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Do you REALLY want to sell that??

12 years ago

Please forgive for my starting out the new year with complaining, but DH had a meeting this morning so he's not home to listen to my ranting...

You know I love Craigslist. You know I love old and antique and good used furniture. You (need to) know I treat people kindly even when they make me insane...

So, for the last several weeks, I've been haunting CL to furnish my empty bedroom. Daughter married, moved into apt and only left bright blue paint on the walls.

Well, as I find things that might work--dressers, bookcases, buffets, china cabinets, small tables, etc., I am calling the Craigslist People (hereafter known as CLP...) to find out about their items. Mostly I text them.


1. Why NOT just put the information in your ad?

If you are selling a dresser, put the measurements in your description so I don't have to call or text to ask you how wide/tall/deep.

2. Why NOT just put the photos in your ad?

If you can email them to my phone when I ask, why can't you just upload to the computer in the first place?

3. Why can you NOT answer my questions?

This has happenned to me 3 times in last 3 weeks:

MY TEXT: Is the Buffet still available? What are the measurements please? Is it an antique?

CLP: Yes.

ME: How wide/tall/deep? Is it old?

CLP: I don't know. It's not here. Will have to get back to you.

CLP: (5 hours later...) It's 60 inches wide. Do you want to come see?

ME: How deep? How tall? Is it old or antique?

CLP: When do you want to come see?

ME: I still need to know those measurements to see if it would even work in my space. And do you know if it's old? or antique? Thank you!

CLP: (the next day...) 21"

ME: thanks...21" what? Is it antique?

CLP: (4 days later) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. It's 6 feet tall.

ME: I'm sorry, looking at the picture you posted, it only looks about 3 or 4 feet tall. Are you sure?

CLP: I'll have to get back to you...

CLP: (3 hours later) YOur right. It's 42" tall.

ME: OK. So, 21" deep? 42" tall? Is it antique? Or is it a new one, I cannot tell from your photo. TX

CLP: Yes it's old. Do you want to see it? I can't show it till Friday.

ME: Can I come tonight?

CLP: No. How about Friday?

ME: (on Friday morning...) Can I come see the buffet today?

CLP: Sorry. Sold it tuesday.

Now, you may be wondering why I text? Simple, really. Most people do not answer their phones nor return messages left on their voice mail. Leading to my next vent:

4. Why NOT answer your phone or return my call if you want to sell your stuff?

How many times have I left a voice msg and heard nothing, left another, heard nothing, then, finally text my question and get back an Immediate response? I've asked, did you get my voice msg? CLP says, "No. Don't listen to my messages."

I have more complaints but I know you're tired of my rantings at this point. Too bad DH had to leave. He would have loved to have sat for 45...

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