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SS support - Monday, 1/21 - Sunday, 1/27

16 years ago

Good Monday morning! I don't think I've ever started off this thread before.

It's cold and misting here. We'll be getting rain the next 3 days, too. Ugh!

I hope that everyone is able to get in here this week to post. It was just too quiet last week without some of y'all here.

I slept in late today because I have new curtains hung up in the bedroom, and it was so much darker than I'm used to that I just couldn't wake up! LOL I'll be cleaning house today and burning calories while doing it. I'll also be riding my recumbent bike for a workout.

Dinner this evening will be grilled tilapia, grilled asparagus, and brown rice. Hope everyone is having a warm and successful day!

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  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    Hi Milkdud - thanks for getting this thread going. I am glad you got in a little extra sleep today. You have caused me to want tilapia tonight, unfortunately, I would have to travel 30 minutes to pick some up and I don't think I have the time to do that today.

    It is still cold here, but the sun is out so that helps a bit.

    I am NOT a big sports fan, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the game last night. Sorry Besh and Suzanne! Maybe Dee isn't here yet because she celebrated a little too hard last night LOL.

    Marci - where are you?

    I have to get back to work, have a great day.

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago

    Happy MONDAY!

    OK, I'm not a Giants fan, but I was happy to see some sort of spark in that game. Maybe my wish for ANYONE to beat the Patriots might come true! (Sorry Besh & Suzanne lol!)

    My stomach has not been right for over a week. I'm hoping it's a mild case of what the majority of my touring buddies had. Have a doctor's appointment next week, so we'll get it checked out then if I'm not better.

    Check in everyone!

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    DeeMarie~I cheered for the Colts too. I just think that Tony Dungee is such a class act. I hated the way that Tampa Bay treated him. And, I'm glad that he made it to a Super Bowl. I also wanted New Orleans to make it but I will take the Bears. Their coach is one of Tony's best friends & he is a class act too. It should be one of the better Super Bowl games. Jen~Have a drink for me. Whatever you decide to drink. The pomegranate is very good for you. Even my youngest son said so & he is so tough on his Mom. Have a great time. Raeanne~Have a great time, too. And, again, imbibe for me. We think that our DD is engaged. Her DBF asked Dave on Friday & they know that we are calling them tonight to see how her first day of school went so we think that they are waiting to tell us until we call. So their may be a wedding in the future. This kid needs something positive in her life. She is the one who had the 6 mo. old baby & the DSIL killed himself, well he didn't do a good enough job & she had to make the decision a week later to pull the plug. We love the new guy very much. In fact, he is the only one she has ever dated that we have ever approved of. And, Dave was saying that I was going to keep us in TX all year long. LOL Now, he has a reason to want to go back. Well, I had better get back in bed. I start PT on my foot again today. Patti :) Stay warm.
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    YAHOO!!! TK good for you!! You are doing great!!! Yup skinny leg jeans are back in style wouldn't ya know it right when I finally got my flared ones I promised myself if I lost my weight!! Ruthie it is nice to see you~~~I agree I like eating healthy too~~I have been off track and almost lost my way. But I have doned good the last few days. I had my WI tonight and~YAHOOO~~I am right at my goal weight!! I was holding my breath!!! My leader told me I have to come back to the meetings they miss me:) Her receptionist said so too:) I told her I will be there starting next week, my DH is going on his Mon/Tues days off so it will be easier. I even helped a couple of gals while I was there. One was beating herself up over a 2 pound weight gain and another was new:) My leader had talked to me about being a receptionist at the meetings now I may think about it. I like helping people. I wish they just had a greeter job:) I speak out alot at meetings where as most gals keep quiet so it makes it harder for the leaders~~~I love to talk so no problem there:) Have a great weekend I will be helping DD move into her 'upstairs' apt. That will be my exercise for the weekend.
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  • jen823
    16 years ago

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Wish I could have slept in this morning. This is the only holiday we have to work. I shouldn't complain, but after the past two weeks, I am beat.

    We are all thinking alike. Tilapia is on my menu for tonight too. DH cholesterol is at 260 so he is having to watch it. Hmmmmm, maybe he should've been eating oatmeal with me the past 3 months huh?

    Busy week at work ahead of me, but things will calm down after this week. I can't wait. Actually, to just get the annual meeting over with tomorrow will be a big plus.

    Better run. Have a great day.


  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago

    Good afternoon,

    It's freezing here in NH today........more to come.

    The games were good - I am sorry that Green Bay didn't win. Both were good games - so I hear.

    I had a horrible weekend. More trouble with DS#2 - we put him back in detox and has gotten himself into some serious trouble with the law. We are just heartbroken. What to do with a child who is 27 and in detox for the 4th time?? DH and I just don't know what else we can do. He is definitely going to have to face the consequences for his actions and we are determined to let what happens happen. The good news is he did not hurt or kill anyone or himself. Talk about Blue Monday! Send positive thoughts and prayers that this kid can figure it out this time.

