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6WBM - The Diet Club - ?? Answered

14 years ago

Sorry for posting this - but once I logged in, I couldn't find the link I needed to get back! ; )


I'd like to answer a few questions about the 6 Week Body Makeover (Michael Thurmond) as I am a Type E and have been on the plan for 4 days and have lost 7 lbs so far.

1. To find out your "body blueprint", follow this link and answer all of the questions honestly. There is no wrong answer - just the answer best suited for you.

2. Yes, being a "salt-a-holic" myself was the hardest thing to give up. Personally, I limit myself to (2) salt packets (189mg salt each) per week. You'll realize that you were oversalting everything, believe me. Just a little salt goes a long way. I don't recommend this to anyone, just saying what I do.

There is a spice by Benson's that is salt/potassium free. Here is the site to try the "table tasty" salt substitute:

** NOTE: I would NOT recommend using any other salt substitutes because they have either sodium or potassium - neither of which are approved on this plan.

3. Cooking with water (or wine) instead of oil or butter was a big transition for me as well, but I'm finding that being a Type E - steak/chicken - marinating the meats in Mrs. Dash (very low sodium - 15mg/svg) or white wine for a couple of hours makes them very tasty.

4. Recipes are all over the forums! Once you copy/paste the link below, go to "Recipe Exchange".

I was not a fan of red meat before this diet, but I'm determined to stick with it because I've seen drastic results - not so much pound wise as how I FEEL.

It's hard to describe, but after a couple of days, you actually feel like your fat is melting. Your legs, hips, behind, tummy starts shrinking and your clothes fit so much better even after losing 5 lbs! I'm sure I've 'shrunk' in inches.

Best of luck to all of you who decide to make this plan a part of your life. We all 'fudge' a little, the point is to get back on the plan and don't beat yourself up over it. Having this forum is a wonderful thing. Knowing you have someone to tell your success/failure to helps tremendously.

(( hugs ))

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