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raw food diet - think I've found the secret to weight loss!

17 years ago

I started what I originally called my "carrot diet" 10 days ago. Have lost 3 1/2 pounds. YIPPEE! This is the first weight I've been able to lose in a long time.

I've been looking for a diet where I didn't have to count calories and I didn't have to control portions and this seems to be it. Of course what I can eat is rather limited. DH and I were already vegetarians so made that jump already. Though "raw food" diet applies to many who actually eat raw meat as well.

Anyway, my hunger pangs are pretty low. I don't have the appetite that is a "bottomless pit". I have 97 more pounds to lose so I know I have a long way to go but I'm am hopeful for the first time.

I haven't gone "totally raw" as they say but am transitioning into it rather slightly. My lunch is still cooked but I hope to change that (when I run out of eggs). I need to add more exercise. Lots of things to speed this up but in the meantime, my grocery bill seems to be lower and I'm having to cook a lot less though I AM doing a lot of mincing and chopping of veggies for the salads we are eating at supper. First couple of days, I must have eaten 50 carrots but that has drastically changed to 5 or 6.

I'm still having my goats-milk yoghurt for breakfast in the morning. I've read different things about whether that is raw food but I think I will stay with it for now since it provides protein and is very healthy with enzymes.

Lots of stuff on the web about "raw food diets". Seems that some of the Hollywood stars have gone this route. Not that they are the experts but I know that they have the money to have the doctors who are on the "leading edge" of dieting.

DH is more enthusiastic than I am about it. He has gone almost totally raw. That has really helped me get even more motivated.

I likely will combine this with the Shangri-la diet (oil and fructose) if things start slowing down or if I get my appetite back but for now I think I've found something I can live with for the rest of my life. Of course the social stigma will be rather difficult but with DH at my side, I think we will be able to handle it. Our relatives already think we are pretty weird for going vegetarian. Oh well.

Anyone else out there doing a raw food diet?

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