  • besh
    16 years ago

    What is all this negative Patriots talk!!!!!!! They are only the best football team ever! Dee, I think your tummy hurts because of all of this negativity you have built up over my football team! LOL May the best team win (Patriots)!

    Sorry I have not been around for a while. I started my new job today, but last week I had the horrible task of saying goodbye to all of my co-workers. As it turned out, I got layed off from that job anyway. I had a feeling it was coming, that was why I started looking for a new job and I was really concerned about losing my health benefits. The city closed all of the libraries in the elementary schools, eliminated one position in the middle school (mine) and one at the high school. Can you imagine, elementary schools with no libraries. Over all, 90 people lost their jobs, 40 teachers and the rest were paraprofessionals, custodians and office staff. It was on all the news. Such a shame. But on to a new chapter in my life. Today was new employee orientation and tomorrow I will be in the acutal office for a day of observation. Then I go to a training center for the next 2 weeks. I am excited about it, now that I have said my goodbyes and put all that negative stuff behind me. I did make some great friends there, that I will have for a lifetime. :-)

    ((Suzanne)) I am so sorry about DS. Stay strong. Unfortunately no matter what you and DH do, if he is not ready to make the commitment he is not going to do it. I'm sure you already know that by now. I am sending positive vibes that he able to figure things out for himself.

    Have a great evening.


  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago

    Happy TUESDAY!

    Congratulations, Besh!!!! So glad that you found a new position. Good Luck to you

    Where is everyone? Hope you will check in!

  • milkdud_2007
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Good morning! It's warm here today, 69, but rain is expected - again! :(

    Dee, I hope your tummy troubles have disappeared by now. Nothing like trying to work and feeling puny.

    Besh, congrats on the new job, just in the nick of time!

    Raeanne, we ended up not having the fish last night as it hadn't thawed out enough, so it's on the menu for tonight.

    Suzanne, I have no advice, but I'm sending good thoughts that someone, somehow, will get through to your Dson.

    Jen, hope the annual meeting goes smoothly today and you can coast through the rest of the week!

    I've been watching the stock market debacle with a little fear and trepidation. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts that it will take an upturn very soon as I really don't want to take a hit and have to look for a job around here when there's nothing for me.

    Hope everyone has a great day, wherever you are, whatever you do!

  • jen823
    16 years ago

    Good Morning or Afternoon, Whatever it is!

    Suzanne, (((HUGS))) I am sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers out for you DS!

    Besh, Congrats on the new position.

    Dee, hope the stomach is better.

    I am rather pms'ing right now, so I will be back when I can talk postive!

    Have a great day.


  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago

    Good afternoon,

    Besh, congrats on your new job! What are you going to be doing?

    Jen, Besh and Milkdud, thanks for your hugs and well wishes. I spoke with a lawyer this morning. DS is in a boat load of legal trouble (possibly jail time) but that's minor to the addiction problem he has. They are moving him from where he is to another place tomorrow because they think the program is better for him. I sure hope so because we have had him in this same place 3 times prior. Something has to change. I have some very mixed emotions right now. Thanks for listening.

    Milkdud, I too am watching the stock market with fear and trepidation! Actually, I am holding my breath but then I realize I have much bigger problems right now!!

  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    Suzanne - (((((HUGS))))) I feel terrible for you and DH. I hope he is sent to the right place and gets the help he needs and finds that this is his wake up call. I can't imagine how badly you must feel. I will send lots of love and positive thoughts out your way.

    One of my closest friends is a financial advisor and she was dreading going into the office today - I am sure her phone has been ringing off the hook.

    Jen - I hope the pms passes quickly (for DH's sake LOL). I don't miss those days.

    Milkdud - I had frozen king crab legs that I had planned on having Sunday - they were delicious. That satisfied my tilapia craving LOL. Enjoy your's tonight.

    I am watching one of those car chases in CA on TV. They robbed a bank and when they crashed and exited the car, money went flying everywhere and pedestrians started grabbing the cash and took off with it YIKES - what is this world coming too. Cops had so many people to arrest they didn't know where to start LOL.

    Besh - what perfect timing for you. Thank goodness saying goodbye to your co-workers was on your terms. I can't imagine these poor children not having access to a library. You know first hand that a lot of them won't be able to get to another library. Very sad.

    I just returned from my art lesson and need to do some housework, since the maid (me) has been slacking lately.

    Enjoy your day.

    PS - it is snowing right now, again or still.

