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A Dead Rat In My Bathroom for SEVEN Months!

22 years ago

Hi everyone. Please help me if you can. I have a HUGE smelly problem! ... Last October (2001) I got tired of hearing rats eating away at the wood inside my floors and walls. I tried rat traps over and over again, but I could never catch any of them. They just kept eating away. I decided to get rid of them with decon rat posion. It really got rid of their sounds, but they are apparently still here!!

We've had one of our bathrooms sealed up for seven months! Everytime we open it the smell is horrifying. I've cleaned the bathroom out with all sorts of disinfectants and I've aired it out relentlessly, but nothing helps. The smell was so overwhelming at one point that we covered a section of our floor with bed comforters to keep the smell down. The smell went from being in 2 and a half rooms to just being in the small bathroom. Sometimes we can smell it coming through the air vents - but there are NO rats in the vents! I removed one LARGE rat from under the floor. It was in the insulation, but I can't find anymore and my husband and I have torn out a HUGE chunk of the insulation. We've searched the vents and under the cabinets and under the bathtub. It has to be smushed up in a small crack under the floor.

I can't believe that it's been stinking for this long. I have been too embarrassed to call a pest control company and I'm not sure that they would even take care of anything like this. They can get expensive, too. I need help! Please, does anyone know what I can do? Are rats supposed to stink for this LONG? I'm desperate!

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