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help! I'm addicted to sugar/candy

20 years ago

I have had to watch my weight all my life, but it is mostly in control. After finishing nursing my last kid, about 2 years ago, I joined ediets to drop the last of the baby weight. I didn't love it, but I did learn more about portion control, which helped me cut down on some of the extras - bread, pasta, etc.

I am just 5-7 pounds over the weight I want to be, but just can't seem to drop it. I really think my problem is that I just can't give up a sweet taste. I probably consume 200 calories/day of chocolate or dessert or candy. I have gone off it for a few months here and there, but I actually feel depressed without it. I think I've cut out pretty much everything else and eat about 1200-1300 calories/day of real food.

I hate diet cookies, candy, etc. I've tried them all and would rather have nothing than them. It just isn't satisfying unless it's real. Other than my one "obsession," I eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Anyone else battle this?

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