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external hard drive

12 years ago

I am back again with my problems. This place is the BEST. I have 2 problems, but I will ask one at a time. I have the W D my passport. When I first bought it a while back, I saved all that I needed to from my computer. I understand that the second time it's plugged in, it auto saves what has NOT been already. Mine does nothing. How do I get it to auto save? I can send to passport items one at a time manually. I don't want to do it that way, I am sure I will miss

something. Suppose that is the only way it can be done, how can I send it to a separate place or folder? I have sent 3 files manually and it mixes with the old stuff and it would be like looking through a maze if I ever needed to go in there to retrieve something....................when this one is solved I will ask about the other problem.........Thanks in advance

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