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We are ready to build a tennis court on our property and would like some opinions from anyone who has played on the interlocking modular type court surfaces. There are many makers (sports court, flex court, rhino court, versa court, snap court...) and we were hoping to find out which of these are the best for tennis? They all have slightly different designs so I would expect they might play differently. The reason we are looking into a system like this is because we have extremely expanding clay soil and I don't want to deal with the maintenance of an asphalt hard surface (cracking) as my top surface.

If anyone has played on the modular courts, or knows anything about them, I would appreciate any feedback. This court will also be used for basketball, skating, skateboarding, and whatever else my kids can dream up.

Thank you

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Which brand did you end up buying and how do you like it? I'm putting in a 22'x26' slab in a few weeks for basketball. I have my choices narrowed down as follows: VersaCourt, Ebay stuff from courtTileDiscounters, and used SportCourt SD-IV. I'm trying to keep the price in the $2.5 sq/ft range, so my options are somewhat limited. I've played basketball and volleyball on Sport Court, so I know what to expect. Pretty much anything should work for basketball, but I'm not sure about tennis.

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we bought tile about two years ago from Court Tile Discounters on Ebay and the tile worked perfectly. We started out with a 25' x 25' court but ended up expanding the area about 8 months later. Now the court is 30' x 50' and we couldn't be happier. I haven't played on most of the brands you mentioned but for plastic tile, it's hard to understand how the price could be 50% higher from the other companies. We play basketball, paddle tennis/pickleball, and roller hockey on our court.

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