Ice skating for weight loss


Does anyone here ice skate for exercise? I don't necessarily mean speed skating or formal figure skating, but plain old open-skating-at-the-neighborhood-ice-arena skating. Do you find that it helps you lose weight?

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Any activity you do is better than sitting in front of TV or the computer. Whether it helps you lose weight probably depends on how long you skate, how vigorously you skate, and how you are eating. You can make small changes in your diet and along with added exercise, you can lose. Slow steady weight loss is the best because you adapt to a new way of eating and you begin to enjoy walking, skating or whatever exercise you choose. Good luck.

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I try but I like doing the fresstyle sessions not the public skate. I try to hire a coach for a private lesson *once in a while - so I can learn how to skate backwards.

It is great cardio if you can get the speed up. Keep upper body straight, core control. Arms extended. Knees slightly bent and toes pointed forward. You lean too much in front and you will end up on toe picks. Lean back and you can fall.

The edges should really grip the ice, be sure your blades are sharpened to your level - pond skater or if you are in a class. They may seem sticky at first, tho.

Use blade guards when off the ice.

Be sure that inside edge really grips the ice before PUSH and hold leg out. It is lots of fun!!!

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I recently retired and my husband and I have gotten back to ice skating. Love it - we do go to adult sessions and one is even free not far from us on a Friday morning. If they do not have recorded music I suggest an mp3 player (example) with a head phone w/ music you can get a good hard skate. It is wonderful exercise and we love the adult sessions. Unfortunately there are not too many of them around compared to 30 years ago when they were all around us and we would go twice a week with so much fun with the huge crowd. Give it a try if you live in the Cleveland/Medina County of Ohio I can let you know where to go. Hope that helps - right now at 65 years of age we look forward to your ice skating sessions and the people. have fun!

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Ice skating can help you to replace fat with muscles. This is even easier if you are doing figure skating, which will need you to use lots of muscles. As with any type of exercise, you should do some stretching before skating. This will warm your body up and minimize the risks of pulling or straining your muscles.

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