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Blue Screen every 10 to 15 minutes

11 years ago


I've been all over the web looking for some type of solution.
Then late last night I remembered Garden Web's Computer Help section and knew I'd find an answer here or be giving links where to turn.

I don't have a backup computer to use nor do I have the funds for a new computer so I am hoping I don't end up without a computer soon....thus, I'm here, hoping to get some help.

HP Pavilion a1710
Windows Vista Home Premium
Running Explorer 9 and Firefox
Running off son's router in another room - Verizon Fios

Almost two weeks ago I got a message that stated I needed to backup my computer.
I clicked 'Yes' and got a message that backup would go to D Recovery Disk.

About 10 minutes (maybe less) I received a message that I was almost out of memory.

I know that my C disk has almost 75% memory left on it so I checked my D.
It showed a red line all the way across the bar.
I decided I best not do a backup and changed the settings so that I wouldn't be backing up anything on D.

I shut down computer, restarted, thought everything was fine. It wasn't. That's when I started getting the Blue Screen.
The Blue Screen doesn't last long enough for me to read anything.

Decided maybe the computer needed a good cleaning, inside and out.
Defrag, cleared cache, removed unnecessary files, removed over 1500 photos (I don't put music on my computer so that wasn't a space-taker) and ran two virus/malware full scans: AVG (my permanent anti-virus) and a MalwareBytes x2 (after updating MalwareBytes).
Both came up negative for anything at all.
I tried to do a Restore but that's when I found there are no restore dates!

It just seems to me, something happened when I thought I was doing a good thing by backing up my files on the D Recovery that was suggested.
Last time I ever do that!

Then I took cover off the tower and cleaned inside, blew the dust, made sure everything was running smooth/quiet as it always has, etc.

I've looked everywhere online for a troubleshooting guide for this problem but the closest I come is to tweak the Regedit and I'm not about to go playing around in here.

Now that I look for my D Recovery under 'computer', it no longer shows up in my 'Computer' area.

Please, does anyone have any help, opinions, suggestions to help me with this problem?
I don't want to be computerless. :(

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