Instead of second oven combination mw/convection

14 years ago

I think I am in that stage that the more I research the more confused I get. We had finally decided we would get a double wall oven, but now I am thinking we should get a single wall oven (Miele, Dacor, Wolf, or GE) and stack it with a combination microwave / convection oven.

I do know that if we get a combo we want the combo to be able to hold at least two full size cookies sheets or a 9x13 pan, so I am thinking the ones with turntables are out.

I believe the Miele has an oven in this category (although I think I read some negative comments about it here.) I don't believe the Dacor or Wolf have one that qualifies. Any suggestions of who else manufactures one I mgiht look at? Any input on Miele's version? From a microwave perspective (used for popcorn, reheating leftovers, and cooking fresh vegatables) will I miss the turntable?

You are all so very helpful and knowledgable. Thank you so much. (I am thirlled to be updating my 1950s kitchen; this is the house I grew up in.)

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