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago

    [[[[[[[[Suzanne & DH]]]]]]]]]]] Apologies that I did not get to that big hug earlier. I wish the very best for your family. Wish I had advice for you. You are all in my prayers now.

    OK, I'm overloaded here at work and I made the mistake of not stopping and walking away for lunch....I gobbled my turkey on whole wheat with a side of carrots right at my desk. Now I'm in a bad mood because I should have taken the time for a break.

    Jen, try to put your feet up tonight with a hot cup of tea. Let DH entertain the girls for even half an hour so that you can chill. Good Luck with that! :0)

    We are expecting a bit of snow and then a bit of rain in most areas. I'm so sorry for all of you up north with all that snow....sheesh, where's the global warming, Alllllllllllll (you need to return that prize, buddy boy!) LOL!!

    Let me get back to work as I want to leave by 4pm.


  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    NH Suzanne & DH~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] Sending prayers & positive thoughts your way.

    Dee~Hope that you feel better soon. It is awful when you haven't taken lunch. I can remember those days.

    Jen~Dee gave you great advice.

    Besh~I remember going to the library at school & both my DM & DGM taking me when I was growing up. Those were great times. I feel for the kiddos. Congrats on the new job, though!

    Raeanne~They had a bank robbery in Tampa today too. Last I heard, they had a school & something else locked down while they were searching for them. The world looks grim sometimes.

    Milkdud~Happy Belated Birthday to DH! Glad that you had such a great weekend. My DD wants me to come to TX in May for her graduation. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to afford to go!

    Whenicit~Where did you go?

    Lora~Are you still with us?

    Hi to everyone else.

    We watched both games this weekend and of course we will watch the Super Bowl. The temp is supposed to be 76 here today. My computer says 77. Dave thinks that he has pneumonia. He has been ill since we got back from our trip. I'm trying to get him to go to dr. I hope that everyone has a better evening. Patti :)

  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago

    ((Suzanne, DH and family))) No advice here either, just lots of hugs, good thoughts and prayers. I know how difficult it is. It's not my child but a very close family member so I can empathize with you.

    Dee - hope the stomach is feeling better.

    Besh - congrats on the new job! What wonderful timing for you. I'm glad things worked out. Like Raeanne, I can't imagine not having a library!

    Patti - hope Dave doesn't have pneumonia - holding good thoughts for him.

    I am watching the stock market too with much fear.

    Rainy day here in South Jersey. Not too much new either which can be a good thing!

    Off to my mom's for dinner tonight. Will check in later.
    Hi to everyone and ((hugs)) to all that need them.


  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    We need a little BJ action on this board.

    Milkdud - how was that tilapia last night?

    Dee - Take a nice long slow lunch break today.

    Donna - I hope the sun is shining today. How is your mom doing?

    Suzanne - Hope things are a bit better today. Keeping, DH and DS in my thoughts and prayers.

    Patti - Tell Dave that his SS sisters want him to take care of himself and get to the Dr.

    Jen - hope the mood is bit better today.

    Besh - I can't wait to hear about the new job. It must be exciting to be doing something different.

    Whenicit - how are your workouts going?

    Nothing new to report here. Just more flurries and low temps.

    Enjoy your day.

  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    that was suppose to be keeping you, DH & DS in my thoughts and prayers - you always are anyways.

  • milkdud_2007
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Good Wednesday morning. It's cold (43) and raining here today. Good thing I chose to finally stain the blanket box yesterday in 70 degree weather. Now I just have to hope the varnish dries!

    My youngest Dson, his wife, and my DGbaby came over last night to spend the night so they would be closer for the baby's dr. appointment at Texas Children's this morning. We went out for Mexican food at their new favorite place, only 5 minutes from our house. I was so busy trying to feed the baby and entertaining her that I didn't do my mega-munching on chips and salsa! Nothing like a young child to keep you occupied. LOL

    How nice to see so many posting! It's like homecoming week!

    Patti, I hope that Dave doesn't really have pneumonia, but that he feels better quickly.

    Raeanne, I remember watching a live car chase in Dallas about 6 years ago - totally riveting!

    Suzanne, I know how hard this must be for all of y'all, and I'm sending comforting thoughts for you and your DH and healing thoughts for your Dson.

    Jen, come back even if you're grumpy and pms'ing. This group is good at helping with moods.

    Donna, good to see you posting. We're getting your rain today, but we really didn't need anymore for a while yet.

    Dee, it's closing in on your lunchtime, so start getting ready to dine!

    Please keep my DGbaby in your thoughts and prayers. She's seeing a specialist this morning in Houston. She's had some liver issues and not been gaining weight, so her pediatrician referred her to a specialist at TC. They'll stop by here on their way home later and tell me what they know.

    Have a warm and wonderful day wherever you are!

