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20 years ago

{{gwi:1499049}}Good Morning!

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  • marci_pa
    Original Author
    20 years ago

    Gretchen - It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. And I can't wait to hear about that "sparkly" gift that is yet to come. Glad you got to celebrate with all your kids.

    Hopefully I will able to get through this week without any snow delays or cancellations. We are having a heat wave today, with highs in the 40's. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the parking lot will melt. I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner.

    I started keeping track of my food on I am not sure if I will keep up with it though, as it seems time consuming to me. I just wanted a rough idea of how many calories, fat grams, and fiber grams I was consuming. I just need to get a good legal week under my belt and I will feel much better. But this probably isn't a good week to start. I am taking DH out to dinner for Valentines Day and using a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant. Not sure how legal I can be in an Italian restaurant that specializes in pasta!

    Oh well, gotta run,

  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    Marci~ That gif is darling! I tried for a while and really liked it, but it IS timeconsuming and I eventually went to a hand-written food diary. Just remember, a 1/2 cup of pasta is one serving!, but the tomato sauce is free! lol.

    DeeMarie~ Hey, CONGRATS on the 4 pounds already! I love the results on WW. I am a lifetime member, having lost pounds at one time and kept it off for the maintenance period. I believe the accountability and that little booklet stating my weight kept me in line! I combined it with SS and found it to be do-able.

    Gretchen- Your birthday sounded so fun! I called an old girlfriend last night who is turning 49 on Tuesday; she sounds great and I think I'll trek over and see her this summer---she lives near the Canadian border.

    Speaking of Canada, anybody hear from Joanne? (((hugs)))

    Raeanne~ Do you get sauced over the weekend? I mean, did you MAKE sauce?

    Did anyone watch the awards last night? Not me. But the kids did; not impressed.

    Patti~ Have you ever given your story to an investigation reporter? You might have more pull if it went public. I don't know--just tossing ideas out there.... Good Luck with your mission. I think about you and Dave a lot. The whole deal is really frustrating.

    Jen! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I enjoyed your holiday card and the email picture you sent of your girls. They are SO lovely and Erica looks as if she could turn into a firecracker any minute. Oh, the tantrums in your future!.....!

    Amy~ I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. Could it be because you gained a group of friends and a love interest and sudddenly, it is all lost with the closing of the group? Do you have any way to contact the players and start a game on another site? You were having so much fun; it seems like there must be a way to continue. I was glad to hear about your B/P. How are you taking the garlic? In capsules or in cooking? Let me know, as there are many alternatives if it's bugging your stomach and I can get some great prices on herb capsules here on the mainland.

    Well, I dyed my hair yesterday---light brown Nice-n-Easy. I haven't ANY time to go to the salon, so I colored the mop myself! I like it and it covered the gray, so it's all good! I am headed out to the try and get the paperwork finished on a building permit for my deck today. If you saw my deck currently, you'd LOL! It's a sagging mess---the city's red tape machine has been pumping my way since October, but the technicians are so darn nice, I don't seem to mind! But now, the process is nearing the end and I am relieved! File a few docs and I think I'm good to go!

    Stay legal and be rewarded----I think! Although this stubborn poundage is not bedging for me lately and I AM being good!

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    Happy birthday, Dee Marie! Hope it's a wonderful birthday. It's finally cold here after weeks of being in the 70's and 80's. The temp is actually dropping this morning. It's now 25 degrees and very windy here in north Texas. But, it's also about time. QOD: I've got lots of picking up, then cleaning, to do, and laundry as always. My last day of work is Monday. I have such mixed feelings about things right now. The parents have been so sweet, but the children are being awful which will actually make it a little easier to go. LOL I have a dr.'s appt. on Tuesday for my pre-op workup, dentist appt. Wed., and helping son move into his first home on Thursday. NHSuzanne, I think it's great that your dh is bonding with the new donkey. Raeanne, I hope the PT works out as you hope. Sounds so ambitious to me. Marci, we had our Valentine party on the Friday before the actual day, sugared them up, then sent them home for the weekend. Tuesday, I brought heart cookies and they each had one. It was a very nice day. Donna, we're going to try to see "Last Holiday" this weekend, too. Hope we all like it. Joanne, sending good thought and ((((hugs))) for you and your dear mom. Zig, being without power is the pits, isn't it? Once we were w/o it during a January ice storm, and I had to finally break down and take a shower and shampoo my dirty hair. It was pure misery, but I had to keep a dentist appt. since the ice had melted, so had no choice. Tikanas, how is your knee now? My knee-replacement surgery may be delayed so that they can attempt some in-office procedure on my other knee so that it's in good shape to see me through. Hi, Maddie, BJ, and Happyto! I miss reading y'all's interesting posts. Happyto, please start posting here. It's such good therapy, and you are such a neat person to read. Take care and stay warm, everyone!
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    It has been snowing since 6:30 this morning and is still coming down, despite the weather forecast of only 2 inches LOL. Right now it is just enough to cover the ice to trick you into sliding down the street. This has been a fun winter around here. I just ran into an acquaintance this morning and she told me she just became a grandmother. She told me that her friends are throwing her a Grandmother's Shower. I never heard of this, but the more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded. There are so many things you could get a new grandma and a lot of gag gifts as well. She is surprising them by going dressed up as a very old woman. Marci - glad you got the day off - maybe you can sneak in a little nap. I loved, loved, loved Marley & Me. Dee - I can never get out of work due to the weather. I am 2 minutes away. Let me know what you think of his books. I just ordered Does THis Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat. Happy snuggling! Congrats on the shopping bargains WTG. Milkdud - sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished at home. I collect recipes. My to try file is so huge. I am lucky DH loves to eat anything and everything. He would be as happy with a sandwich at dinner as he would a 7 course meal. He also is tall and very slim - the BRAT. Suzanne - I would've loved to have read those quotes you did for your husband - that is hysterical. I know your winters are a bit more severe than mine - but this has been a real old fashioned winter around here. Patti - I was in bed when DH yelled up to come down and see the eclipse. I got up and looked out my window and saw the reddish glow, but was way too lazy to walk downstairs and go out into the cold. I had him take pictures - now I'm sorry I didn't drag myself out. QOD - tonight we are going to a Wine Tasting (I know it's a big surprise) at a restaurant that is known for it's extensive wine cellar. There are 6 of us going together and fun is guaranteed. I better get some work done.
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    SS Support - Mon. 2/16 thru Wed. 2/18


