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Can't Vent Kitchen Hood in Cold Climates?

11 years ago

Not sure where to post this, but wanted to see if anyone else has been told that too much cold air would come into the kitchen from a kitchen hood vented outside. I live in a cold climate (NE Montana). Below zero temps and wind are a fact of life for several months in our winters.

We did not have an exhaust fan prior to this remodel and I was going to get an OTR Micro. When I was looking at them the salesman at the local appliance store recommended recirculating to prevent cold air drafts. Then I found this forum and decided I needed a real hood vented outside. My husband was not too keen on venting outside (straight up and out the roof), but I thought I had him convinced. Then we had our friend (contractor) over to get some advice and he gave the recommendation to use a recirculating kitchen hood too. He said that water sitting on the stove overnight could freeze when vented outside.

Does anyone else have trouble with cold air coming in their hood? Is there something special you do to prevent it? After making up my mind to get a real exhaust hood and vent it outside I hate to think I can't do it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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