carriage and a buckboard to do grocery shopping. Believe it or not there are a few towns out west that have designed their roads to accommodate horses and riders/drivers. With the cost of fuel more and more people are using their equines to do alot errands they normally would have used a car for. There are Walmarts out west that have hitching rails and other equine necessities!! I welcome that kind of accommodation in my area!!

  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good evening!

    QOD: I want Superman's suit and powers so that I can fly. If that's not possible, then I'd choose a moped. Seriously, I think that would be so much fun! (it would probably need training wheels on it though!)

    I got to meet with my best friend from young mom times for lunch, and it couldn't have been better! She had her oldest daughter and 2 granddaughters with her, and it was like old times but better because her daughter is now a grown woman and even more precious than ever. We spent 2 hours eating lunch and catching up on things. We will definitely be getting together often in the future!

    I even ate healthy although it was at a Mexican restaurant. I ate no chips and had a salad. The company was much better than any fattening food could ever be. Maybe I need to have friends around me all the time, huh? LOL

    Dee, I'm glad you got to go back to work so you could rest up from all your chores involved in closing the house. You were missed.

    Suzanne, the polenta recipe you posted has been printed out and now resides in my official WW-friendly recipe binder. We both loved the taste, so it's a keeper! Thanks so much for posting it.

    I miss hearing from Maddie and BJ. And, all our other friends who are being kept occupied by real life and can't post often.

    My stepdaughter is coming tomorrow for a few days' visit, so tomorrow after working out, I'll come home and get things ready for the weekend. I know that they'll stay on the road sightseeing most of the time, but I want things to look nice when they are here. I haven't given any thought to menus because I don't know their schedule yet, but it will be as healthy as I can make things. I've coasted way too long now without losing anymore weight, and that's just ridiculous!

    I hope you're all having a relaxing evening doing whatever strikes your fancy!

  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    I never did answer the QOD yesterday. :-) I think a magic carpet might be nice. LOL Or if I could blink & be transported like I Dream of Jeannie then that would do nicely too.

    Dave made those blueberry muffins yesterday which we had for breakfast this morning. They aren't sweet at all. I like them b/c I think that they are filling, aren't sweet so you aren't craving more & more, & I don't think will actually blow your WOE. With the oatmeal they are supposed to be heart healthy too.

    Do you have plans for the weekend? We are taking a friend to the airport today so he can fly to NJ & then picking him up on Monday. On Monday we have friends coming in from Nebraska for the week. We haven't seen them in about 3 years so that will be nice.

    Milkdud~I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful lunch yesterday & that you were able to catch up with your DF. I have seen so much growth in you over the years. You rock!!

    McPeg~Come on in here & post!!

    Well, I'll turn it over to the rest of you now. Have a good one. Patti :-]

  • marci_pa
    15 years ago

    Good Morning!

    After some plumbing problems, I finally have my kitchen in working order. I decluttered the countertops and thinned out the cupboards, so it seems bigger. I am really happy with my choice, just wish I could have afforded new cabinets too.

    QOD - I always wanted to be Samantha from Bewitched and twitch my nose to go from one place to another.

    I made two batches of basil-garlic pesto yesterday and my kitchen smelled so good. I love the smell of fresh basil.
    Then I made a Beef Ragout to use up some fresh vegetables. DH had given our old sink and faucets to someone at his work to recycle and he repaid us in produce. Now I need to make some things for DH to have on hand while I am gone. I know he won't actually cook, but he can use the microwave! LOL

    Patti - I wish my DH had a little of Dave's cooking talents! Give him an extra hug from me today. :~)

    Tomorrow I am going to my annual "Shaker Woods" craft fair to get my wool ornament. I don't really need anything else, but it is a nice way to spend a day with a friend and "window" shop at the over 200 booths. And I get my yearly fix of sweet potato fries -Mmmmmm!

    NHSuzanne - I too am going to try the polenta recipe. When I was growing up, my Mom only made polenta as a breakfast dish. She would fry it and we put syrup on it. DH only had polenta with marinara sauce, as a main dish. The first time I had polenta his way I had to eat sauce on every bite, as I thought the polenta was so bland. But your recipe seems like it would have so much flavor and I think DH will like it.

    DeeMarie - Hope the worst of the work on your childhood home is done.

    Milkdud - Have a great time with your DSD.

    Raeanne - Hope you are having a nice visit with your DDs.

    Wodka - Hope the worst of the weather is passed. Last year when I went to LA, there was a tropical depression passing thru and my luggage got soaked in Houston. I am going to have to pack better if there is a chance of rain this year.

    Now I need to run the sweeper and finish some laundry before I head out to run errands.