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    Hello! We took our kids to the Pittsburgh Symphony this morning and I get the afernoon off!! I thought I'd check in and see how the birthday party for DeeMarie was going! LOL Dee - I am so glad you liked everything. I smiled at the thought of you sitting in bed surrounded by presents!! What a great way to start off the day. I was hoping you wouldn't be mad at me for the chocolates, but I had wanted to include somthing chocolate to go along with the card (Maxine of course!). I picked Anderson's because it is local and unique to our area. I started out looking for a Michel Delacroix print for you and couldn't find one in my price range. Then I remembered that I'd seen designers take apart calendars for the art work and I went on a search for the calendar. I found it at It makes me so happy to hear that you want to frame the pictures!! The Wendell August plant is in Grove City, which is an hour from here and I took a tour of their facilities once. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship and attention to detail, and I love to give their items as gifts. One of my preschool Mom's started a business making and selling the soy candles and body basics. So I asked her to make me up a sample bag for you. I love the body cream! I hope the rest of your day everything you hoped for. NHSuzanne - I popped in this morning before I went to school and I saw your post asking whose birthday it was, but I thought you were kidding. LOL I used a Banner site that uses odd fonts to create her name gif and I saved the banner as a graphic. I know if your computer doesn't recognize a certain font, it won't show up but I thought I had it covered with the gif. I wonder if anyone else can't see Dee's name? And thank you for the compliment about my packages. I am going to Curves at 3 today. How is it going for you? Raeanne - Have a great time in NYC. I have only been there once and someday I would love to go back. (My real dream is to get nominated for What Not To Wear and go there with a $5,000 credit card in my name!!) LOL Gretchen - I would love to read your Jodi Picoult book when you are done. And I will send Harvesting the Heart your way when I am done with it. I love that we can help each other out this way! Has anyone emailed Joanne or KYSusie about the SS get together? We haven't heard from either of them lately and I wonder if KYSusie is reading the threads and how Joanne is feeling. Gotta grab some lunch before I head to Curves. I love these short days! Marci
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  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    I meant my weight's not *budging*---I need a quick spelling checker on this site!

  • jen823
    20 years ago

    Good Morning,


    I am so sick of this ice and snow. COME on Spring!

    Well, Erica is getting over the flu, she has had it since Wednesday. I had it Wednesday & Thursday, DH had it Friday & Saturday. Then to top it all off, we had to take Tara to the Doctor Saturday nite with double ear infections. What a week!!! This week is going to be much better I hope.

    Marci, I am with you about getting back on track this week. My plans were to start the South Beach diet yesterday but my stomach wasn't up to it yet. I am going to eat right and try to start it next week. No junk food this week is my goal!

    Maddie, How did the trip to Indy go?

    Better run,


  • susie_que
    20 years ago

    Guess what????

    I got noticed!!!!
    Really there is this guy at work who told me I looked like I lost weight!!!
    It felt great even thought I have only lost 8 lbs.

    He said "you can really tell" and he called me slim the rest of the day!!

    I also made arrangements to get together with some gal pals and go to the flower show on March 7.
    I didn't make it the last 2 years so I am really looking foward to it!

    I have an easy load this week so hopefully I'll be able to get out and walk every day.

    Hope everyone has a happy Monday!!


  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    Gretchen - I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday - just having all your kids with you made it extra special. Sounds like DeeMarie did a good job with the gifts - as we knew she would! I am going to be in Chicago the end of July - who know's maybe we can MEET!!! A close friend's son is getting married, I don't have any details yet, but it should be the weekend of July 24th - I will keep you posted.

    Jen - YUCK - I hated it when the kiddlies were sick, extra hard when you get sick too.

