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This review of Electrolux induction must be a joke

10 years ago

I'm considering buying the Electrolux induction range. Any opinions about the range are welcomed. Below is one review from the AJ Madison website. Surely it is a joke:

"F is the grade I would give this range - the looks are supreme but the performance stinks. Doesn't turn on, once it's on doesn't turn off. Cooked a ham roast, tasted metallic. The grilled cheese I made was charred. Then I pan-grilled my award winning scallops and they were too salty. Don't trust this range. It'll turn an executive chef into a amatuer. The turkey I baked came out well done and ruined my Thanksgiving, not to mention the mashed potatoes were lumpy. I'm considering a hotpoint or any other coil electric range. Thanks!"

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