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what color vessel sink would you use?

13 years ago

Hi fellow bathroom remodelers!

We are about to start picking things out for a TINY half-bath.

This is an apartment, so we can't move items around - the toilet has to stay where it is, as does the sink.

Since this is a powder room, we would like to use a vessel sink and a wall - mounted faucet. I've already gotten the faucet, and the marble fabricator who cut the slab for our master bath is using a scrap to make a corner shelf (which is the only place the sink can fit) and next we have to do now is pick a vessel sink to go on top of this shelf.

The shelf will be white marble with a touch of sparkle to it (similar to thassos.) What color would you pick for the vessel sink? Clear glass is out b/c it is too hard to keep clean. I was thinking frosted glass, but not sure how that will look since it tends to have a greenish tint.

FWIW, our faucet is polished chrome.


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