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New low-carber here

9 years ago

Hi, everyone--

I wanted to introduce myself and see if there were any potential dieting buddies out there.

I'm a 45-year-old female, mom of 4 kids, separated from my abusive husband and kind of in recovery.
I've gained about 15 extra pounds over the last 2 years from comfort eating, and now that I'm taking back control of my life in some ways, I hope to shed those pounds. Low carb or low sugar diets such as Atkins, South Beach, and Suzanne Somers have all worked for me in the past. Late-night eating of oatmeal cookies, ice cream, and pasta has NOT!

I just got back from a trip 8 days ago weighing 151 pounds. I have been eating according to a no-sugar, lowish carb (25 net grams per day, but more if you add in fiber), high veggie and lean protein diet for the last 7 days and I weighed 147 this morning. I'm hoping to get down to about 140 by Labor Day and then to drop to about 132 eventually and try to stay there. I'm not quite 5'3" tall with a small bone frame, but apple shaped, so it's hard for me to lose a lot.

Any one doing anything similar and want to join together for mutual encouragement?

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