    BJ - I am tempted to dye my own hair - mostly to save on the money, but my hair is so thick, I don't think I would be able to properly cover it all - my gray hair is also very resistant to dye - so in the long run, I am probably better off paying up front and not in the end. YES, I did MAKE sauce.

    Marci - cute gif! It is suppose to reach 30's today, but it is only 10 right now, so I am not too sure of that. Do you bave all of next week off? Italian food can be quite challenging - I crave the bread more than the pasta.

    Maddie - tell us about your weekend.

    Susie - are you still with us? Keep us posted on your progress.

    My eating was excellent last week. I slipped a little on Saturday, and a little more on Sunday, but today is a brand new day and I will be strong once again.

    NH Suzanne - how was your weekend? Did you get to see all those carriages? Was the drive okay?

    I actually enjoyed watching the grammy's last night.

    Amy - I am sorry you are in a bit of a funk right now - hope you are able to snap out of it quickly.

    Patti - I agree with BJ, your story needs to go public.

    Joanne - if you are lurking, stop and say hi and let us know how things are going for you.

    Well, I have goofed off enough for one day, so let me get to work - actually it is dead here this morning, but there is always something that needs to be done.

  • deemarie5500
    20 years ago

    Gretchen, glad you liked the gifts. When I saw the red scarf and handbag, I just knew they were for you!

    Marci, thanks so much for the gif...puts me in a romantic mood all week! ew la la !!!

    Oh @*(*#&%, I gotta run!

  • yankandtex
    20 years ago

    Happy Birthday Gretchen~I'm sorry that I missed it yesterday.

    I was glad that some expressed their feelings about Carlie Brucia. It is all that has been on the TV since it happened. Her father flew back to NYC today. He was very nice & said that he didn't think that it would have helped even if they had issued the Amber Alert faster than they did. It has been very sad & I was so praying for a safe return. I think that he won't have another chance to hurt anyone else. And you know how it is in prison--they don't like those who hurt children.

    BJ~We would love to go public but have never found anyone who is willing to take it. They would be taking on the government & it has been buried so deeply that I don't know what it is going to take to get to the bottom of it. The Dr. who works for your state governor said that we confirmed for him the awful stories he had heard of the VA & the South. He works with PTSD patients & he was in the USAF like Dave.

    My liver enzymes went up higher. I was certain that they would be lower. So, on Wednesday we go to have an ultrasound on my liver. I see the dr. again in 3 weeks. Then, I'll probably go to a specialist. My pain mgmt. dr. wanted me to go to one already but the internist was already doing the blood work & as I said, I was certain things were better.

    Amy~I'm so sorry that you are down.

    I'll address everyone later. Lunch is calling--lol! Love to all~Patti :)

  • yankandtex
    20 years ago

    Maddie~Are you going to watch the "Westminister Dog Show" tonight & tomorrow night? We can't b/c we don't get that station. Bummer! :(

    Marci~This is a special week to us b/c it is our anniversary as well as Valentine's Day.

    Raeanne~Do you know anyone who would be interested in Dave's story?

    Susie~Congratulations on your 8# weight loss. That is a very good start!

    NH Suzanne~Was it you who said that you had met your goal? Congratulations!

    Jen~A visit to FL should be in store for you. The weather here has been beautiful. In fact, it has been a little scary since it has been in the high 70s or low 80s. I hope that the summer isn't super hot!

    I hope that the MIAs check in too! If you are lurking--please post & let us know that you are all right. Patti :)

  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    Susie - I missed your post - glad to hear of your loss and better still that someone noticed!!!

    Patti - I can't think of anyone, is there any local paper or news show near you that would be interested. This may be way out there, but it popped in my head, so I will share it. Once in a while you see on a primetime news shows, where a law class investigates an old case where someone was convicted of a crime and they find evidence that shows that person was wrongly convicted. I was wondering if you could find a law school that would be interested in figuring out why the government keeps turning you down. These students are usually very ambitous and determined. Of course dealing with the government these students would probably graduate before they got through all the redtape.

    DeeMarie - I agree the red just sounds like it would fit our Gretchen.

  • aamylynne
    20 years ago

    Hi all,

    This seems like a good place to crack up - no negative consequences, just support.

    On second thought, I think I'm too tired to crack up right now. Maybe tomorrow.

    I'm trying to do the right things like always. When I first posted here and on other threads, people always imagined that I'm younger. Everyone expressed surprise when they found out how old I am. I didn't care about that, but it's different with the online games. I don't want someone who sees me as young to see me differently when they find out how old I am. It's really kind of confusing now that I'm keeping contact with people out of the game. Some it doesn't matter. The guild of artisans works OK, but it's just different. People "see" a 60-yr-old differently than a 30-yr-old or a 12-yr-old. They make different interpretations about the same things just because of the stereotypes and expectations. They make assumptions and form attitudes based on nothing but the concept of age.

    I wrote an anonymous poem to one of the players who particularly touched my heart. I set up an anonymous email account and sent it from there.

