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What a great day! Trader Joe's and great people.

11 years ago

Just returned from Sarasota from a planned visit with Cathy (Mustangs) and her husband Ray.

Steve and I met them at Whole Foods where I had never been. With a quick peek into WF, we moved on to Sur La Table where I purchased two pyrex measuring cups, a palm peeler, and a cake tester. From there we went to lunch at a Seafood Grill in downtown Sarasota. I can't remember the name. The food was very good. I had a shrimp Po Boy, Steve had a Cuban Sandwich and a cup of Lobster Bisque, Ray had a Blackened Shrimp Salad, which he said was excellent. Cathy had fish, but I can't remember what kind. Hopefully, she will fill in the blanks for me. After lunch we walked down the street and discovered a Penzeys Spices store and I had never been there either. What a wonderful surprise. There I bought Vietnamese Cinnamon.

The finale was the visit to Trader Joe's. Oh my goodness, it was incredible. I found the prices to be very reasonable. I bought so much I couldn't begin to list it all.

This was a wonderful day. Ray and Cathy are just awesome people and so much fun to spend time with. Thanks Cathy, for making this day happen. I will dream about Trader Joe's in my sleep tonight.


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