  • deemarie5500
    15 years ago

    Good morning everyone.


    I'm asking for some support this weekend. On top of everything else, my mom's sister passed away early this morning. She was a very special aunt and I will miss her terribly. Not sure how much emotion I can take in one week, but I am hanging in there and not 'giving up'. Of course, I was into peanut butter this morning....but I'm trying.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • marci_pa
    15 years ago

    (((DeeMarie))) Hang in there sweetie - things will get better. I am sorry to hear about your aunt and sorry that you are feeling so sad. Sending virtual hugs and good thoughts your way.

  • yankandtex
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    [[[ DEE ]]] You only deserve the best. I'm sorry that things have been so tough on you lately. This has been a rough year, man! Hang in there kiddo! We love ya!

  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Sending lots of comforting huggies to (((((((((((((Dee)))))))))))))! I'm so sorry about your aunt.

    Marci, I'm happy that your kitchen is complete now! I need to work on my cabinets and eliminate things, too, even after just about a year here. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we "think" we need, but never use it?

    We went out for seafood gumbo tonight with DSD. I saw some friends from my new church and they got to meet hubby and his DD. We had a nice visit with them. Slowly, but surely, I believe Bob will begin getting interested in this church. His daughter told us at dinner that her middle brother has been attending church since last October. Hubby was shocked to hear it, and he's been musing over it since then.

    Patti, I'll have to try those muffins one of these days. Once I get back on track for real, I'll do it, but I'm still struggling to eat right.

    I've got a busy Saturday, a UMW breakfast meeting tomorrow, then work out, grocery shop, and sightsee. SD has a new Honda Civic hybrid that she wants to take out tomorrow, and I'm invited to go!

    Wishing everyone a good weekend!

  • donna_southnj
    15 years ago

    (((Dee)) I am so very sorry for your loss. Hang in there, things will get better, really. You have had so much going on lately. You are in my prayers and I am sending you many, many hugs.

    Will check back later - enjoy your Saturday!


  • deemarie5500
    15 years ago

    Thanks for your good thoughts. Services are Monday evening and Tuesday is the funeral.

    In the meantime, I am off to continue getting the house ready for sale.

    Good news is that the weather broke and it is much cooler (central A/C is broken at the home and it's been miserable working in the heat).

    I wish you all a great, peaceful weekend.

  • besh
    15 years ago

    Good Morning!

    ((Dee)) many many hugs. I am so sorry.

    I have some good news, but not for good reasons. DS & DIL are coming up Monday morning and will be here for 1 week! However the sad news is they are coming because DIL grandmother passed away. DIL parents will be staying with us as well, so we will have a full house and I love it! So guess what I am doing this weekend? Cleaning like a crazy lady!

    Donna, I have started and stopped WW so many times in the past couple of weeks I can't even tell you. I think I just can't do CORE. I have to go back and count points, that is the only thing that will work for me. I am not thrilled about it, but I have to be realistic.

    Marci, congratulations on the new kitchen! Have a great trip!

    QOD: I am going for the nose twitching or the blinking thing. I have no patience, so instant arrival would be great for me!

    Suzanne, we have had fly problems when we are out on the boat. Can you imagine? Out in the middle of the ocean, we are getting bit by some annoying little flies...and even when you start the boat up and start moving, they don't fly away...they stay and go for the ride!

    Milkdud, is everything ok after the storm?

    Raeanne, I checked out your art. Wow, you have got some talent girl! My favorite is the lake in the fall. Beautiful colors.

    I have never had Polenta, but I hear you guys all raving about it. How does it work out in WW?

    Patti, enjoy your company!

    Wodka ((HUGS)). Thinking of you and your Sis!

    Hi McPeg! My flowers are so waterlogged now from all the rain we have been having. The flowers at my front door are absolutely beautiful, but they are kind of under an overhang so they are not exposed to all the water. Infact I am going to try and post a picture of them, because it is the best DH and I have ever done!! Hope everything is good with you.

    Did anyone watch the Olympic opening ceremony last night? It was fantastic! What precision and concentration. Just amazing.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  • aka_raeanne
    15 years ago

    A lot has happened around here in a short time.

    Wodka - ((((HUGS)))) to you and your sister. I think of you often.

    Dee - ((((HUGS)))) you have been through way too much lately. In September I am going to NJ and will try to hook up with you at some point - so I can give you a hug in person.

    Marci - ((((HUGS)))) to you as well. I had to redo my pap once and it is unnerving. When will you have the results? I hope you have fun with your friend at the Shaker Woods fair today.