    I didn't tell you I think, but I took the name "Allie" for my character in the game. One man I met from Greece emailed me and said "Hi Amy." It scared me because I feel like I can't take any more sadness. He seems very friendly and nice. I really liked him.

    I guess I'm cracking up today after all. Oh well. I've done worse, and you always seem to be able to take it in stride. Maybe I'm just tired, but many things seem sad.

    no name, no age, just art and poetry and music and dancing, if not of the body, then of the heart. I think that few people know how much love can be lost because it gets filtered through the stereotypes and prejudices. The game just cleared everything away, and there was nothing but us, loving each other and having fun. We have that here, too, I know, which is why I keep coming back.

    BJ -good job on the hair :)

  • maddie_in_ky
    20 years ago

    Hi all!

    HAPPY BRLATED BIRTHDAY Gretchen--sorry I missed it, but it sounds like you had a *wonderful* day! :) Let us know what the sparkly is--

    Patti-oh, yes--my calander is marked for tonight and tomorrow as well. I haven't missed Westminster for years--

    Jen and Raeanne--the weekend went way to quickly--what fun with a roomful of yammering away auctioneers--can't get a word in edgewise--heehee!

    I had jury duty today (my first time, too--how very interesting), and would you believe that my stupid boss called here at home, looking for me after I gave her a copy of the summons letter, and told her Friday afternoon that I had JD starting today? She told Rog that I was supposed to call her voice mail this weekend and let her know what my schedule is. WTF? *I* don't even know that. It's on a daily basis, and she knows it. So, I guess it's another arse reaming tomorrow for not calling her with info that I do not and can not know. Sigh....

    Amy--you are very right about the stereotyping that comes with age. Since we are a youth-obsessed society, it seems that when we hit our late 20s, we no longer exist in the eyes of the media or the fashion designers. I flatter myself to think that I don't look 41, but once someone finds it out--it's like--hey!!! make room for the old woman. I had a 24 yo auctionner ask me out, and when I thanked him, and told him that not only was I happily married, but old enough to be his mom, you could feel the waves of "oldness" (you know what I mean) wash over him. Shame--I'm having more fun than I ever did in my 30s, and they were more fun than my 20s. :):)

    gotta go--



  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    Maddie~ Manage-mint stinks! lol. I would have gone to coffee with the auctioneer dude. I love listening to young people talk! It's so different. Ewww, I sound old. How do you like jury duty? Are you sitting on a jury? I've been called 3 times and never got on a jury. I'm too narrow-minded and righteous for them, I think. I would love to have you as the jury foreman on a jury. I love the way you state your opinion. Straight arrow.

    Raeanne: The price of hair color at the salon was a major factor in my trying my hand at doing it myself. By the time I pay the bill (& tip), the pampering feeling has worn off! Then I have to go home and pay the sitter! I used a pair of long, LONG yellow dish gloves to get the color in. The teeny, short gloves that come in the box aren't worth a tinker's dam! My hair is pretty thick, but one bottle worked. I kept it on under a hotel shower cap for 45 minutes. I looked like a complete and total dork, but I saved a bundle, so I'm thrilled.

    SusieQ: 8 pounds!!!!! GAD! That's great! How can you say "only"? Next time you're at the food store, take 8 pounds of butter out of the cooler, stack it in your cart and take a good, long stare at it. That's a lotta progress! And congrats on getting that guy's attention! What a bonus! That's a great motivator, isn't it?

    "I can live for 2 weeks on a good compliment"---Mark Twain.

    Patti: You're amazing. You really are. I would have been shot down by now. I wish with all my heart every day that you and Dave will see justice one day and he will be rewarded for his sacrifice to the country. This issue is particularly irritating. Why can't the military clean up this act and come out with the truth? You keep such a good attitude. I tell you, I couldn't do it. It would wear me down. Kudos to you, girlfriend.

    Amy~ I love your posts---so honest---I am feeling like you could use a dose of trust in the German guy. See what happens. How did he know your name though? I love the last paragraph of your post where you described the blind, unprejudiced world of online. Ain't it the truth? When people ask my age, I say, "Old enough to know better, but still TOO YOUNG to care!"

    Jen: Hope your babies get well soon....

    I'm gonna go have a glass of Late Harvest with DH and watch Crimson Tide for the ninety millionth time....

    Nighty night....

    HEY! Anybody ever hear from Jersey Karen? I miss her SO much! Remember what she says?...."Who cares about the FREAKIN' scale?" And this week, I say, "AMEN!"

  • besh
    20 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't heard from Karen, but I did hear from Happyto. She is living in Florida still with her DS, DIL and 2 grandkids. She takes care of them after school. She is doing well. I tried to convince her to join us, but she doesn't feel she would put enough time into it. She "sounds" great and I miss her posting on this thread.

    Susie, great job on the 8#. That is alot of weight, about as much as my cat!

    Amy, I am sorry that you are feeling down. I hope today is a better day for you.

    Patti, ((((HUGS)))) to you and Dave. What else can I say, but we are always here for support and to lend a shoulder.

    BJ, I think you are pretty brave to do your own color. I agree about the cost involved, but I still am not brave enough to do my own. I'm sure you look maaaarrrvelous!

