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Jewelry makers's I need your help with a gift, please

15 years ago

I received for christmas some beads and and wanted to make a bracelet for my ds birthday.

here is a scaned photo of my attempt, sorry about the photo.

these are just wal-mart beads came in a pack with three other sets of beads in the same color family, of pinks and lite green, ( shown in photo ) my ? would you leave it the way it is or would you add the pink colors ? and if so in what order ? would you leave the charm where it is or move it ? sorry to be such a pain I just want it to look nice because its suppose to be a gift, also what gauge of wire do you use as this seems stiff I think it is 22 gauge, any help will be appreciated! I have looked at photo trying to get ideas of how to line up the beads, and what goes with what, sometimes there is just to much info for people like me.



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