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HCG dieters

13 years ago

Hi I am very new to the HCG diet and this forum. Actually I haven't ordered my HCG yet. I do know where to do order but I am confused as to how much to order and what supplies to order with it. I want to do the sublingual drops. How many days of loading fat do you do-2 or 3? I've seen different variations. Also am I correct that you take the drops on those 2 or 3 days of loading fat? Another question, how much do you take per day? I know with the drops you take twice a day. Yes I have read the protocol but I guess I'm ADD because I can read something over and over and still have the same questions. My starting weight is 217 and my ultimate goal is 140. If someone would like to help me or email me, I would really appreciate it. My email is

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