    Besh - thank you for your kind words. I do enjoy painting, as frustrating as it can be at times LOL. I just sold the one you like, Wednesday night. It was my largest piece to date. I also sold the boat on Saturday. Both of my top money pieces - now I need to paint more LOL. We have the fly problem on the boat as well. My family thought I had lost it the other day. I was all set for a nice peaceful time on the lake with a book in hand and those little buggers just appeared from nowhere. I got up with a towel and just started swatting and screaming. Like you said, you take off and they stay right with you. We have had them before, but they are relentless this year. Sorry to hear about DIL grandmother, but glad they will be with you.

    Milkdud - I am so happy that things are working out with you in your new neighborhood. It sounds like you are going to be very involved socially very soon. My daughter has been using the TX mug you sent me. I hope it isn't missing when she leaves LOL.

    Patti - Blueberry muffins sound great - my DH can BBQ and reheat food (and sometimes that is questionable) but he really can't cook at all. Which is fine for me, since I like to cook - he gets clean-up duty.

    BJ - come out, come out, wherever you are....

    Suzanne - enjoy your time out on the high seas. I love our lake and it is plenty big (32 miles long), but there is something about being out on the ocean that is so special and I know you are going out there in style.

    Donna - Are you still working out? I am down to twice a week, but do try to get cardio in on most of the other days - I have to admit I haven't been living up to my expectations lately. I did get it in today and I moved it up on my priority list.

    McPeg - Marci was nice enough to post some of my paintings on her photo site. If you need the address let me know. I will have to privately email it to you.

    QOD #1 - I'm with Marci. I always thought how cool it would be to be Samantha from Bewitched.

    QOD #2 - Busy with DD's visit, hope to get a little lake time in and a nice dinner tonight to celebrate DH birthday.

    Hugs to all that need them and even if you don't. Make the best of today.

  • wodka
    15 years ago

    Good morning to everybody and thank you all for your concern and prayers for my sister and our family. I talked a long time with her yesterday and she was very upbeat and feeling good. There's a part of her that wants to start a fight with someone - yesterday it was her middle son - but it's possible that fight is what keeps her going. They have a psychologist on her support team who has offered to talk to her and her sons, but she keeps putting it off. I know it's not my decision, but I think it would help them all so much. I know I could probably use some professional help from time to time!

    I agree, the opening ceremony for the Olympics was unbelievable!! The people behind the production are geniuses. And how disciplined the performers were - so in sync, utter perfection. I watched almost the entire thing, but would you believe I fell asleep before seeing USA team! I wanted to see them so badly, in their Ralph Lauren outfits!

    raeanne, I want to see your artwork, too. Please tell me how I can see it.

    QOD: Last week when we were all together, my brother, who is 14 months younger than I, brought up how when we were little we both would try to fly, like Peter Pan. We must have watched the Mary Martin version a hundred times! We'd jump off everything, trying to fly - the picnic table, baseball bleachers, etc. Not the brightest bulbs, were we?

    Thanks for the hugs - here are mine ((hugs)) to all who need them to get through the day.


  • milkdud_2007
    15 years ago

    Good afternoon! It's 86 d. and sunny here, but the humidity is so high that it feels like 106 to me.

    Raeanne, your artwork is just beautiful. If I were to see them in person, I'd be making a purchase, I'm sure!

    Besh, since I do the Core plan on WW, I can eat polenta until I'm satisfied. I have no idea how it works on points, but I never hear anyone doing them mention polenta at the meetings. It's really good, especially the homemade kind - and most especially using Suzanne's recipe!

    Jan, it's so good to see you posting. I think about you and your sister so often and offer up a little prayer when I do.

    Besh, enjoy your house full of company, regardless of the sad circumstances.

    Donna, are you still working out with a trainer? How's that going, if so? I go to the center I joined about 5 or 6 days a week, and it keeps me from gaining during this period when I'm being so reckless.

    I got up early today and attended the breakfast meeting of the women of the church, then I went to work out. Hubby and his DD left after I did to go buy floormats for her new car (her birthday gift from us), then they're going sightseeing, with my blessings, and I'm going to take a nap since I slept poorly last night.

    They'll be home in time for dinner, and that will be oven-baked "fried" chicken, baked potato chips, stir-fried veggies, and a garden salad. Dessert will probably be WW ice cream sandwiches! LOL

    We ended up watching the Olympics opening ceremony last night, and I was so touched by all the pomp and circumstance. It was so beautiful when the man lit the torch, then the fireworks. WOW!

    Dee, sending good "house prep" thoughts for you this weekend. It's hard work, but it will pay off in the end.

    BJ, Maddie, Jen & Peggy, you have until Monday to get back in here and post! We can't do this without y'all. (How's that for guilting? LOL)

    Naptime, ladies, so I'll wish y'all a good Saturday!