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    Milkdud~We are having a warm day here. It is so hot we even had to turn the ac back on. We even have a heat index. It is 81. Ugh. I guess that I shouldn't complain though. I'm praying that your DGB is doing all right. Liver problems are miserable. I'm still dealing with mine.

    Dave went to a walk-in clinic today. He was there by 11:00 a.m. & they told him that they were booked for the entire day, that he had to be there by 8:00 a.m. to get in. So, we still don't know.

    Suzanne~Your family is weighing heavy on my mind. I know that things will work out for the best, we have to stay optimistic.

    Please have a great day & take time, even if just a few moments for yourself...Patti :)

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS TO ALL WHO NEED THEM]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    Looks like many of us are having some bad times. You are all in my prayers and good, positive thoughts.

    Patti, make sure Dave gets as much rest as possible, and try to get him in early to see a doctor.

    Suzanne, hope your week is getting better.

    BJ, Maddie, Marci -- I would love to see you all check in here.

    John, where have you been? I know you are reading these posts, so please pop in to say hello. :-)

    My stomach feels a bit better, but today it bothers me after I eat. I just went to the fitness center for my circuit class and it feels better, so I ate a banana to test it out. Will see how I feel on my ride home in a bit.

    Have a great evening!

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    [[[[ HUGS, HUGS, & more HUGS ]]]] going out to all who need them.

    I second the motion, Dee~BJ, Maddie, Marci, John~Come out, come out, wherever you are. Ollie, ollie oxen free...

    Dave says that he feels better today. He didn't sleep well last night. Our youngest DGS has double pneumonia so we are pretty worried about him.

    Dee~Please take care too.

    Hope to be reading from each of you soon.

    Patti :)

  • jen823
    16 years ago

    Good Afternoon,

    Still grumpy and moody. Some days, I really hate female hormones.

    Suzanne, I hope things are going better. I have been thinking about you a lot this week.

    Dee, hope the stomach is better.

    Patti, Give Dave a hug for us. Hope he is feeling better. Also, hope DGS is doing better. It's so hard when little ones are sick.

    Milkdud, My prayers go out to your DGbaby. I hope and pray they get some good news.

    Well, better run. Have a great day. I totally forgot about my mom's birthday today, so after work, I will go get flowers and let the girls take them to her. Sometimes I think my memory is gone.


  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago

    Good afternoon all,

    We are hanging in here. DS is being moved from the facility he is in to a 12 Step (AA) facility where he will attend meetings all day and work on his program. Right now he's still angry at everyone (why would this young man accept any of the responsibility himself??) He moves tomorrow and I pray the transition goes smoothly. What a mess. Thanks for the morale support. I am looking to the skies for an answer!

    Jen hormones are mighty powerful!! There are some good things about them I just can't think of any! LOL

    Patti, hope all is well with your DGS. This is a tough winter with much illness everywhere. Hope Dave feels okay soon. Take care.

    Dee hope your belly is better!

    Raeanne, are you painting? I will be taking another egg picture soon.........the girls are starting to really lay. I got 11 eggs the other day!

    I wish I could share all those beautiful eggs with you all!

    Besh do tell us about your new job when you can.

    Donna, how is the WW online going for you?

    Milddud I hope your DGB gets a good report.

    My best friends, DGD is in Dartmouth-Hitchock in Dartmouth,NH hooked up to tubes and all kind of things with a virus that is fatal in babies. She is only a month's scary.

    I emailed Marci at least a week ago and she never answered me so now I am getting worried! I don't have her phone number...........does anyone? MARCI IF YOU ARE LURKING CHECK IN!

    BJ, Maddie???? Where are you two

    This is a nice picture of my other Morgan Mare Casey. I can never get a great photo of her for some reason but I thought this was nice enough to share. She is a wooly bear right now and a little un-coiffed but gorgeous none-the-less. All I can say is thank GOD for my animals and the joy they bring me.

  • marci_pa
    16 years ago

    Hi Girls - Sorry to worry anyone. A wierd combination of things has kept me from posting. Site problems, a Trojan that caused strange things to happen to my computer, typical winter illnesses and the January blues all seemed to hit at the same time. I am feeling better now, my computer is fixed, the site problems seemed to be fixed and my mood is lifting!

    I will go read and try to catch up with everything that has been going on. But know that I missed you guys and wasn't happy about not being to post.

    NHSuzanne - I didn't get any emails from you. I will send you one and make sure you have my new email address. I don't check the old one anymore. But thanks for checking on me. And I love the picture of Casey. I snagged it for the album.

    Speaking of the album, I am getting close to my picture limit and I am going to clean out the pictures in the original SS Friends album. I will probably delete most of that album to make room for new pictures. So go take a look and let me know if there are any pictures you would want me to save.

