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High blood pressure

13 years ago

DH has always had normal blood pressure. Never even borderline, like mine has been for years, just always right around the optimal numbers. The last time he had it checked before this week was about a month ago, and it was normal as usual. For around the past 3-4 weeks, he has been complaining about headaches, but this is a stressful time at work for him, so I wasn't too worried, and even after he complained enough times that I told him he should go to the doctor, he didn't go. Well, early this week, he had a problem with his eye that is unrelated to any of this, but when he went to the doctor, they checked his BP and it was 150/100. So, the doctor sent him home with a log sheet, told him to take his BP at home every morning and every evening for a week, and come back next week. So it has continued to hover around the 150/100 mark, and tonight it was 165/98. After taking it, DH said he felt very anxious, like his head was racing, and that he is going to try to see the doctor again tomorrow because he doesn't feel right. I take anti-anxiety medication when I have dental work done (oh boy, we sound like a fun couple!) so he ended up taking one of those and going to bed early. I don't know if the anxiety is because he's worried about the BP, or a physical result of the high BP. He's not usually like that.

Normally this is a healthy guy with no big issues outside of allergies. He's slim and 49 years old. Stressful job, not a lot of exercise, eats a healthy diet.

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. It seems odd to me that someone with normal BP would suddenly have it be so high. He is stressed out at work, but not necessarily more than he's ever been. This is always his busiest month of the year.

I'm assuming they will put him on blood pressure medication. Should I assume they will do anything more serious than that?

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