    It is so nice here today. About 40 degrees! Feels like a heat wave. Enjoy the day!

    Love, Besh

  • nhsuzanne
    20 years ago

    Good Morning All,

    Hope all is well this morn. Amy, sorry you are feeling down I hope that you will let the some of the beauty that surrounds you lift your spirits today.

    Raeanne, I would never color my own hair as a blonde. Too much can go wrong with the process. I know people who do browns and even some reds with great sucess but I think blonde is best left in the hands of a pro. JMHO

    I had a great weekend with the NE Region of Carriage Asso. of the America. It's an older, more affluent group. You know people who can actually afford vintage carriages and grooms and teamsters to drive them! Anyway, we had a nice dinner on Saturday night followed by a local woman, Bella Martin who is in her 80's and has just finished writing a book called Fun Between the Falls. It's a memoir of her adventures as a horsewoman. She was quite entertaining.

    Sunday morning we toured the 2nd largest collection of horse drawn commercial vehicles in the US. It was fantastic it had vehicles that we would not ordinarily get to see ever. There were over 135 vehicles ranging from stagecoaches, made right here in NH to Gypsy Wagons, hearsts and a full array of firefighting equipment and construction vehicles. It was amazing and very interesting.

    The drive up was long and tiring but I made it without incident.
    I was exhausted yesterday and woke up with a killer migraine so I stayed home in agony.

    That's all for now.

    Hi to all hope you are having a good day.

    NH Suzanne

  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    NH Suzanne - don't worry about me, I am not that brave to do my own hair and I could see it costing me a lot more in the end LOL - besides my hairdresser would kill me. Glad you had a good weekend.

    Besh - thanks for the Happyto update. How is MIL recovering?

    BJ - I used to dye my own hair - way way way back (when I really didn't need to). But I would have to use 3 bottles and an extra pair of hands. I think you would make an awesome juror too.

    Maddie - BJ is right about being on a jury - you would make things move right along. Do I hear guilty, I have a guilty, do I hear 2 guilties, I have 2 guilties, come on how about 3.......

    I have also been thinking about Karen - hope she checks in soon. I miss Myrna too - she was such a nice addition to our family - busy girl. Zig if your lurking ((((HUGS))))

    Just got back from aqua weight training - I love that - but they are having a problem with the pool and it has been pretty chilly - makes you move around a lot.

    I am thinking of taking DH to do a little gambling today, they just opened a Racino (casino at the racetrack) and I have been a bit curious and I feel LUCKY.

  • BeverlyAL
    20 years ago

    Congratulations Susieque on the weight loss! And even better that someone noticed it!

  • yankandtex
    20 years ago

    Beverly~I'm SO glad that you posted! Please come back & post more.

    Maddie~Please let me know who wins the Westminister Dog Show. It is such a bummer not to be able to watch it. Did you get another package from us? It was sent--I cannot even remember how long ago. LOL Your boss sounds like she needs a good dose of reality. I guess she wants you to make up times? :)

    BJ~Thanks for the kind words. I have good reason to keep going. I love Dave so much that I wouldn't let them treat him like this IF I have anything to do with it. Do you ever talk to Zig?

    Amy~You have so much insight. Age is just a number & you are only that old IF you feel that old. Am I right goils? Please remember that you are worthy of love & to be treated right & that we all love you here. I think it was so sweet of you to take the name Allie.

    Raeanne~It had been mentioned to us about law school or mostly someone that had to do a thesis on Middle Eastern studies but we haven't found anyone to do that yet. I know for a fact that sometimes the government listens in to our phone calls. It makes me laugh b/c there are people out there that they probably should be listening to besides us. However, sometimes I probably feel paranoid that they are contacting everyone that we contact & telling them not to help us in any way. I did sit down & E-mail John Walsh yesterday. I don't know if he is interested or not.

    Dave colors my hair blonde. LOL He did his ex's red. He does a decent job & it saves us money. The only time there was a mess up was when one of our DSs was on the phone & we talked past time to take the color off. That messed my hair up pretty badly. It is now growing back though. LOL

    Besh~I've talked to Happyto, too. She always says that she is thinking of coming back here. I wish that she would. I haven't heard from Karen & I think about her every day as I still think about her DB & DSIL.

    NH Suzanne~What a fun life you lead. Do you plan to read the book? I think that you could write one yourself.

    John~I know that you aren't posting but I know that you've been on the computer. Cat got your tongue? LOL

    Marci~You are so sweet to make certain that the kids get to their cars safely. There are many teachers who wouldn't be that kind. We all know that you are one of the good ones though.

    Susie~Even pick up 8# of beef, pork, chicken, or turkey--something. I think that BJ is right that it will illustrate how well you are truly doing.

    Gretchen~Check in, all right?

    Joanne~Where are you?

    Jen~I hope things are settling down at your house.

    DeeMarie~I think it is SO kewl that you knew just what Gretchen would like. I've got to get some ideas for our Jen!