    Raeanne - I am going to send you an email, so be on the lookout!!!

    Gotta run and thaw something out for dinner.


  • milkdud_2007
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Good Thursday afternoon. It's cold and cloudy here, 45 degrees. We had one lovely day this week in the 70's, and that was it.

    My grandbaby Aubrie is having a battery of labwork and tests, then the dr. will read the results and probably do a biopsy on her liver. This could take up to 6 weeks before he does this since some lab tests take that long for results. Meanwhile, the dr. did tell my son and DDIL that he didn't like the size of her liver. He also told them to continue doing her regular routine and foods until the biopsy. We're trying to be very positive about things, but it's still a worry. I appreciate your good thoughts. She's only 16 months old.

    I'm having a stress-eating day, probably a delayed reaction to yesterday's news. I am drinking lots of liquids though, so I hope that will help me get back on track.

    Suzanne, loved the picture of Casey!

    Marci, nice to see you posting. I know what you mean about January blues. We've had very few sunny days this month, and it's wearing on my nerves.

    (((((Jen))))) Hang in there. Happy days will be here again!

    Patti, glad to hear that Dave is better today.

    Take care, everyone and have a great evening!

  • magickitty
    16 years ago

    (((HUGS)))) To everyone here!!!!!

    NH Suzanne - Love the pic or Casey. Sorry to hear about DS. I hope he accepts the help he needs. Hang in there!

    Patti - hope Dave is doing better.

    Dee - how did the banana do after circuit class?

    MArci - glad to hear your perking back up. January blues are tough. I used to get them when I lived in Ohio.

    Besh - goo d thought and vibes being sent your way for your new job. I loved going to the library when I was at elementary school. How sad.

    Jen - I am in the same boat as you these past few days. we should form a club...PMS R US!

    Milkdud - Positive thoughts and prayers for your DGD Aubrie. 6 weeks is a long time to hang in there waiting for results. (((HUGS)))

    Well the stock market seems to have taken a turn for the good finally. And......we all get some extra cash by July this year. How interesting?

    To all I missed...Take care!!!!


  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago

    Hello from a snowy South Jersey!

    Lots of people with stuff going on....((Suzanne and family)) I hope your DS accepts the help he needs, it's so difficult.
    Loved the picture of Casey.

    ((Milkdud and family - 6 weeks is way too long to wait for news. Good thoughts and prayers for your DGD)).

    Jen and Lynn - PMS truly bites :-) I don't miss it!

    Besh - I can't wait to hear about your new job.

    Patti, I'm glad Dave is feeling more himself today.

    Marci, winter time blues are the worst aren't they? Hang in there! Glad to see you posting. I had a rough time too with a Trojan a couple weeks ago, very nasty.

    Dee, hope you are feeling better!

    On Monday my cousin had lap banding. I didn't think it was the right course for him to take but it was his decision. I hope it works out the way he wants. Today, I had an upper GI (yuck with that barium) to assess GERD. After that headed to the hospital for my uncle who had his thyroid removed - waiting for biopsy results which will take one week.

    My eating is OK, loosely following WW but still posting weekly weight on the tracker on WW online. I start next week working out with a trainer who happens to be a personal friend and is helping me for free...I am so very lucky. He will work with me at the clubhouse where I live - it's actually pretty nice. With luck I will get into this and outgrow my clubhouse to join a huge state of the art gym 10 mins from my house - right now I can't justify that expense since I don't know if I will stick with this.

    I am glad tomorrow is Friday...these weeks get longer don't they??? Maybe it's just me!

    ((Hugs)) for all that need them.

    Take care!!!!


  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    Hi Gang - Marci has graciously accepted my offer to do the birthday list for her LOL. All kidding aside, as we all know Marci has done a wonderful job of the birthday list and has done it since we started. THANK YOU MARCI!

    So here it is. I am going on vacation February 2nd and will need to get this wrapped up by February 1st, as I know we have some early birthdays. So if you are willing, able and ready, let me know if you are interested in taking part of this wonderful "un"birthday exchange. I will try to contact those that are MIA so we don't leave anyone out. Any ideas and input will be appreciated and if I agree with you we will use them (JUST KIDDING LOL).

    Marci - I was just thinking of this today and was going to contact you!

    Milkdud - sending positive thoughts to you and that beautiful baby. I know it is going to be a long 6 weeks, but please just try to remain positive.

    Suzanne - Still sending love to you. Sounds like DS is in an intense program and may be just what he needs - my fingers are crossed. That is a gorgeous photo of Casey! Yes, I am still painting, just started one of my daughter on a morgan at riding class.

    Jen - hormones screw with the memory too.

    Patti - sending positive thoughts out to DGS too. I hope Dave continues to feel better.

    So don't forget to let me know if I should include you in on the Birthday Exchange - thanks.

