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Please help! My keyboard is possessed by something!

17 years ago

I was hoping someone could help with this problem...

I have a laptop, (Intel Centrino Duo with window's vista) that I just set up. I am also using a wireless keyboard and mouse. My wireless keyboard is working fine, but the laptop keyboard has developed a mind of it's own. When I type the characters aren't what they should be.

For instance, this is the same paragraph typed above but on the laptop keyboard:

have a 3a*t6*, nte3 Centr5n6 D46 w5th w5nd6w's v5sta/ that 14st set 4*. a0 a3s6 4s5ng a w5re3ess 2eyb6ard and 064se. y w5re3ess 2eyb6ard 5s w6r25ng f5ne, b4t the 3a*t6* 2eyb6ard has deve36*ed a 05nd 6f 5t's 6wn. When ty*e the characters aren't what they sh643d be.

Has my keyboard been taken over by the devil? Or is there something I've done to produce alternate symbols? Some don't even type out (like the letter I). What's up???

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