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LOOKING for: Certain carrot cake recipe

20 years ago

When I was younger I used to make a killer carrot cake using a recipe found in my mother's Encyclopedia of Home Cooking. The book was tattered and she threw it away!

It was baked in a 9*13 pan, and called for a DRAINED small can of crushed pineapple, and did NOT call for coconut. The juice was not used in the cake at all. In fact, I considered it my reward after making the cake, to drink that pineapple juice - tee hee! I never iced the cake, we would just eat it as it was.

I remember there were two carrot cake recipes in the book, but they were slightly different. I always used the one that called for the drained small can of pineapple.

Anybody happen to have a copy of that cookbook and can share the recipe? Or have a recipe that might be a match?


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