  • marci_pa
    16 years ago

    Hey Raeanne - In honor of you taking over my "job", I will be the first to sign up! See how easy that was! LOL


  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    Dave says to thank everyone for the nice wishes. Our oldest DGS has pneumonia now too. It doesn't pay to be in the same house. We are grateful the other 2 don't live there. :)

    Raeanne~Count us in. Thanks for doing that this year.

    Donna~We were just talking about barium yesterday. That is quite a coincidence. I hope that your tests come out all right for you.

    Lynn~How's the weather down your way? Did you get by my area this weekend?

    Milkdud~You know that Aubrie is in my prayers. I looked up the meaning of our DGB's names today. Let me know if you haven't done that yet. It was quite interesting & I have it printed out. My DSis x-stitched a plaque for my DM that says, "I Know That Worry Works, Everything I Worry About Never Happens." I hope that is the case for you.

    Marci~So glad that you are back in here posting.

    NH Suzanne~I know that you are swamped. That is such a beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing. I am scrapbooking a memory book for 4 of my DC. It is keeping me pretty busy. Let me know if you have any interest in anything like that?

    Jen~Feel better soon. DD is having the same problem. But on the bright side--she was glad that she wasn't having another baby right now. :) She is graduating in May & wants another one b/c her DS is 3 but they aren't quite ready yet.

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have anything special planned for the weekend? How about next weekend for the Super Bowl? I have 8 scrapbooks that I am trying to get done before May. :) There is plenty to get done in the next few months. It sometimes taxes my poor brain & I cannot claim PMS but I might try "hotflashes"? LOL Try to take a moment to yourselves & achieve an inner peace. Patti :)

  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    As Marci has pointed out to me, this is an "un"birthday exchange so we can actually put off the list until I get back from vacation 2/10. But if I hear from everybody by the 1st we will try to wrap it up then. No pressure!

    Marci - so far so good - thanks for getting the ball rolling.

    Unbirthday Exchange

    It has jumped for zero to 1 degree since I have been in the office - BRRRRRRR.

    Continued to hugs and prayers to all that need them.

    I will try to jump in later to see what is going on, have a great day/weekend.

  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago


    Raeanne, count me in for the unbirthday exchange! Thanks for taking it on, girlfriend!

    I'm feeling a bit better, but not 100%. My stomach still literally hurts (not cramps). Will mention it to my doctor on Monday, but I've a feeling is just the end of the little virus I had.

    QOD: We are going to do some work around the house this weekend. Tomorrow night we are going out with spouses of a few gals I work with...should be fun for us.

    Marci, so glad to see you post. Hope you feel better this weekend.

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[SOME MORE BIG SQUEEZY HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    We need to hear from BJ and Maddie now.


  • maddie_in_ky
    16 years ago

    Hi all--

    Yes, I'm still here--kinda, semi, sorta. This has been a wild 5/6 weeks, and I'm in such a funk that by the time I get home, I just want to sit.

    Not that I'm looking for sympathy (I'm not), but things are so bizarre right now that I think I could open in a comedy club somewhere.

    Mom has been diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia, and has convinced herself (and a few others) that I am either the DD of Satan, or the Forked One himself (herself??), and things have careened completely out of control. Don't even want to know--

    BIL is in deep dodo with the law--my heartfelt suggestion is that fighting with the police is never the right thing to do. They have guns. They also have arrest powers. Can we see where I'm going with this one?

    Strep throat. (I had a really good pun with Linda Lovelace here, but decided it was too tacky.) It's not fun. I've been many years since i've had it, and had forgotten the vast joys of not being able to lift my head up. I got c0cky thinking I was over it, and promptly came down with it again (second verse, same as the first--doesn't get better, can get worse). It's a lousey way to loose weight, but by golly--it works!

    Work--I have nothing remotely good here to say, so I will shut up about this subject.

    Apartment fire--yes, this morning--in the wee hours, and with it being 11 degrees outside, our downstairs neighbors set their place on fire. And tried to put it out themselves; I had to call 911, and by the time I got the cats rounded up, the place was so filled with smoke that I could not find my way out--we did, obviously, and we have smoke damage. I called my boss to tell her what happened, and I got the very distinct impression that she didn't believe me (a local TV station showed up & we were in the news), and hung up on me. At this point, we have done as much as we can, and i'm planning on going in this afternoon as I can't afford to take a vacation day. Great--I'm tired, and still freaked out, and now I'll have to deal with her.

    So, this is my life in a nut shell ("nut" being the operative term here). I'm fine, and so is Rog, but I am so tired and stressed out that I am operating on autopilot most days. It doesn't help that this month has been at least 3 months long, and it doesn't seem to ever end.