    I hope that I got everyone. If I missed someone, it wasn't intentional. I go tomorrow to have my liver ultrasounded. LOL That sounds pretty funny. I probably won't have any news for a while though. Patti :)

  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    Amusing gift idea...

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • maddie_in_ky
    20 years ago

    **Snork** @ Raeanne!! LMAO! I never thought about that--'aawl rite ledies and gents, who ell start me at guilty..guilty..woody give guilty? Guilty, now guilty with no parole...ya buy 'em at guilty with no parole? Sold to the gent with the cowl and no face.'

    I must have missed Susie's post about the 8 pounds--congrats! :):)

    BJ--no jury, yet--yesterday was just to interview, and if there is a trial, it'll start Thurs or Fri. I'd be afraid to be a foreperson--I'm sure someone would start throwing things at me! LOL! (And as to the pup--we were sitting around with someone at a show, drinking beer--he's a cutie, but now avoids this old chick like the plague.)

    I do color my hair, and with one memorable exception, it's always turned out fine. I am a natural redhead, but me and gray hairs don't get along very well! I stick with one brand, and follow directions to a T, and knock on wood--it works. I do have it professionally hightlited, though--

    Gotta go--



  • aamylynne
    20 years ago

    Hi all

    Raeanne and Maddi - That's hilarious and deserves to be read twice "'aawl rite ledies and gents, who ell start me at guilty..guilty..woody give guilty? Guilty, now guilty with no parole...ya buy 'em at guilty with no parole? Sold to the gent with the cowl and no face.'" I'd love to see that on TV.

    I'm somewhat better today. I'm amazed at the intense feelings I've been having. I sent that poem to the guy I have feelings for. But it has to stay in the game for reasons I won't go into. My last line was "Live well." His response was "I thank you for your understanding. Live well." I don't think I'll be able to think of anything else for awhile. Since he said "I thank you for your understanding," I assume that he didn't decide that I was way off in my description of his character. He didn't say, "sorry, I don't know who you're talking about, but it isn't me."

    BJ, thanks for the trust advice. It helps.

    It's been an interesting experience creating an avatar for the game and then immersing myself in a world from a distance. The world seemed real. Others made similar comments. In the past, when I have read books or seen movies about people who have died, and they are looking back on this life feeling grief or dismay, I thought it didn't make sense. I thought that if you are still alive and experiencing there was nothing to feel grief over. But now I've had those feelings of loss about the game I was playing. We all felt like our world was ending and we had feelings of loss and grief and even shock, even though we all still continue in the "real" world. It really gave me a different perspective. I'm going to try to write my book now, but I don't know how it will work out.

    I'm so grateful that he sent the feeling back to me, "live well." I felt so much warmth. I will do my best to live well.

    Love to all of you. To those who are here and those who are not.


  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    BJ - I can't thank you enough for that link. I am going to a wedding in July and he proposed at Little Palm Island and that is one of the books. After I get some more info on them I will order one.

    Maddie - you are cracking me up!

    Amy - You are an amazing person. ((((HUGS))))

    We went to the Casino and I left with the same $10 I went in with LOL. I played with the house money for about 1 1/2 hours. It was fun - then we went for Japanese food - DH was so glad that I thought of going.

  • Gret1
    20 years ago

    I don't have a ton of time to post but:

    Raeanne: Let's try to get together. Is the wedding in downtown Chicago or some place else. If I am not out of town at a softball tournament..I would LOVE to meet you.

    Amy: (((Huugsss)))

    Patti: I am lame...I am going to try to get the books out to you this week..

    Just a quick post..I will try to post more tomorrow...right now my heated mattress pad is calling my name...night!


  • nhsuzanne
    20 years ago

    Good Morning Womens & Gent!

    Raeanne, isn't it great when you find the "perfect" gift? I love it. Great site BJ.

    I was up late watching Westminster. A Newfoundland named Josh won . I love them and have know several who were wonderful but I was hoping the Besenji, Ridgeback Rodesian or Ibezan (sp?) would win. The Ridgeback came close winning best in it's group. Oh well, maybe next year.

    Patti, I think Raeanne had a great idea of finding a law school to talk to. They are really enthusiastic with fresh ideas. It certainly can't hurt to try. I read the book I was talking about before I heard her speak. It's not a great literary work but it's certainly amusing.

    Hugs Amy, hope you are back to your old self soon full of positive thoughts.

    I have to get ready for work. I have lunch with two girlfriends today and I am looking forward to it.

    I will check in later.

    NH Suzanne

  • deemarie5500
    20 years ago

    Good morning everyone!

    Gretchen and Raeanne, I only wish I had some time to get to Chicago when you guys are going to meet up! Hope we can do this someday like the Kitchen Table ladies do. What fun we'd have!

    OK, so today is the day that I get "weighed-in" as they say in weight watchers. My counselor told me to forget about the scale; it's how I feel inside with the way I ate this week that really counts. I tend to agree, and my one pair of slacks that was tight during the holidays feel looser to me. I guess biggest take-away from this (combining with low-carb "Zone" mentality) is that I'm learning portion control. Nothing is forbidden (even the cursed potatoes, carrots, and corn!); however, I'm so used to passing on those foods, that I just don't include them in my plan! There are occasions when there are bits of carrots in something, but I don't obsess about pulling them out!! LOL

    Amy, you have such a way with words, and you sound like you had such a wonderful nice for you. I had overnight guests this weekend and they commented on how lovely the spring duck picture was in the guestroom!

