Anyone here with high blood pressure??


Hi, I have been having high blood presure, I am on a blood pressure pill. With the Meds. it is between 140/85 to 150/99. Has anyone here ever use cayenne pepper. What I'm reading on it, looks good. I'm starting a excerise regiment now too. I only weight 110 lbs. But my Dad, Mom, and brother all have High blood pressure.

What do you do to get your BP down?

What excerises do you do?

What food do you eat?



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Hi Barb. I myself don't know anything about high blood pressure, but maybe you might post under the health forum and get a response.
I can't get over how on this board, so many questions do not get responses. I post on other boards and so many people will respond to a question and be very,very, healthy. Hmmmmm!!! Hope you get a reply soon. Wanda

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My husband had high blood pressure, which also runs in his family. He was overweight too. His doctor put him on the Protein Power diet and told him if he didn't lower his BP in 6 weeks, he would have to go on meds. DH was very good on the diet (we are doing it together) and in 6 weeks, he had lost over 20 pounds and his BP was well within normal range. Also his cholesterol profile improved quite a bit (wasn't horrible before, but much better now). As of right now, DH doesn't do any exercise at all. But I am going to sign us both up for some sort of martial arts class, which he said he would do. I was pretty much set against him using BP meds due to all the side effects, plus he really needed to lose weight, so I was very pleased with the results of this diet.
BTW- I have lost almost 20 pounds and gone down from a size 14 to a size 8 on the same diet. I have a very active job, which helps me stay in shape (I'm a vet tech). I also don't mind the heat and humidity so I walk the dogs much more often than DH does. I don't have high BP (just the opposite in fact) but the diet sure did jump-start my weight loss- 13 pounds in the first 2 weeks encouraged me to stay on the diet. I go in for a physical soon, so I'll report my BP and other health indicators.

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