    However....I am down about 8 pounds, which is great, but then a Starb*cks is being built down the road, and I have a feeling that this is going to be an ugly relationship!!! LOL!

    I haven't caught up on the posts, so (((((((hugs)))))))) to everyone that needs them---and (((((((hugs))))))) to all that don't--:):)



  • deemarie5500
    16 years ago


    Don'tknow what to say except we are here for you. Wish we all lived closer during these stressful times. :-(

    Just remember that your BIL is not your problem; let him keep all his bad stuff in his own pockets. You cannot cure your mom, but be there for her in your own way. You did not start the fire. You cannot control your boss; only your REACTION to her. Just concentrate on the things you can control. Get lots of rest when you can squeeze it it, and let Rog help you.

    Love ya!

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    Raeanne~Thanks for doing the list.

    Dee~[[[[ H U G S ]]]]

    Maddie~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Remember to take a deep, cleansing breath.

    Hi to everyone. Have a great weekend. Patti :)

  • whenicit
    16 years ago

    Hi everyone and thank you to those of you searching for me. Is it really Friday already? I don't recall my weigh-in weight on Wed. of this week but it was not as low as I hoped but not all the way back to 'start' like last time. So, I am making progress.

    Workouts this week have been non-existent. Too $#@! cold! (Ok, I know sweating actually may help.)

    Need to get motivated to take off my boiled wool slippers, layers of sweaters and is SO HARD. However, we should be above 30 degrees a few days this weekend so I plan to get out and walk the dog who is also going a bit stir crazy.

    I didn't have time to reall all posts - I hope all are staying warm & calm & happy.

  • donna_southnj
    16 years ago


    Dee - hope the end of a virus is all your stomach problem is.

    Raeanne - count me in for the unbirthday exchange!

    Got to run - will check in later!


  • marci_pa
    16 years ago

    It's cold and dreary here in PA. I am staying home and making some Chili, doing laundry, listening to a book on my MP3 player, sewing and cleaning. Not very exciting, but somehow it sounds comforting to me.

    ((Maddie)) It sounds like you have more on your plate than one person can handle. Prioritize and let go of the things that you can't change. All that stress isn't good for you and I worry about you. I know your mother's diagnosis wasn't what you wanted to hear, but remember that she can't help what she is saying and doing. This is the illness talking, not the mother you remember. Try to find someone who has gone through this with a parent and talk about your situation. It will help to know you are not alone. In the meantime, don't forget to take care of yourself!!

    Besh - How great that a new job came at just the right time. And how awful that a school district thought to do away with a library in an elementary school!! Why do schools look to the arts first when they are cutting funds? Reading is basic to all learning!! And instilling a love of reading early is so important. I just shake my head when I read about decisions like this. But I am glad you found another job and I wish you well.

    Patti - How is Dave feeling? I hope you were able to see a doctor by now. And I hope your DGS is able to bounce back from the pneumonia. We have so many preschoolers out with upper respiratory infections, strep and even a case of MERSA! Luckily the child hasn't been in school for awhile, so the doctors say we don't have to take any precautions, but it scared me nevertheless!

    Milkdud - Sending Aubrie HUGS and hoping for good news from her doctors.

    DeeMarie - Hope you are feeling better soon!

    QOD - Since there seems to be so many going through bad times now, lets post something good that happened to eash of us recently!! We could use some positve thoughts!

    Had my car in the shop last week and now it is running so smoothly! I love having my car in perfect working order.

    I got to hold my newest great-niece last week. She was so precious!! She only weighs 6 lbs. I have never held a baby that small. Like my other niece said, her babies only weighed 6 lbs. when they were in her womb! LOL


  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    Marci - I got your email and now I realize I bit off more than I can chew - you are way too organized LOL. I will do my best to keep records like you LOL.

    I heard from BJ and she is fine, just another typical week in the life of BJ - busy, busy, and busier.

    Un-birthday Exchange

    If I didn't add your name, let me know, I am new at this LOL.

    QOD - I also had my car repaired, my seat heat broke and now it is fixed and my hiney and I are very happy LOL. DH took me out to breakfast this morning. I am getting ready for vacation YIPPPPEEEE.

    Maddie - My dad had alzheimers and you can't allow what they say to you hurt you. You have to remember that they love you and have no control over what they say or do. ((((((HUGS))))))

    Dee - I hope you are feeling 100% today.

    Try to make the most of your weekend.

  • nhsuzanne
    16 years ago

    Raeanne, count me in the exchange!

    Thanks Marci for trying to change our focus from negative to positive! What a great idea!