    Patti, I agree with the rest that you need a hungry student who wants to make a big case out of this....try your luck with it.

    I've gotta go and run into a meeting
    Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

  • maddie_in_ky
    20 years ago

    Good morning!

    NHSuzanne--I watched both nights, and I just loved Josh--there's a farm near us that has 2 Newfies, and they are stunning! :) I picked all of the catagory winners on Monday, and missed them all last night except for Josh. The Irish Wolfhound was gorgeous, but he placed 4th in the Hounds group. Did you see the interview w/ the vendor that had the $2,000 pair of scissors? He said he'd sold a dozen before 4pm. I swear, I'm going to go to the show one year. :):):)

    We're going to Memphis over the weekend for a trade show, and I'm looking forward to it--I haven't been in years--I hope it's nice weather to tromp Beale Street.

    Hope all is well!



  • nhsuzanne
    20 years ago

    Maddie, I missed the scissors interview! I always swear that I am going to go there one year too. What fun that would be.

    Speaking of going somewhere........we are always talking of what fun it would be to meet up. Why don't we put our heads together and put together some kind of plan. Let's start planning something for a time off in the future and try to do it. We would need to start with
    where so the

    QOD: Where would be a good place for a meeting of this SS Group?

  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    QOD - GREAT IDEA SUZANNE!!! I am up for a meeting and would be open to nearly anyplace. It would have to be someplace that you can reach by most modes of transportation. I will have to check a map and see what is centrally located for the majority of us.

    Gret - I have no idea where the wedding will be, but I would imagine it would be downtown. As soon as I get more details I will let you know. I was just told last year to hold that date.

    Maddie - I can't believe the $2000 scissors - wait til I tell my hairdresser LOL.

    DeeMarie - I love your counselor - really full of good advice - you are lucky that you found each other.

    KY Susie - are you ever going to post again??? or are you too busy driving around in that pink cadillac???

    Better get to work, enough goofing off for today.

  • deemarie5500
    20 years ago

    QOD: With the exception of BJ and Amy, I think most of us live in the East....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope we can make this happen.

  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    Okay, now I can't concentrate at work, just thinking about where we can meet. Any ideas out there, share them. My DH thinks we should go meet by Amy and he would escorts us there, to make sure we arrive safely. Isn't that big of him?

  • Gret1
    20 years ago

    Good Morning!

    Maddie & NH Suzanne: I had a 1/2 Newfie and 1/2 Lab! He was HUGE...he weighed over 115 lbs but acted like a 25 pound dog. The Newfie's have such awesome pesonalities. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had in my life.

    Raeanne: As the time gets closer to the wedding...keep me posted so I can arrange my schedule to meet with you. I watched on the travel channel this weekend about the Sagamore. It was beautiful.

    DeeMarie: I am kind of doing the same thing as you...more about portion control then anything. I think if I have to go with the frame of mind of denying myself makes me want it MORE!

    BJ: How are you feeling with your recovery??? Are you back to normal? I am refraining from asking were you ever normal and then again what is normal?? LOLOLOL

    I color my hair myself too. I use Fieria ( not sure if I spelled it correctly) I had a hard time justifying the $$$ for the salon look. I used to have my hair cut EVERY six weeks and colored every 4-6 weeks. My New Year's resolution was to go back to getting it cut every 8 weeks. Since my divorce...I have had to budget but now I am feeling that I can splurge on myself every eight weeks.

    Did I mention that my DEX called every day that my DS from CA was in town?? When no one answered the phone he would call right back...never left a message. In fact he called SIX times in a short time frame on my birthday!! Can I tell you how much I love Caller ID. My kids were getting mad because they are older now and can see what he is up to. He normally calls once a week or so. I have not said a word to him since he called to tell me I am not friendly to him when he calls. Friendly??? I really don't care about what he is doing there for I can not ask "how are things going" like we are buddy buddy or something.

    QOD: I think Chicago is a GREAT meeting place!!! Everyone come here! But given a good time frame...I can go where everyone else is.

    Ok I am off.....and running, walking, jumping...whatever I can do to try to look like I am in shape!


  • Gret1
    20 years ago

    Raeanne: We were posting at the same time! You hubby is so darn sweet! He hardly knows us and wants to protect are so lucky to have such a caring hubby! LOLOLOLOL

  • maddie_in_ky
    20 years ago

    I think Rick is wonderful (hasta be--married to Raeanne), and I would love for him to escort us to Hawaii. :):)

    Chicago would be a blast, too! Heck---anywhere you all are has got to be FUN!

    (Mental note to self--get boob job, lipo, and buy a Benz! LOL!)

