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low carb foods and low sugar foods

19 years ago

With all the different diets, I am so confused. I need someone to simply it for me please!

I want to eat healthier so I should stay away from foods with carbs and sugars right? Can someone tell me what these foods are in simple language please?

Menopause has taken my memory away so I don't even try to count this or that or break down this food or the other.

And probably a stupid question but here goes. Don't the carbs give you energy? Menopause has already sucked most of my energy so what do you eat to regain some energy?

I know there is no easy answer, but just some basic guidelines to go by would be appreciated.

Yes, I love pasta, potatoes, peanut butter sandwiches and drink coke all day long.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!


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