    I have been waking and sleeping to a glorious full moon! It's so bright with all the snow cover that I can look out in the middle of the night and see my animals in the paddock clearly! It reminds me to be grateful for what I have and the ability to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. It was below zero here this morning but has already warmed up to 22! This morning the five regular turkeys that I feed showed up with a huge flock or others.......I counted three dozen! They are so hungry and I am glad that there was feed out there for them to get some nourishment! Now I can look out into the pasture and see them sunning themselves along the tree line where the snow is not so deep! How lucky am I?

  • milkdud_2007
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Good Saturday afternoon! I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so I slept late, then piddled around getting laundry rounded up, etc.

    Lynn and Donna, it's nice to see you both posting! I look forward to getting to know y'all better here.

    Maddie, my mom went through the same thing your mom is going through. She wasn't the same person I'd known all my life once she went into this phase. She said and did things that were alien to her in the past. It was hard to see her this way and not take it personally, but there was no other choice. I hope and pray that you come to terms with it because it's just the way it is for her now.

    Marci, I feel for you this time of year in school. I would always be sick during late January through February with flu (despite a flu shot!), strep throat, and pink eye.

    Raeanne, count me in on the un-birthday exchange. I did it once before, Besh was my recipient, and it was fun.

    Patti, glad to read that Dave is on the mend!

    Suzanne, you do have a great life on your farm!

    Dee, I hope your tummy troubles are gone by Monday.

    This weekend will be spent in doing laundry and cleaning house. Maybe a visit from my son and his family. That's still up in the air today.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  • yankandtex
    16 years ago

    Milkdud~I couldn't sleep last night either. LOL I tried to watch a scrapbooking program this a.m. but slept right thru it. Oh well, I'll have to catch it another Saturday a.m. I did get on up tho b/c I was afraid that I wouldn't sleep this p.m. if I slept today.

    NH Suzanne~The life on the farm sounds pretty "charmed" in the way that you describe it. Although you do so much work. We have many wild animals around here to enjoy although we aren't allowed to feed any.

    Raeanne~Thanks again for doing the "unbirthday" exchange. It must be quite a bit of work. Thanks for the update on BJ. It is nice to know that she is doing all right.

    Maddie~My DGM was not herself the last few years of her life either. I'm truly sorry that life is handing you so many "lemons".

    Whenicit~I was truly glad to see you post.

    Donna~It was good to see you posting too.

    Dave is showing a lot of improvement. The 2 DGSs that were ill are better too. Dave's great aunt just passed away. She lived about 70 miles or so away from us. We had talked to her but never met her. Can you believe that the 1st month of the year is already almost gone? I haven't obsessed about my weight. I don't know what the scales show but my clothes are saying that things are going well right now. Yeah! (Doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance) Be good to yourselves...Patti :)

  • maddie_in_ky
    16 years ago

    Hi all!

    Thanks for the good vibes all--I truly don't mean to have a pity party, but I thought that you all should know why I've ben MIA--it's not that I don't miss you all, but I'm just so... tired.

    I know that mom is saying things she doesn't mean, but at times I do wonder. Where the problem is is that she seems so 'normal' (for lack of a better word), so some people that don't see her frequently don't understand what the problem is, and they are taking what she is saying about me as the gospel truth. While I realize that I can not control anyone other than me, I hate to think that there are people that think I am Satan-incarnate. Apparently, what she is saying is very, very bad.

    BIL--no, I don't care one whit, but MIL has taken our disinterest in this latest scenerio with him, and has effectively cut DH out of her life. (There again, I don't care, but this hurts Rog, and I simply will not stand for that--.) I know that her p!ssiness bothers him, so in turn, bothers me. I'm just tired of hearing how widdle BIL (32 & still has the umbillical cord firmly attached) is never, ever at fault and it's **our** fault for not believeing him.

    Work--never mind-- :)

    However, I am starting on one of my pet projects that I have put off. Since we had that scare Friday morning with the neighbors fire, I have set up my scanner, and am in the process of scanning my pics into photoshop for transfer to a DVD for the safe deposit box. I'm also going to scan in all of my receipes that have been handed down, so this is going to be one heck of a project. :)

    Hope this finds everyone well!



  • aka_raeanne
    16 years ago

    Maddie- You are entitled to a pity party, even though I don't see it that way. You are venting and are entitled to that as well! The problem with dimentia is that they go in and out of it at first and the casual observer won't have any idea. Still try not to worry about what other's think - I know it is much easier said than done. Too bad that by now MIL doesn't get it - Rog is the good guy. Although your reference of the umbillical cord says it all. She loves that he is still attached to her no matter how bad he may be. Great idea about the photos and recipes. That is a job I may have to tackle soon. Thanks.

    Un-Birthday List

    any other takers?

    Patti - the unbirthday exchange really isn't a lot of work, I just like to make it sound that way LOL. Actually because Marci is so organized it is a piece of cake. Of course I haven't really done anything yet LOL.

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