  • deemarie5500
    20 years ago

    Hey, I just got back from my meeting and I'm down 5 1/2 lbs! I'm so excited; this was not that difficult for me. It's a matter of knowing what you're eating before you bite into it. I had plenty of food last week, and I was left with 18 flex points that I didn't use. I'm looking forward to having another good week!

    Raeanne, if we go to Hawaii, I'm sure my DH will volunteer to come along and work the late shift so Rick can kick back!!!

    Gretchen, Chicago sounds good to me too!

  • deemarie5500
    20 years ago

    Now that I think about it, there appears to be more people closer to Kentucky (Susie, Jen, Maddie)....hmmmmmmmmm, it sure is a big country...

  • nhsuzanne
    20 years ago

    I would vote for Kentucky!!! Not that Chicago ain't a nice town but I think KY would be great!!!

  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    Hi Guys!

    DeeMarie~ WOW! Great progress---that feels so good, doesn't it?

    Gretchen: Your DEX is a real prize! I'm happy you're able to keep your sense of humor with him!

    NHSuzanne~ Your lunch sounds fun. I'd love to go to lunch with a couple of friends. Think I'll pick up the phone and do some work on that!


    1st choice: DisneyWorld in Florida
    2nd choice: Kauai, HI.
    3rd choice: Chicago

    I wanna go where it's WARM!

    Had my doc check up today. He said things are progressing normally, but I have to slow down my activities for up to a year. BAH! I really wasn't pleased to hear that-lol. My bady has to rebuild some lymph cells, build some 'cord' (don't ask!) scar tissue, and relearn how to process fluid and purge it without fluid retention in my abs. I haven't mentioned it, but after I do some strenuous exercise, lifting, or just run around a lot, my abs swell to a tight and uncomfortable size. I usually hang back a lot the next day, wear the body strangulator they gave me after surgery, and the pain goes away. But I wanted to know how long this would go on. I ain't used to sittin' in a chair, unless it's the driver's seat! I was planning on getting some good hiking in while in Alaska this summer, but I'll have to take it one hike at a time and see how it goes. Everything looks like it's on track though.

    Did I mention I am spending the summer in Alaska? I am. We're moving there and 'trying it out' for the summer. I'm searching for rental houses and a way to get my rig up there without haivng a financial meltdown---lol.

    I love the weather today---sunny, and a little chilly. I'm gonna go move some wood out of my driveway---had a tree removed and the guys stacked the cordwood in front of my garage. Not to worry, though, I bought a hand truck from Lowe's Hardware, so it shouldn't take too much energy to move it, one log at a time---S-L-O-W. The whole project will probably take me till the weekend though, as there is QUITE the stack out there.

    Here's another CUTE site! Check out the ex-boyfriend pj's. They have photos on them with the ex scribbled out---what a riot! They have some really cute jammies here!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Ex boyfriend pajamas

  • Wild_Chicken
    20 years ago

    While I was posting, Kentucky came into the running....Okay, Kentucky's up there too. I'd go there in a heartbeat!

  • aka_raeanne
    20 years ago

    I would love to go to Kentucky too or any of the other mentioned choices. I really am open to any place. I was thinking of Boston or NYC, but warm would be better and I don't mind traveling.

    In the NE area we have NH Suzanne, Besh, John, our Jersey gal DeeMarie and myself.

    I know we will be able to find a place that is fair and doable for most of us.

    Gret - You really have your hands full with the DEX. I'm glad you got to see the Sagamore, I wish they had shown more of it and more of our quaint little town. You will be the first to know where the wedding will be.

    DeeMarie - Congrats on the loss - WTG. You must feel so good.

    It must be a day for lunch dates. I had errands to run after work and DH asked if he could come and we could stop for a bite to eat - so it was another nice afternoon for me.

  • maddie_in_ky
    20 years ago

    Boston--I've never been, and I've only been to NYC once--what a fun trip that would be! We could be like the Fab 4 on S3x and the City, and wear something fabulous, and eat at a cool place.......

    Maddie(who needs a vacation very badly right about now!!!)

  • nhsuzanne
    20 years ago

    We need to hear from everyone on this but we NEED to decide eventually the WHERE then we can decide on the WHEN.
    Even if we were to shoot for 2005 so some people could plan but maybe we don't have to wait that long.
    This could be exciting if we stick with the planning!

    I had a great lunch and I feel so grateful to have girlfriend to have lunch with. There were a lot of years working in a male dominated business that I had no time for girlfriends because I worked so dang much! It's a nice thing to have now.

  • yankandtex
    20 years ago

    I had to laugh at BJ's post b/c I was going to say that everyone should come to Orlando where the weather is nicer. LOL (Not during the summer though! Too darn hot!) Today was our 9th anniversary. Yippee! I married the most wonderful man & my best friend! It certainly has given me a new outlook on life. I had the ultrasound on my liver today too. Don't know what they are going to say. I see the dr. in a couple of weeks.

    Maddie~We got to see the Newfie on GMA. We saw him last year or the year before--I think Marci or Raeanne taped it for us last year. (My memory is gone!) Anyway, we remembered him & Dave used to have one so he was thrilled!!

    Hope everyone else is having a great day. Laters. Patti :)

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